Thursday, July 02, 2009

Headlines of July 2009

Tracking the daily headlines for the month of July.

July 31-- Balsillie NHL's lone wolf
July 30-- NHL to delay Coyotes auction
July 29-- Balsillie vows to press on
July 28-- BMO steps in to help Molsons with Montreal Canadiens sale
July 27-- Desert dogs or prairie dogs, the Coyotes are still a mess
July 26-- Group vying for Coyotes wants to bring some games to Canada
July 25-- Reinsdorf submits bid for Coyotes
July 24-- Former RIM executive behind competing offer for NHL's Coyotes
July 23-- Coyotes lost $60-million
July 22-- Islanders' signing of Biron raises interesting questions about DiPietro
July 21-- Kovalev wants Heatley to stay
July 20-- Putin pushes KHL expansion
July 19-- NHL participation in the Olympics - is there a future?
July 18-- New offer for Coyotes
July 17-- NHLPA recommends players skip on-ice camp activities
July 16-- Supreme Court rules Aquilini is Canucks’ owner
July 15-- Bettman says NHL is strong despite economy
July 14-- Free agency debacle costs Blackhawks GM Tallon his job
July 13-- Jacques Lemaire is the 'right man' for the job
July 12-- McGrattan gives Flames enforcer
July 11-- Numerous free agents available
July 10-- Gretzky fights release of financials
July 9-- 'So many great memories'
July 8-- Tavares welcomed as new face of the Islanders
July 7-- Joe Sakic: A class act hangs ’em up
July 6--
Kovalev signs two-year deal with Senators
July 5--
Gretzky caught off guard
July 4-- Canucks make room for Samuelsson
July 3-- Heatley deal in 'no man's land': Melnyk
July 2--
Breaking down Team Canada's summer squad choices
July 1--
NHL free agency roundup