Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Judge Baum to reconvene

Before he puts pen to paper, Judge Redfield T. Baum has ordered the two sides of the acrimonious Phoenix Coyotes case to return to his chambers on Wednesday morning for more of that court room drama that has made bankruptcy law a participation sport across Canada.

The Judge issued his call to court on Monday, that after yet a new development in the case which saw Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk give the NHL one of those oh, oh damage control time moments.

Mr. Melnyk, while appearing last week on the Bob McCown program Prime Time Sports on The Fan 590 and Rogers Sportsnet, offered up his interpretation of NHL affairs that he as an owner had the right to block any move into his territory, in effect he claims a veto, and by that declaration he appears to have pulled the NHL itself back into the debate of whether they hold a veto right over home territories, something they denied in court.

Bill Daly the Deputy Commissioner of the NHL stuck to that talking point with his appearance on the McCown program on Monday, suggesting that there is no veto in effect in the NHL, while providing his interpretation, (or is that spin?) of what Mr Melnyk meant to say.

It's thought that the legal representatives of the NHL may get a chance to explain that whole veto thing again with the Judge on Wednesday, with Judge Baum anxious we are sure to hear more about what can and can't be done with an NHL franchise.

The Balsillie camp is hoping to introduce that bit of radio drama into the discussion, hopeful that the veto issue, may provide some impact on the deliberations of the judge as he weighs which offer, the Balsille group or the NHL should gain custody of the unwanted collection of hockey waifs known as the Coyotes.

While that drama plays out in court, the waifs are busy on the ice having recently hosted a home exhibition game against the Los Angeles Kings. That game perhaps providing the most damning evidence of the NHL's struggles in Phoenix, with all the talk of bankruptcy, potential relocation and dysfunction of the desert, attendance was hovering around 2,000 fans, most of whom apparently couldn't find anything else to do and took in the pre season game.

To put that number into perspective, that's slightly more than the Hockeyville crowd of Terrace BC, last week, which featured a game between the Islanders and Canucks.
For those without a handy almanac at the moment, the Metropolitan area population of Phoenix is 4,281,899, of which 4,279,899 apparently aren't much in the way of hockey fans.

Terrace's metropolitan population is a little less than 18,000 and that on a good day when the U haul rentals are slow, but judging by the turnout there last week, pro rated to population, Terrace is by far a more worthy candidate for a professional hockey team than Phoenix appears to be.

Hmmm, maybe when all is said and done, the judge will send the team north, but to the Northwest and not the northeast...
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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Flurry of Fleury

Theo Fleury's comeback bid is certainly taking flight, no doubt making it hard for the Calgary Flames coaching to staff to deny him one more shot at a spot on an NHL roster.
With his reinstatement in place earlier this month, Fleury marked his return to NHL action at the age of 41 and after a six year absence. Since his arrival in the Flames camp, Fleury has provided for more than his share of the items of interest in what normally is a rather boring pre season schedule of hockey.

Last week he scored a goal in a shootout, winning a game for Flames in his first appearance back on the ice and on Sunday his breakaway goal once again brought Flames fans to their feet providing for a goal and an assist in the Flames pre season victory over the Florida Panthers.

His return to hockey, for him is a way to wrap up a career the right way, having left the game six years ago in a fashion he feels left him unfulfilled and wondering if he had made the right decisions.

Of course, that departure culminated his years of troubled times, from dependency issues to bursts of anger that tarnished a remarkable rise for one of the NHL's smaller players who always loomed larger on the ice.

A chance to re-iginite his passion and end his time in the game on his terms was provided by the Flames, who made no promises, but simply a spot on the training camp roster to see if indeed Fleury still had the tools to perform at the high levels of NHL competition.

So far, he's been exemplary in conduct in camp, fitting in with his team mates, many of whom probably were watching his exploits from the TV sets as youngsters. Used in a variety of scenarios by coach Brent Sutter, Fleury so far has been keeping the pace, regaining his skating legs and as the scoring sheets show adding up some numbers.

But if the real measure of the success of his comeback so far can be measured, its through the excitement level that seems to be arriving in these usually tedious exhibition games, bringing fans to their feet for games that are one level above a practice scrimmage certainly says a lot about the impact that his story is having on Flames fans.

That excitement and his contributions on the ice thus far certainly will have many watching the Flames roster moves over the next few weeks, wondering if Theo Fleury will get to continue his shot at a return into the regular season or if he starts the comeback year down on the farm in Abbotsford.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sidney sends out some signals

“As for where it goes, I have no idea, but I really like the way that some players are starting to speak up, a guy like Sidney.”-- NHLPA and Calgary Flame player representative Robyn Regehr, expressing his reaction to some comments from Sidney Crosby over recent NHLPA events.

As one of the more high profile players of the game today, Sidney Crosby is starting to find his way as one of the leaders of this era. Like Gretzky and Lemieux and others before, he doesn't seem to come across as controversial, in fact he's of that same mould it seems, aloof on the issues, but certainly not dis-interested.

So it was of some importance to note his entrance to the discussion over the fate of Paul Kelly the most recent President of the NHLPA who was dismissed from his job August 31st, following an all night session of what came across as some kind of NHLPA midnight Star Chamber.

Taking a cue from his agent Pat Brisson, Crosby outlined what he and no doubt many other NHL players are thinking of this entire episode, the need for more information to flow to the players as to why such drastic steps were deemed necessary in the middle of the night.

Crosby and the rest of the players in the NHLPA not on the executive boards and such have good cause to be asking a few questions of their labour leaders. It wasn't all that long ago that the praise was being heaped upon Mr. Kelly over his past experiences with hockey and his thoughts on where the association should be going.

With little in the way of mis-steps made public since he took on the job, many of the players may be wondering how things went so wrong, so fast.

Late last week there was some talk making the rounds that there were moves taking place to reinstate Kelly to his position, but those rumours were refuted pretty quickly as the weekend arrived.

Still, there does seem to be the need for a more comprehensive accounting to the players as to why the steps that were taken were required and exactly where their association is going, especially considering the collective agreement will be up for renegotiation in the coming years.

Crosby may not have been heavily involved in the union politics in the past and it's likely he won't be hands on in the future, but he has waded into the debate it seems and is showing a bit of leadership about a key event for the association.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else comes over the boards as well and whether any of it will have any impact on what seems to be a growing sense of dysfunction at the NHLPA.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hockeyville Hoopla

Monday night's Hockeyville celebration provided Terrace with it's moment in the spotlight, with national and continental exposure courtesy of the NHL Network and a New York based cable outlet, which like Sportsnet Pacific provided a broadcast of the exhibition game between the Canucks and the Islanders.

And while the Canucks roster was rather reduced of those recognizable names, that didn't seem to matter too much to the 1,000 plus fans gathered in the Terrace Sportsplex or the thousand or so watching the game outdoors on a huge television screen set up in Terrace's George Little Park.

The day started with the arrival of the Canucks and Islanders (and some fellow named Campbell) who were treated like rock stars (well maybe not so for Premier Campbell) as they descended from their planes and began the bus ride into town, a caravan of fans following along honking horns and waving flags.

From there the autograph gauntlets began, with players like Willie Mitchell and Kevin Bieksa the most popular (and perhaps most familiar of faces) Canuck targets for autograph hounds. No doubt there was some disappointment that the more familiar names of Canuck's lore, Luongo or the Sedin's to name a few weren't in attendance.

And perhaps that was a stumble by the Canucks, while it's not likely expected that they would be in the line up, (after all exhibition hockey is more about looking at those that might make the team as opposed to those that already have) having them there to sign autographs and share some time with the fans could have been made what was already a great success even that much more special.

The Hockeyville experience is built up over the year as the great celebration of the roots of the game, the Canucks being the home squad and clearly the fans favourites could have solidified that bond even more had they sent more of the players that regularly make for conversation points among Canuck fans.

As it is, we imagine that if there is a spike in the sale of those Canuck sweaters with Mitchell and Bieksa names on the back, (there might be one or two Orange and Blue Islanders jerseys with a Tambellini on the back making the rounds too) it will be thanks to their dedication to their assigned tasks, giving back to the fans as they did and basking in the hero worship that comes from fans to athletes.

During the day various players from both teams would spend time with the youngsters of Terrace, whether at school visits or just hanging over the boards at the rink while the warm ups took place. The two teams would run through some practice drills as well at the rink, providing some awe for the local youth hockey teams in attendance, many no doubt marvelling at the speed of the players on the ice and the power of their shots reverberating around the rink.

As the afternoon turned into early evening, it was on to the Sportsplex for game time and the live broadcasts, with Sportsnet providing very much the same kind of broadcast you might expect from any NHL rink though in this case, a much smaller version with a number of limitations for camera angles.

The opening ceremonies, the passing of the trophy and the ceremonial puck drop began the formal part of the night, with Terrace's organizers Bob Park (Big Bob as he's known in the Northwest) and Carol Fielding taking their moment to salute the audience which made the night a succes.

The anthems were performed with enthusiasm by a young lady from Terrace, who showed little in the way of nerves as she opened up the proceedings with only the smallest of stumbles, a rather impressive showing for what most likely was her largest audience at such a young age.

As for the game, for the first match of the pre season for either team the play wasn't too bad, sloppy at times, but still full of speed, lots of hits, much in the way of material for the next Don Cherry Rock em Sock em and a few goals, with the Canucks winning a squeaker 2-1.

As a nice gesture, at the end of the game the players handed off sweaters and sticks to some of the crowd and gathered at centre ice to salute the fans. The Islanders apparently making more than a few friends among the crowd with a donation of a number of sets of hockey equipment to the local hockey association.

The Hockeyville experience is one that certainly brings together communities, all in the spirit of the game. Terrace showed how that hard work can pay off, and Monday celebrated all of which they achieved, raising the bar for other communities as the process begins anew for Hockeyville 2010...

You can relive those Hockeyville memories this Saturday at 7pm , when the CBC presents a one hour special hosted by Ron McLean and Cassie Campbell.

For now, there's no shortage of reviews of the celebrations. Some of which you can find links for below.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Maybe he'll keep the team for himself... Judge Baum prepares for Deal or No Deal!

Judge Redfield T. Baum offered up an intriguing, if alarming suggestion as to the course of events that may flow out of his court room on Friday. That of nothing actually getting settled, with neither the NHL or the Balsillie collectives capturing their prize and instead leaving the Coyotes franchise in some kind of limbo, one that would have to be funded by the NHL until some other solution was arrived upon.

The final act (or what was supposed to be at any rate) of this long running soap opera is (was?) scheduled to play out on the 7th floor in courtroom 703, on Friday, with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to take the stand with his explanation as to what he thinks is best and why the former owner of the Coyotes and the teams creditors should be accepting of a bid of less than 100 thousand dollars of Mr. Balsillies.

Lawyers for Ballsillie and the now recalcitrant Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes will be vigorously cross examining the Commissioner, seeking the dramatic statement that will sink his argument and leave the Judge with no other choice but to rule in favour of the Balsillie bid.

The anti trust lawyer, Jeffrey Kessler who has been retained by Mr. Balsillie will be handling the cross examination of Mr. Bettman from the Balsillie point of view, an event apparently not striking fear into Mr. Bettman, if his comments in the Globe and Mail are any indication.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Bettman said. “He took my deposition and we’ve crossed paths before.”

Still court room drama can always provide that surprise development that changes the direction of the case forever, whether that comes to pass on Friday or not remains to be seen

But one thing is certain, whatever happens in the court Friday, the only real statement of dramatic importance will be in the deliberation arrived from Judge Baum as this proceeding comes to its end.

That in the end will either settle this matter or set it up for either more endless litigation or start the entire process over again, giving the NHL a very Groundhog Day like feeling we would think.
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Live From Hockeyville, it's Canucks hockey on Sportsnet!

When the New York Islanders take to the ice on Monday night to face off against the almost home town Vancouver Canucks, the Terrace Sportsplex will be jammed to the rafters with enthusiastic hockey fans from the Northwest.

In what is probably the hottest ticket in Northwest history, the game to mark Terrace's success in the Kraft Hockeyville competition has been a much anticipated event ever since Terrace won bragging rights back in the spring.

The game will wrap up three days of celebrations in the city, which will feature autograph sessions and a chance to catch a glimpse of the Holy Grail of Canadian sport, the Stanley Cup.

There will no doubt be more than a few disappointed residents who didn't score those much coveted tickets over the last few weeks, but there is good news for hockey fans across the Northwest, The Hockeyville game will be broadcast live on Sportsnet Pacific starting at 7:30 pm on Monday, September 14.

It should make for an exciting atmosphere for Terrace as their success is broadcast across the province, showcasing the city and it's successful quest to be Hockeyville for this year. Hockey Night in Canada will be part of the weekend as well, with Don Cherry and Cassie Campbell scheduled to be in attendance at the festivities. The Hockeyville visit will be taped for a one hour special highlighting the community spirit that brought Terrace the title of Hockeyville for 2009.

But for those who couldn't get tickets the Sportsnet broacdast could help take some of the sting out of their disappointment and give them the chance to share in the day as well, all be it from the comfort of their living room or favourite watering hole.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

McCown and MacLean go toe to toe late in the show

"You’re a long way from the judge and jury"--Former GM and current radio host Doug MacLean giving as good as he gets from The Fan 590's Bob McCown, during a heated radio exchange on Thursday.

If it had been a hockey game one imagines it would be a lot like at the end of the game, when the messages are sent. Two of the heavyweights take to the ice and settle a few scores, though in this case the ice was the airwaves of The Fan590 and the television channels of Rogers Sportsnet.

Prime Time Sports Host Bob McCown, had spent a good portion of the show outlining his shock and very real confusion over the apparent change of philosophy of Doug MacLean, the former NHL GM and current radio host on The Fan 590, who had earlier in the day been outed as an advisor to the Jim Balsillie camp in Phoenix.

That's the same Balsillie as McCown spent a good portion of the day explaining, was the subject of much discussion byMacLean, who on previous editions of Prime Times Sports, suggested was on the wrong side of the Coyotes/NHL/ Hamilton debate.

It's an interesting and surprising development and considering the all consuming nature of the Balsillie/Bettman feud/debate of late on the program, one which clearly hit home for McCown, who has regularly featured interviews with a number of members of the Balsillie camp over the months leading up to Friday's bankruptcy court hearing. Most famously he has had a number of very loud arguments with MacLean regarding the Balisillie bid, most times finding himself (and co host Brunt) exasperated with the direction of the debate.

It was that apparent change of direction that raised the ire of McCown, who had MacLean on for the last half hour of the program on Thursday, an event that quickly deteriorated into a less than friendly exchange, with clear acerbic tones highlighting the course of discussion between the two men.

Co-Host Stephen Brunt waded into tentatively at times, attempting to add some calm to what was quickly turning into a very nasty spat between the two broadcasters, in the end, Brunt ceded the airwaves to the back and forth of McCown and MacLean, a discussion that was ended prematurely by McCown who surely must have left MacLean with the impression that there won't be any further invitations to appear on the show.

The lively, if vitriolic debate made for some interesting if uncomfortable radio and it makes one wonder how the two will interact once MacLean returns to the Fan Studios next week to resume his duties at the radio station.

Then again, if the Balsillie camp wins the day, he probably will have other things on his mind and may never cross paths with McCown again, something that probably will sit fine with the outspoken host of Prime Time Sports.

Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe's Usual Suspects outlines the tale of the tape from Thursday's scrap.

While the National Post and Toronto Sports Media portals offer up their account of events.
You can take it all in yourself by giving a listen to the Fan's audio on demand of the show, click here.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Coyote judgement day nears, so where are all those bidders?

The list of suitors for the woe(almost)begone Phoenix Coyotes dropped by one on Tuesday, as those tire kicking investors at Ice Edge LLC apparently have chosen to withdraw their bid for hockey's most troubled operation.

This of course leaves Judge Redfield T. Baum of Arizona with a rather short list of options now when he bangs down on that gavel on September 10 and seeks out bids for the Coyotes, he'll look to to one side and see Jim Balsillie, glance to the other and there's Gary Bettman, and , er, well that's about it.

From what the NHL once suggested was a list of well intentioned millionaires seeking to be removed from their dollars we now are left with the billionaire blackberry man, apparently unwanted by his would be fraternity brothers in the NHL, and with the NHL itself, a collective of owners who if the Commissioner is to be believed are more than willing to foot the bill for these dogs of the desert.

The NHL is hopeful that their declaration of Mr. Balsillie as being of poor character will sway Judge Baum into accepting their plan of ownership and potential relocation of their own, having previously outlined how they feel that Mr. Balsillie is just not the kind of guy to be a member of the lodge, how he apparently does not hold the dearly held qualities that men of their ilk must have.

For the sake of their bid, they had best hope that Judge Baum does not read the newspapers or happen upon the sports channels. As the deadline day approaches, a rather recent ghost of the NHL past, highlighting just what those many values they hold dear may be, returned to the spotlight.

Boots Del Biaggio III, former minority owner and alternate governor of the Nashville Predators, was sentenced to eight years in jail on Tuesday. Convicted of fraud and ordered to pay back the 67 million dollars that he used to fraudulently purchase his stake in the NHL. The vision of Mr. Del Biaggio III, preparing to do that ever popular perp walk to prison, making for a rather fascinating exclamation point on the tactics of the NHL in this war of attrition with Balsillie.

The Judge, if he has a sense of humour may inquire as to that much referenced character aspect of the Balsillie bid and how it is that Mr. Balsillie's reputation pales to that of Mr. Del Biaggio.

Then, with that character issues laying in tatters with the days headlines, he could return his attention to the task at hand, finding the best outcome for the Coyotes creditors. If he has the best interests of those creditors in place,as a bankruptcy judge always does, he could open up the process for bids.

The NHL already about 100 million dollars behind the Balsillie curve as it is, then can pass that hat among the other 29 solvent (or perhaps in some cases almost solvent) owners and begin the process of matching Mr. Balsillie dollar for dollar.

Considering the troubled state of many of the NHL's member clubs, we'll quickly see which side blinks first.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Long Term Luongo

They say he plays like money in the bank and now he has the money to put in the bank!

The hopes and dreams for Vancouver Canuck fans of a Stanley Cup victory will continue to be hoisted upon the back and now increasingly thick wallet of Roberto Luongo.

The team captain and all star goaltender signed what most likely will be his last contract in the NHL, coming to terms with the Canucks for what is ideally a twelve year run, but one that for many most likely will not reach into 2021.

The 64 million dollar contract extension has provided Canuck's GM Mike Gillis with his second victory in the off season signing parade, having previously locked up the services of twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin.

The Luongo deal is one of the latest in these long term contract sessions that seem to have become a favourite of GM's in recent times. Locking in a valued player for an extended stay with front loaded deal.

It's a process that many suspect will come to an end once a new CBA is completed in two years, but will most likely find the current participants grandfathered in.

For Canuck fans the retention of Luongo in Blue and White will come as a relief, the perennially suspicious Vancouver fan base were fearful that Bobby Lou might be testing waters other than Pacific, seeking a return to Eastern play. With Gillis putting the finishing touches on the deal the captain was saying all the right things about life on the coast and how he's happy to be playing out his days in Vancouver.

Of course, for this twelve year commitment Canuck fans are hoping to see a Stanley Cup or two, something that has eluded the franchise since it's inception in 1970, signing Luongo is a solid first step towards that goal, but surely not the only one required.

Where Gillis goes from here with his cap space and ability to fill in the missing parts will go a long ways towards showing if the recent signings will pay off.

More importantly, if they haven't held a Stanley Cup parade down Robson Street within a few years, we suspect that Mr. Gillis won't be there to share in the final year of the twelve year deal and the retirement party at 43 for Mr. Luongo.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Headlines of September 2009

Tracking the daily headlines for the month of September.

September 30-- Bankruptcy judge rejects both bids for Coyotes
September 29-- Canucks will have to be road warriors
September 28-- Team Canada: Some answers, many questions
September 27-- Shirokov earned his spot on Canucks
September 26-- Crosby struggling with groin injury
September 25-- Fleury given his release
September 24-- Gretzky steps down as Coyotes head coach
September 23-- O’Donnell suspended five games
September 22-- Where's Wayne
September 21-- Judge orders hearing on Coyotes
September 20-- QMJHL: Wildcats win 11-round shootout
September 19-- Crosby wants answers about Kelly
September 18-- Leafs trade adds firepower
September 17-- Top agents concerned over Kelly’s firing
September 16-- Canucks search for winning combo
September 15-- Markov not interested in Habs captaincy
September 14-- 'I didn't leave the game the right way': Fleury
September 13-- Terrace, B.C. revels being Hockeyville
September 12-- Heatley knows the way to San Jose
September 11-- Gretzky's status, not auction, the buzz in Phoenix
September 10-- Coyotes might not be sold in court
September 9-- Coyotes legal battle to continue after auction
September 8-- Ice Edge withdraws from Coyotes auction
September 7-- Balsillie ups bid for Coyotes
September 6-- NHL eyes $195M relocation fee for Coyotes: report
September 5-- Trading Heatley is Sens’ best option: Alfredsson
September 4-- Airline dispute affects NHL
September 3-- Healy, Kelly come out swinging
September 2-- Roberto Luongo signs 12-year contract extension with Vancouver Canucks
September 1-- Roberto Luongo's Canuck teammates delighted by contract extension reports