Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Boys are back, the boys are back in town!

Guess who just got back today?
Those wild eyed boys that've been away
Haven't changed, haven't much to say
But man I still think them cats are crazy
They were askin' if you were around
How you was, where you could be found
Told 'em you were liven' downtown
Driving all the old men crazy

"The Boys are Back in Town", Thin Lizzy,  Jailbreak, 1976

When Phil Lynott and the boyos of Thin Lizzy put together their hugely successful little ditty in the mid seventies, who knew that some thirty five years later it could have been taken as the theme song for Winnipeg's NHL rebirth.

But here we were watching along with a large number of our hockey addicted brothers and sisters today as the NHL made their return to the Manitoba capital (subject of course to the official key dokey from the Board of Governors on June 21st),  finding a large number of NHL devotees downtown, going just a little bit crazy.

The path back to the NHL took fifteen years and at one point almost saw the wandering dogs of the desert become the ones to make the migration back north, only it seems the rather generous nature of Glendale's elected officials kept the Coyotes from the Back to the Future machine, so instead it was a march on Atlanta that brought the NHL back home.

The Atlanta factor, while perhaps the background plan all along, seemed to pop up suddenly, the window of escape for the Atlanta spirit group cracked open by the machinations of the NHL in Arizona.

There were of a course a few potential setbacks for Manitoba hockey fans in the last month, there was the appearance of a would be investor known mysteriously as "the Balkan", a stalking horse that seemingly was set to purchase the Thrashers and keep them in Atlanta.  Though in the end "the Balkan" seemed to be more the thing of legend, somewhat like the legend of Keyser Soze from the Usual Suspects, who was much feared, but seldom seen. In the end, not much seemed to come from the efforts of the Balkan.

Likewise, the plan of former NHLer Anson Carter, who seemed to drop the idea of a bid for the Thrashers as quickly as he thought of it, proved to be but a sidebar in the conversation.

In the end, as Stephen Brunt outlined in the Globe and Mail a few weeks back, though delayed by that period of time for any number of reasons, (as we've documented on the blog here) the NHL indeed is coming back to River City.

No longer will Winnipeg be used as the leverage for struggling franchises in American cities, someone else will have to be handed that torch, (bonjour Ville de Quebec, hello there Hamilton), instead they now join the lodge, all that seems to be left to do is take the secret oath, sacrifice a small animal or two and vow eternal fealty to Gary Bettman and the Vice Presidents.

And while Tuesday will leave more than a few disappointed fans in Atlanta (though sadly not enough that perhaps could have saved their franchise,  a city that has had its NHL presence taken from it twice now) the excitement north of the US Canada border proves a reminder as to where the heart of the game remains.

Tuesday, to borrow the immortal words of Bob Johnson, has  proven to be a good day for hockey for Winnipeg and Canada for that matter.

It is in Manitoba today that the grievances of the past have been redressed, the ghosts of the past brought home and hockey returned to a place where it courses through the blood, part of life itself.

They are celebrating at the Forks and throughout the city today, their far too long absence from the NHL club finally reversed.

As the day progresses we'll update the items of celebration from Manitoba, resonating across the country, a discussion of which you can find below.

Now Mr. Bettman while we have your ear, there's this city on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, a little east of Montreal you might be interested in...

Winnipeg Free Press-- Winner-peg gets its game back
Winnipeg Free Press-- City's NHL dream comes true
Winnipeg Free Press-- City's spirit soars in the core
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Winnipeg Sun-- Failed bids for Jets drove Chipman to bring back NHL
Winnipeg Sun-- Burrows not sad to see Thrashers move
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Winnipeg Sun-- Long road to deal had many twists and turns
Winnipeg Sun-- Diehard fans never said never
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Winnipeg Sun-- Players will warm up to Manitoba: MacLean
Winnipeg Sun-- Grassroots hockey gets boost from bigs
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Winnipeg Sun-- Hawerchuk happy with return
Winnipeg Sun-- Big league brings big money
Winnipeg Sun-- Steen confident Winnipeg will attract talent
Winnipeg Sun-- New heroes for next generation of fans
Winnipeg Sun-- NHL's return a day to celebrate
Winnipeg Sun-- Welcome to the new era
Winnipeg Sun-- Great to be back in "a hockey city"
Winnipeg Sun-- Hot Line happy NHL returning to Winnipeg
Winnipeg Sun-- NHL press conference set for 11 a. m. CT

Atlanta Journal Constitution-- Thrashers are on their way to Winnipeg
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- City businesses react to Thrashers departure
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- Gearon: Search for local investors failed
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- Thrasherville will not soon forget what Atlanta Spirit did here
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- It's official: Thrashers to Winnipeg
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National Post-- You got your wish, Winnipeg - now pay up
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National Post-- MTS Centre becomes Canada's smallest NHL rink
National Post-- What the #&^$: Winnipeg's NHL return

Toronto Star-- History is being made for hockey-loving Canada
Toronto Star-- Thrashers captain Andrew Ladd can't wait to get to Winnipeg
Toronto Star-- NHL makes it official: Thrashers land in Winnipeg
Toronto Star-- Jets? Thrashers? Moose? Six questions as NHL poised to return to Winnipeg
Toronto Star-- Expect Winnipeg to welcome NHL today at noon

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ahoy Mateys! Ye be lookin' for the Memorial Cup in Sin John, New Brunswick

The Loyal fans of the Loyalist City are ready for a string of parties, as their local heroes the St. John Sea Dogs became the first Atlantic Canadian based hockey team to win Canada's Junior A Championship, the Memorial Cup.

The Sea Dogs claimed victory on Sunday evening, holding off a frantic third period attack from the Mississauga St. Mike's Majors and taking the championship on the strength of a 3-1 victory.

It marks a successful return to the Memorial Cup for the Sea Dogs goaltender Jacob DeSerres, who last year played for the Brandon Wheat Kings and suffered a rather handy defeat at the hands of the Windsor Spitfires.

365 days or so  later however, it was a very different result for DeSerres now a member of the Sea Dogs who made remarkable save, after remarkable save in the third period of Sunday's championships.

For the Majors, the lengthy road required in the tournament, (due to their slow start they had to qualify for the final through the most torturous route of what seemed like an elimination game after elimination game) seemed to wear on them in the first half of Sunday's game, as the Sea Dogs jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead.

However, spurred on by their home crowd the Majors battled back and but for that remarkable goaltending of DeSerres they surely deserved to have been in the lead, but with the St. John goaltender setting up the road block, the Sea Dogs finally capitalized on their opportunities with Jonathon Huberdeau netting the insurance marker with a nifty move to push the puck past the sprawling Majors goaltender.

St. John's was a well rested squad for this championship game, having qualified for the Memorial Cup final much earlier in the week on the basis of their perfect record in the early round of the tournament, the rest while perhaps providing for a bit of rust, never the less didn't seem to affect them that much in the end, though the third period provided a few tense moments as they began to scramble in their own end up the the ceaseless attack of the St. Mike's squad.

And while they seemed to be bending quite a bit as those final moments started to count down, they never broke, securing victory and bringing home the Memorial Cup to the Quebec Junior Major League and providing New Brunswick with their first Junior A hockey championship.

It was a crowning achievement for Gerard Gallant, the head coach of the Sea Dogs who was also named Canadian Junior Hockey coach of the year, as he steered his squad through comebacks in the Quebec league finals to reach the Memorial Cup and brought them to Mississauga where they dominated the early going this week.

Gallant ended up facing a fellow Prince Edward Islander in Dave Cameron the St. Michael's head coach, two Island boys that have made it to the front of the national stage in Junior hockey and may yet have more success to come in the pros one day.

While supportive of each other and quick to praise each others teams and the coaching discipline in place with them, for this summer it will be Gallant with the boasting rights from Charlottetown to Summerside and everywhere in between.

But not before he returns to St. John with a pretty impressive keepsake from the teams trip into Upper Canada.

Some of the reviews of the Championship game can be found below.

Globe and Mail-- St. John wins Memorial Cup
National Post-- Sea Dogs top Majors to win Memorial Cup
Toronto Star-- Sea Dogs break local hearts to take title
Toronto Sun-- Sea Dogs claim the Memorial Cup
Mississauga News-- Hearts broken - again
St. John Telegraph-Journal-- Saint John Sea Dogs win national championship ...

Our full HockeyNation review of the tournament can be found here.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just hangin' around Portage and Main waiting for a parade to start...

As a follow up piece to our earlier missive about the prospect of the Atlanta Thrashers migrating north this summer to set up residence at the MTS Centre for October, we offer up a few items to help while away the days until the NHL gets around to an update, if not an actual announcement of some sort.

If patience is one of the tests of a city's resolve in hosting an NHL franchise and the chance to make money, break even or suffer massive losses, then we think by now Winnipeg has more than aced the exam.

Still, with Gary Bettman playing coy with his admirers in the Keystone province, (most recently offering up some interesting asides on his very own little radio program), the folks at the fork of Assiniboine and Red Rivers may need some reading material to help pass the hours and hours and hours before they can celebrate (or suffer the burden of fai.... uh, er, lets not go there please, though the Winnipeg Police have plans in place for whatever an outcome).

So till then, while we're all hangin' around awaiting the Commish and his arrival in the city for the swearing in ceremony to the NHL lodge, some more reading material to go with all those links we reviewed on Thursday.

Flip the digital pages along with us below.

May 31

Winnipeg Free Press- True North to announce purchase of Thrashers at news conference
Winnipeg Free Press-- The Forks is ready to party
Winnipeg Free Press-- Winnipeg group schedules news conference to announce..
Winnipeg Sun-- NHL press conference set for 11 a.m. CT
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- Thrashers deal to be announced at noon
Globe and Mail-- Winnipeg finally returning to NHL fold
National Post-- The NHL needs Winnipeg more than Winnipeg needs the NHL
National Post-- Atlanta-to-Winnipeg: Everything is happening
National Post-- Terrible names for Winnipeg's new NHL team
CBC-- True North set to announce Winnipeg NHL deal
CBC-- Winnipeg waits for NHL announcement
Toronto Star-- Expect Winnipeg to welcome NHL today at noon
TSN-- True North holding noon ET news conference on Thrashers
TSN- Off season game plan: Winnipeg
Vancouver Sun-- NHL's return to Winnipeg just makes sense

May 30

Winnipeg Free Press-- Thrashers deal close to being finalized
Winnipeg Sun-- Forks ready for NHL party
Winnipeg Sun-- Thrashers sale just a matter of time
Winnipeg Sun-- All signs point to imminent deal
Globe and Mail --Thrashers on verge of 'elite status'
National Post-- Tuesday announcement in Winnipeg appears possible
Toronto Star-- Winnipeg heading into NHL's brave new world
Toronto Star-- Thrashers jet to Winnipeg on Tuesday?

May 29

Winnipeg Free Press-- Toews itching to take on city NHL team
Winnipeg Free Press-- Lies, damn lies, and NHL hockey
Winnipeg Sun-- Former Moose goalie wishes it had worked in Atlanta
Winnipeg Sun-- Winnipeg franchise names scooped up

May 28

Winnipeg Free Press-- Hey, isn't that Bono over yonder?
Winnipeg Free Press-- City survived loss of Jets, but fans must do better
Winnipeg Free Press-- Bettman laughs off Winnipeg sightings, criticizes media
Winnipeg Sun-- Room for Winnipeg in NHL: Toews
Winnipeg Sun-- What should NHL team be called?
Winnipeg Sun-- Thrashers president holds out hope
CJOB-- Minnesota Wild fans excited about NHL return to Winnipeg
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- Another suitor for the Thrashers?

May 27

Winnipeg Sun-- Cops plan for Portage and Main mayhem
National Post-- 'Anti-Balsillie' winning friends in Winnipeg
National Post-- IKEA has got Winnipeg's back
National Post-- A New NHL awaits Winnipeg
Globe and Mail-- The man who revived the Jets by killing them
Fox News-- Bettman refutes reports about 'done deal' in Winnipeg
CBC-- Hockey and 'The Peg'
Atlanta Journal Constitution-- It will be a quiet holiday weekend on Thrashers front

Stanley Cup Final: Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks

It's twelve wins down and four to go for either the Boston Bruins or Vancouver` Canucks, as the Eastern and Western Conference champions prepare to take on the challenge for Lord Stanley's Cup for the 2010-11 season.

As we have provided through rounds one, two and three, we will offer up the results, summaries and news items of note as the quest for the Cup continues on through to mid June.

NHL.com series preview

Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup, 4 games to 3

Wednesday, June 1-- Boston 0  at Vancouver 1
Saturday, June 4--  Boston 2 at Vancouver 3 (1 OT) 
Monday, June 6-- Vancouver 1 at Boston 8
Wednesday, June 8-- Vancouver 0 at Boston 4
Friday, June 10-- Boston 0 at Vancouver 1 
Monday, June 13-- Vancouver 2 at Boston 5 
Wednesday, June 15-- Boston 4 at Vancouver 0 

Game 7,  June 15

Boston Globe-- Bruins complete a stunning run
Boston Globe-- Bruins return to Boston with the Stanley Cup
Boston Globe-- Thomas heroics the stuff of pipe dreams
Boston Globe-- Thomas fits the role
Boston Globe-- After Horton hit, mates rocked on
Boston Globe-- This 1-2 punch a tough combo
Boston Globe-- As he wanted, Recchi goes out on a high note
Boston Globe-- A long series ends poorly for Luongo
Boston Globe-- Net results weren't there for the big scorers
Boston Globe-- Famous last whirls
Boston Globe-- Bruins celebrate Stanley Cup victory
Boston Globe-- Bruins parade to be held Saturday
Boston Globe-- The Stanley Cup is in Boston
Boston Globe-- Stanley Cup victory celebration in Kenmore Square
Boston Globe-- Bruins on-ice celebration
Boston Globe-- Addressing the playoff beards
Boston Globe-- Fans in Boston watch the Bruins win the Stanley Cup
Boston Globe-- Claude Julien: "It was ours to earn"
Boston Globe-- Nathan Horton: "I couldn't miss this"
Boston Globe-- Post game interviews
Boston Globe-- Game 7 highlights
Boston Globe-- Tim Thomas: 'You wanted it, you got it'
Boston Globe-- Neely: "It's extremely special'
Boston Globe-- Magical ending for Marchand
Boston Globe-- Mark Recchi announces retirement
Boston Globe-- Tim Thomas wins Conn Smythe Trophy
Boston Globe-- Bruins win Stanley Cup
Boston Globe-- Boston fan gets some backup deep in enemy territory
Boston Globe-- Long suffering fans revel in promised land
Boston Herald-- Bruins reign supreme
Boston Herald-- Nobody better than Patrice Bergeron now
Boston Herald-- A dream post season for Brad Marchand
Boston Herald-- Bruins find no pleasure in Canucks' pain
Boston Herald-- Mark Recchi goes out on top
Boston Herald-- Bruins find no pleasure in Canucks' pain
Boston Herald-- Bruins team all about championship drive
Boston Herald-- Resilient Tim Thomas wins a final flight
Boston Herald-- Nobody better than Patrice Bergeron now
Boston Herald-- Nathan Horton's presence inspires his team
Boston Herald-- Hands-on experience benefits kids
Boston Herald-- Boston Bruins win Stanley Cup, beat Vancouver 4-0
Vancouver Province-- Canucks played despite brutal injuries
Vancouver Province-- Boston Bruins are Stanley Cup Champions
Vancouver Province-- Tambellini not enough to light up Canucks
Vancouver Province-- Gallagher: Canucks not the team they were
Vancouver Province-- Cup win a dream come true for Thomas
Vancouver Province-- Vigneualt's choices left lines ragged
Vancouver Province-- Sedin's engines stalled by Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Shot through the (Canucks) heart
Vancouver Province-- All Over But the Cryin': Canucks Lose Stanley Cup Final
Vancouver Province-- Hats Off to the Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Baumgartner on a beach when he got 911 playoff call from Canucks
Vancouver Province-- Long way from Port Moody driveway games to Game 7 for Tambellini
Vancouver Province-- Bruins' Seguin diplomatic about going No. 2 overall in 2010 NHL draft
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' marvellous season turns to dust ... then shame on us
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' offence freezes up as Bruins clinch Stanley Cup title
Vancouver Sun-- Great Canucks season ends in painful loss to Bruins ...
Vancouver Sun-- Stand-up Sedins: 'Our only job is to score and we came up short' ...
Vancouver Sun-- Injured Canuck Ryan Kesler says 'no excuses' after Cup final loss
Vancouver Sun-- Bruin Tim Thomas's MVP award no Conn job
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Alex Edler, teammates feel empty after Bruins walk away with ...
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver's Milan Lucic celebrates another Cup win at home
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins rookie Brad Marchand caps remarkable playoff in Game 7 win
Vancouver Sun-- Injured Canuck Mason Raymond attends Game 7 of Stanley Cup final
Globe and Mail-- What comes next for the Vancouver Canucks
Globe and Mail-- So close, but no Stanley Cup ring
Globe and Mail-- Heartbreak for Canucks fans
Globe and Mail-- Recchi's career comes full circle
Globe and Mail-- Canucks shoot themselves in the foot
Globe and Mail-- Bruins capture Stanley Cup
National Post-- Sedins let Cup loss fall on their shoulders
Toronto Star-- Heartbreak for Canucks: Bruins win Stanley Cup
Toronto Star-- A stunning collapse by the Canucks
Toronto Sun-- Bruins arrive home with Stanley Cup
Toronto Sun-- Canucks' hollow feeling
Toronto Sun-- Bruins celebration front and centre, as it should be
Toronto Sun-- Kaberle reflects on time as Leaf
Toronto Sun-- Claude Julien keeps it classy
Toronto Sun-- Thomas takes home Conn Smythe
Toronto Sun-- Bergeron the hero, Luongo a zero

Pre game information

Vancouver Province-- History in the making: Climatic ending fitting for Canucks' quest...
Vancouver Province-- What happens next? Four million people are waiting
Vancouver Province-- Luongo like Forrest Gump: You never know what you're going to get
Vancouver Province-- Alberts and Edler expected to play in Game 7
Vancouver Province-- Canuck Raymond on long rehabilitation road
Vancouver Province-- Some hockey history with Gallagher
Vancouver Province-- Refs ignored Boychuk slam on Raymond, Internet is not
Vancouver Province-- Offence not working for Canucks
Vancouver Province-- Stanley Cup wins favour home team
Vancouver Province-- Game 7: Expect the unexpected
Vancouver Province-- Kurten Trick: More Sports Anxiety for Vancouver
Vancouver Province-- What they're saying about Canucks vs. Bruins
Vancouver Province-- No suspension for Boychuk after crippling Raymond hit
Vancouver Province-- The hit on video: Referees insist Raymond lost an edge
Vancouver Province-- NHL Made Its Bed with Rome Suspension
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Vancouver Province-- Captain convinced Canucks will take final curtain call...
Vancouver Sun-- Editorial: The most important game in Canucks history
Vancouver Sun-- Game 7: Will Canucks, 'Home Lou' hold their nerve?
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Mason Raymond suffers "broken back," out 3-4 months
Vancouver Sun-- Carolina fan hopes to inspire Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- Gillis resists the urge to pull a "Burkie"
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks arrive home, prepare for Game 7
Vancouver Sun-- Roberto Luongo under fire after pumping up Tim Thomas
Vancouver Sun-- What would you say to inspire the Canucks?
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver police say they don't expect a repeat of '94
Vancouver Sun-- Downtown Vancouver liquor stores to close early for Game 7
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks fan robbed of $4,400 for Stanley Cup tickets
Boston Globe-- Bruins not ready to rest
Boston Globe-- Is Thomas having the best postseason in Boston sports history?
Boston Globe-- Home ice edge
Boston Globe-- Raymond sustained fractured vertebrae
Boston Globe-- Horton set up to provide inspiration
Boston Globe-- Home or away, a series like no other
Boston Globe-- No viewing party at TD garden, traffic advisory issued
Boston Globe-- Canucks GM says Boychuk used a 'can opener' on Raymond
Boston Globe-- Calm before the storm
Boston Globe-- The Big Story: Game 7 story lines
Boston Globe-- Faces in Vancouver
Boston Globe-- Fevered city awash in the spirit of '72
Boston Herald-- Time for grand finale
Boston Herald-- Devilish turn for Claude Julien
Boston Herald-- Take a dive, Canucks
Boston Herald-- Bruins likely to bring out their best
Boston Herald-- Pressure on LeBrongo
Boston Herald-- Tim Thomas cites Bruins' character
Boston Herald-- Bruins know taking body key to Cup clincher
Boston Herald-- Bruins hope to shake road woes and win Stanley Cup
Boston Herald-- Canucks, Bruins ready to finish off epic Stanley Cup Finals
Globe and Mail-- One game, no regrets
Globe and Mail-- Game 7s stand alone
Globe and Mail-- Game 7 tickets don't come cheap
Globe and Mail-- Luongo key to Canucks' success, or failure, in Game 7
Globe and Mail-- The strangest Stanley Cup final ever?
Globe and Mail-- Raymond not imperilled by Canucks' injury response
Globe and Mail-- Goalie head games
Globe and Mail-- Boston preparing for trouble in case of Cup celebrations
Globe and Mail-- Ghosts of playoffs past haunt fans
Globe and Mail-- To calm nerves, fans should put playoffs in perspective: experts
Globe and Mail-- Canucks go in to Game 7 after up-and-down series
Globe and Mail-- Liquor stores to close early again ahead of Game 7
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Globe and Mail-- Where to watch Game 7 in style
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National Post-- Unplugged: MacTavish shares his Game 7 experiences
National Post-- Seventh heaven: A look back at the last six deciding Stanley Cup games
National Post-- Game 7: One chance, and one chance only
National Post-- Home is where the hope is for Canucks

Game 6, June 13

Vancouver Province-- Dejected fans look forward to Game 7
Vancouver Province-- Offence not working for Canucks
Vancouver Province-- Game 7 will be exquisite
Vancouver Province-- No calls against Bruins until game is won
Vancouver Province-- Bruins bleed Canucks 5-2, force Game 7
Vancouver Province-- Series a tale of two cities
Vancouver Province-- Bruins want to play spoiler in Vancouver for Game 7
Vancouver Province-- Canucks to press for review of Raymond hit
Vancouver Province-- Bloody Hell, That Didn't Go Well Either
Vancouver Province-- Captain confident of Game 7 win despite losing Raymond ...
Vancouver Sun-- Dejected Canucks fans desert fan zones early
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks face Stanley Cup Game 7 decider after 5-2 loss to Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks stumble badly, play like a team with a loss to give
Vancouver Sun-- Violent Stanley Cup final taking toll on Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Daniel Sedin: "We're going to win Game 7"
Vancouver Sun-- 'Hank hop' costs Canucks an early goal... and maybe a different outcome
Vancouver Sun-- A Canuck anniversary the team's fans would rather not remember
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins' Andrew Ference gets second kick at winning a Cup in Game 7
Vancouver Sun-- Game six game within a game
Vancouver Sun-- The Canucks' Cup run, like war. has brought us together
Boston Globe-- Game takes fans on ride of ecstasy
Boston Globe-- Full Cup
Boston Globe-- Getting great mileage out of this wild ride
Boston Globe-- Finale will be the icing on a very filling sheet cake
Boston Globe-- Bruins 5, Canucks 2
Boston Globe-- Dupont analysis of Game 6
Boston Globe-- Last words from Bruins-Canucks Game 6
Boston Globe-- Fan reaction
Boston Globe-- Unyielding Bruins roar back
Boston Globe-- Before exit, Luongo left a lot to be desired
Boston Globe-- Thomas saves his best for now
Boston Globe-- In a flash, it became clear
Boston Globe-- At his age, Recchi enjoys assisted living
Boston Globe-- Defensive corps clears the way 
Boston Globe-- Daniel Sedin: "We're going to win Game 7"
Boston Globe-- Getting great mileage out of this wild ride
Boston Globe-- Lucic remains big man on campus
Boston Globe-- For conflicted hockey fans, debate wan't must watch TV
Boston Globe-- Raymond taken to the hospital
Boston Herald-- Bruins stirring win nets Game 7
Boston Herald-- Tim Thomas walks the walk
Boston Herald-- Funny choke by Roberto Luongo
Boston Herald-- Brad Marchand lights spark
Boston Herald-- Motivational speaker: Rich Peverly talks fast
Boston Herald-- Mark Recchi primed for finale
Boston Herald-- Michael Ryder's totally money
Boston Herald-- Bruins fans rejoice as team 1 win away
Boston Herald-- Bruins batter Luongo's Canucks 5-2, force Game 7
Globe and Mail-- Boston blasts Vancouver 5-2 to force a Game 7 in Stanley Cup Final
Globe and Mail-- Raymond suffers vertebrae fracture, out at least 3 months
Globe and Mail-- 3 goals, 9 minutes, countless questions for Luongo
Globe and Mail-- Can the Canucks bounce back in Game 7?
Globe and Mail-- Canuck fans devastated after Game 6's embarrassing first period
Globe and Mail-- Sedins, Kesler coming up empty
Globe and Mail-- Fastest four goals in final push series to limit
Globe and Mail-- No beauty in Boston's TD Garden

Pre game information

Vancouver Province-- One more win: Vancouver gears up for Game 6
Vancouver Province-- Most hated team? Who cares, so long as Canucks in Cup
Vancouver Province-- Emotion on the ice makes this the best reality show on TV
Vancouver Province-- Stanley Cup a childhood dream for Ehrhoff
Vancouver Province-- Ryan Kelser: He'll play, you know he'll play
Vancouver Province-- Rome sorry Horton got hurt, but wouldn't change the way he plays
Vancouver Province-- Luongo's legacy on the line
Vancouver Province-- Whiff brings back Buckner memories for Canuck Glass
Vancouver Province-- Bruins key on worth ethic in Cup quest
Vancouver Province-- Bruins face more questions than answers
Vancouver Province-- Julien backs keeper's controversial play
Vancouver Province-- Tanev beat too-small rap with big play
Vancouver Province-- Maxim-um effort leads to magic moment for Canucks hero Lapierre
Vancouver Province-- When Edler's on his game, he and the Canucks are virtually unstoppable
Vancouver Province-- Bieksa responds to the 'most hated team in hockey' narrative
Vancouver Province-- Lord Stanley's Series of Unexpected Events
Vancouver Province-- Gallagher and Botchford preview Game 6
Vancouver Province-- How Tim Thomas deals with the pressure
Vancouver Province-- Kesler is hurting and misses practice, but won't miss biggest game of his life
Vancouver Province-- Bruins need to find Peverly's Game 4 pace for must-win Game 6
Vancouver Province-- Thomas on Luongo: "I didn't realize it was my job to pump his tires."
Vancouver Province-- Happy. Yappy. Lappy. Canucks did homework on centre of attention
Vancouver Province-- Luongo goes from saviour to goat, and back again
Vancouver Province-- Riled up Boston fans on day of game: 'I've been to jail. I'll f___ you up'
Vancouver Province-- Canucks captain calls for swagger to plant final Stanley Cup dagger
Vancouver Province-- Bruins' Thornton on Game 5: "There's no excuse for the way we played...
Vancouver Province-- Having Stanley in the house makes no difference to them
Vancouver Province-- Why the rush to crown Thomas as most valuable player?
Vancouver Sun-- Is tonight the night?
Vancouver Sun-- One game, or two, is all they really care about
Vancouver Sun-- Salo happy to be the 'little' brother
Vancouver Sun--  Finally, the dream is for real for Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks joined by loved ones
Vancouver Sun-- Everything seems to favour the Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Aaron Rome's Stanley Cup dream reduced to roll of spectator
Vancouver Sun-- Players doing their best to ignore Stanley Cup's off-ice circus act
Vancouver Sun-- Cup final runs gamut of emotions
Vancouver Sun-- No extra motivation needed for Cup finalists
Vancouver Sun-- Rome still burning about Cup final suspension
Vancouver Sun-- Beating Bruins in Boston will be tough task for Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- What Game 6 wiring is anyone's guess
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins unimpressed by Luongo's comments
Vancouver Sun-- 'Warrior' Kesler gives Canucks hope in Game 6
Vancouver Sun-- The Stanley Cup is at stake; how's that for motivation?
Vancouver Sun-- Fans cheer on Canucks at Vancouver airport ahead of Game 6 ...
Vancouver Sun-- Fans flood airport to send Canucks off
Vancouver Sun-- Coach Alain Vigneault says Luongo has just "one thing on his mind"...
Vancouver Sun-- We fire five questions at Boston reporter Douglas Flynn of NESN
Vancouver Sun-- Theatrics add to Cup final drama
Boston Globe-- Two elimination games await Bruins
Boston Globe-- Choice matchup
Boston Globe-- As pressure rises, Thomas maintains his stability
Boston Globe-- Zoning in on power play
Boston Globe-- Bruins tickets will cost fans top dollar
Boston Globe-- Cheers cross the Canada line
Boston Globe-- Canucks, and their fans, all in
Boston Globe-- Luongo has paid off when stakes are high
Boston Globe-- A hard stance by Rome
Boston Globe-- The trips are often uplifting
Boston Globe-- Fascination, hour when man bites man
Boston Globe-- Return engagement
Boston Globe-- Canucks pitch broadcast rights to Cup parade, NHL says no
Boston Globe-- Luongo should have held on to this shot
Boston Globe-- Canucks' Rome disagrees with ban for hit on Horton
Boston Globe-- Defeat doesn't lead to loss of confidence
Boston Globe-- To sum up, Bruins know their goal total is secondary
Boston Globe-- We're going to be ready
Boston Globe-- Game 6: Canucks at Bruins
Boston Globe-- Who will be the Bruins' honorary captain for Game 6?
Boston Globe-- Game 6 chat with Fluto Shinzawa 
Boston Globe-- Bruins final practice kicks off
Boston Globe-- Two elimination games await Bruins
Boston Globe-- Julien":"We should be fresh and ready to go' for Game 6
Boston Globe-- Bruins dismiss Roberto Luongo's comments about Tim Thomas
Boston Globe-- Thornton: "We know we can be bette
Boston Herald-- Bruins goal: Pull even at home
Boston Herald-- Bruins home finale can't be ultimate party
Boston Herald-- Andrew Ference: still a kid's game
Boston Herald-- For Sedins, end may be at beginning
Boston Herald-- Roberto Luongo full of hot air
Boston Herald-- Warning: Heavy traffic expected at Garden
Boston Herald-- Aaron Rome regrets little about hit
Boston Herald-- Bruins' David Krejci is a quiet playoff force
Boston Herald-- Canucks don't want to wait for Cup-clinching win
Boston Herald-- Statistics don't tell the story of this Stanley Cup Finals matchup
Boston Herald-- Important trials test neighbours Sal DiMasi, Andrew Ference
Boston Herald-- Roberto Luongo's whine despicable
Boston Herald-- Overdrive shift needed
Boston Herald-- Bruins hit rallying point
Boston Herald-- Long strange trip its been
Boston Herald-- Edge goes to Zdeno Chara in solving problems
Boston Herald-- Roberto Luongo quote on Tim Thomas irks Claude Julien
Boston Herald-- Roberto Luongo, Canucks get a sea change, now stand one game from Cup
Boston Herald-- Since Montreal in 1993, Canada waiting for Cup win
Boston Herald-- Canucks' Aaron Rome disagrees with ban for hit on Nathan Horton
Boston Herald-- Tim nets cheers for aggression
Boston Herald-- Fandemonium as Stanley Cup fever runneth over
Boston Herald-- Bruins, Canucks trading shots on and off ice
Boston Herald-- Bruins have simple plan: hit harder and score more
Globe and Mail-- Canucks, Bruins watch list - Game 6
Globe and Mail-- Manny Malhotra savouring Game 6 opportunity
Globe and Mail-- Bruins say there's no danger of 'what if' tonight
Globe and Mail-- Canucks look to add final link to secret motivational tool
Globe and Mail-- Home sweet home for Cup finalists
Globe and Mail-- Bruins have their backs against wall
National Post-- Cup final a media circus for the ages
National Post-- A Cup full of controversy
National Post-- Rome still upset over Cup suspension
National Post-- No one is pure in this Stanley Cup final
Toronto Star-- Heat's all on Bruins to stay alive at home 
Toronto Star-- Regrets? Bruins' Lucic doesn't want to come close to any
Toronto Star-- Do the Bruins have another Horton? Five questions for Game 6
Toronto Star-- No jacket required: Canucks charm is Stanley Cup image
Toronto Star-- I'd hit Horton the same way again, says Canucks' Rome
Toronto Star-- Struggling Sedins fire back at 'Thelma and Louise' comparison
Toronto Star-- Six players ready to make a difference in Game 6
Toronto Star-- Pregame Q and A
Toronto Sun-- Shame on the Canucks - again
Toronto Sun-- Race for Conn Smythe wide open
Toronto Sun-- Thomas in select company with Cup win
Toronto Sun-- Hey 'Nuckleheads, Burke voted for Gillis
Toronto Sun-- PK real bright spot for  Bruins
Toronto Sun-- Aaron Rome has no regrets
Toronto Sun-- Thomas 'apologizes' to Luongo... sort of

Game 5, June 10

Vancouver Province-- Luongo silence critics once again
Vancouver Province-- Lapierre cracks Thomas, Canucks smack Bruins 1-0...
Vancouver Province-- Thomas a wall against Canucks, but one got by
Vancouver Province-- Scene at the Rog: Party erupts after a tense, scintillating fan experience
Vancouver Province-- Boston bitter as Vancouver fans run jubilant
Vancouver Province-- More than 100,000 hit streets after Canucks beat Bruins... 
Vancouver Province-- Rookie Tanev cutting teeth on Cup
Vancouver Province-- Olie the Goalie's mom resurrects Stanley Cup replica in Union Bay
Vancouver Province-- Canucks pride, city pride on display in Surrey
Vancouver Province-- Canucks must play same game in Boston
Vancouver Province-- Glass will leave a mark of a different kind
Vancouver Province-- Canucks agree: Lapierre wanted this win
Vancouver Province-- Mad Max does it his way
Vancouver Province-- Canucks clutch up, one win away
Vancouver Province-- An annotated List of Sedin-related slurs
Vancouver Province-- Gallagher and Botchford wrap up diving, scoring...
Vancouver Province-- Canucks' Glass on his whiff: 'I thought I was Bill Buckner'
Vancouver Province-- Lapierre: From a little bit of a wing-nut to big time ...
Vancouver Province-- Bieksa on Canucks youngster Tanev: give the kid a light
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' 'Mad Max' jumps to in Game 5 victory
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks shut out Bruins 1-0, one win away from first Stanley Cup
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Lapierre, Burrows act up, but Max Factor pays off
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' foot soldiers flourish, beating Bruins at their blue-collar game
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Tanner Glass happy to avoid Bill Buckner comparisons
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks rookie Chris Tanev turns heads with cool customer performance
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins done in by Roberto Luongo, 'fluke' goal
Vancouver Sun-- Luongo takes more barbs from Boston media
Vancouver Sun-- Spot yourself on Georgia Street in maassive Stanley Cup Game 5 photo
Vancouver Sun-- Fans cheer on Canucks at Vancouver airport ahead of Game 6 ...
Vancouver Sun-- Mixed  emotions over 'local hero', Bruin Milan Lucic
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Stanley Cup run to cost city taxpayers $1.3 million
Boston Globe-- Vancouver ekes out a win, leaving Bruins on the brink
Boston Globe-- Thin ice
Boston Globe-- It really is one game at a time
Boston Globe-- With head cleared, Luongo kept his net empty
Boston Globe-- Ryan, Shaughnessy break down Game 5
Boston Globe-- Marchand at his best when he's being a pest
Boston Globe-- There's plenty of reasons to stay upbeat
Boston Globe-- Thomas portrayed as a wonder and a wanderer
Boston Globe-- Neither team seems willing to take advantage
Boston Globe-- Tim Thomas on seeing the Lapierre's goal, the loss
Boston Gobe-- Last words from Bruins-Canucks Game 5
Boston Globe-- Tanev jumps right into fray
Boston Globe-- Lucic talks about the home ice advantage
Boston Globe-- Luongo puts Canucks in position
Boston Globe-- Seidenberg reacts to the Game 5 loss
Boston Globe-- No giving this series cold shoulder
Boston Herald-- No excuses for Bruins' play
Boston Herald-- Bruins now need road win to halt Canucks
Boston Herald-- Canucks push Bruins to brink of elimination
Boston Herald-- Conn man robs Canucks
Boston Herald-- Ridiculed Roberto Luongo responds with shutout, strong words
Boston Herald-- Turned off power play proves too damaging
Boston Herald-- Bruins fans so close they can taste it
Globe and Mail-- The Roberto Luongo bandwagon fills up again
Globe and Mail-- Vancouver's Stanley Cup fate lies between the pipes
Globe and Mail-- Thousands of Canucks fans celebrate Game 5 victory
Globe and Mail-- A New England outpost for Canucks fans
Globe and Mail-- B. C. man's 'Johnny Canuck' video promising to 'ruin the bruin' goes viral
Globe and Mail-- Canucks one game from clinching Stanley Cup
Globe and Mail-- Fans rally behind Canucks

Pre game information

Vancouver Province-- Game 5 marks watershed in Canucks history
Vancouver Province-- Coach V goes with embattled Luongo for Game 5
Vancouver Province-- Rookie Bruin Marchand regrets taunt
Vancouver Province-- A fan is a fan: Boston's waited four decades too
Vancouver Province-- Bruisin' Brad Marchand, a rookie maybe, but perfect fit in Boston
Vancouver Province-- Gallagher riffs on Boston Subway
Vancouver Province-- Marhand punching his ticket at fan favourite, playoff performer
Vancouver Province-- Canucks cast as villains by many
Vancouver Province-- Fans show support for struggling Canucks squad
Vancouver Province-- Car horns last refuge for drivers wanting in on Canucks excitement
Vancouver Province-- Denman, Vancity theatres to screen Canucks games
Vancouver Province-- Arrests, liquour pour-outs continue for zealous downtown Canucks fans
Vancouver Province-- Televised hockey games should come with violence advisories
Vancouver Province-- You're Canucks coach Vigneault. What do you do now? We ask you!
Vancouver Province-- Transition game key for Canucks
Vancouver Province-- If the Canucks can't get motivated for tonight...
Vancouver Province-- Boston writer: Assumption and reality about the Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- "Little rat' Marchand relishes role
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' greatest danger? Sense of hopelessness
Vancouver Sun-- 5 Canucks factor for Game 5? What must be done to bounce the Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks rally behind slumping Luongo
Vancouver Sun-- Luongo will get the call in Game 5
Vancouver Sun-- Georgia Street closure for Canucks game starts at noon Friday
Vancouver Sun-- Binners cash in on Canucks' success
Vancouver Sun-- 'Overconfidence' not a problem
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks still confident despite dual disasters
Vancouver Sun-- Love him or hate him, Marchand's a difference-maker
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks own history of turning disasters around
Vancouver Sun-- 5 Canucks factors for Game 5: What must be done to bounce the Bruins
Boston Globe-- The skaters' edge
Boston Globe-- Thomas thinks outside the crease
Boston Globe-- Straight talk irks Canucks
Boston Globe-- Double trouble for Sedins
Boston Globe-- Momentum ends when the puck drops
Boston Globe-- Label works for him
Boston Globe-- Has Vancouver lost faith in their goalie
Boston Globe--  State to Bruins fans: Be wary when buying Stanley Cup tickets on...
Boston Herald-- Relentless Brad Marchand a perfect fit for Hub
Boston Herald-- Bruins must maintain emotion
Boston Herald-- Canucks frustration net result of Garden games
Boston Herald-- 'D' holding down fort
Boston Herald-- Bruins show Canucks cold realities
Boston Herald-- Bruins have to win it all
Boston Herald-- B's earn an A on 'D'
Boston Herald-- Bruins in line to score as product pitchmen
Boston Herald-- Marchand's Brad attitude fits in Boston
Boston Herald-- Roberto Luongo looks to shake struggles heading to Game 5
Globe and Mail-- High anxiety in Vancouver
Globe and Mail-- Canucks scoring slump starts at the top
Globe and Mail-- Tim Thomas sticking it to Canucks
Toronto Star-- 5 questions for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final
Toronto Star-- Luongo to start Game 5 for Vancouver
Toronto Star-- Hockey players behaving badly: Emotions run high, maturity runs low
Toronto Star-- Loving these Canucks sure isn't easy
Toronto Sun-- Fickle Canucks fans turn on their heroes
Toronto Sun-- Tim Thomas should be a Canuck
Toronto Sun-- Vigneault: 'Luongo's my guy'
Toronto Sun-- Five things the Bruins must do to win the Cup
USA Today-- As Sedins are silent, Bruins get scoring from everywhere
USA Today-- Upbeat Canucks coach says Luongo will be back in net
USA Today-- Tim Thomas stealing the show as Roberto Luongo struggles

Game 4, June 8

Vancouver Province-- Canucks need to fill in the blanks after 4-0 shutout
Vancouver Province-- Canucks depantsed, basically
Vancouver Province-- Bruins put Canucks in sleeper hold
Vancouver Province-- Canucks need strength of character
Vancouver Province-- Sedins: Thelma and Louise they are not
Vancouver Province-- Canucks PP gone ice cold
Vancouver Province-- PM takes heat for attending Game 4
Vancouver Province-- Canuck fans to defy Steve Darling's advisory they not wear ...
Vancouver Province-- Bad Blood in Beantown
Vancouver Province-- KB's keys to Game 4
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks thumped by Bruins again as Stanley Cup Final tied 2-2
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' weak links led by Luongo in shutout loss to Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' vaunted defence crumbles in dismal loss to Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Who's next in Canucks goal? We probably won't know until game time...
Vancouver Sun-- So much for pulling out all the stops
Vancouver Sun-- That's the way the cookie-cutter D crumbles
Boston Globe-- Are the B's in control?
Boston Globe-- Another Garden Party
Boston Globe-- We're in teeth of a new rivalry
Boston Globe-- Peverly falls right in line with 2 goals
Boston Globe-- Bruins' Fourth line has done a first-rate job
Boston Globe-- Seguin learns ins and outs
Boston Globe-- Visitors mostly invisible
Boston Globe-- Powerless play not worrying Vigneault
Boston Globe-- Just in case, Caron was an Ace up the sleeve
Boston Globe-- Thornton and Florian both punch a ticket to Vancouver
Boston Globe-- Playing lost and found
Boston Globe-- This net gain may be historic
Boston Globe-- Bruins had Horton on their minds
Boston Globe-- Canucks not pleased with Milbury's 'Thelma and Louise' remark
Boston Globe-- Fans invited to see the Bruins off at 11 a. m.
Boston Globe-- Dupont's analysis of Game 4
Boston Herald-- Dominant Bruins second emotions since hit on Nathan Horton
Boston Herald-- Tim Thomas plays warrior in the crease
Boston Herald-- Bruins start series anew
Boston Herald-- Brad Marchand makes impact felt
Boston Herald-- Bruins start series anew
Boston Herald-- Rich Peverly takes lead, jacket from Nathan Horton
Boston Herald-- Michael Ryder's good on both ends
Boston Herald-- Peter Chiarelli: 48 a hot topic
Boston Herald-- Roberto Luongo still confident for Canucks
Boston Herald-- Bruins buses leaving at 11 a. m.
Boston Herald-- David Krejci aims to bond with new winger
Boston Herald-- Sedins unable to help Canucks in loss
Boston Herald-- Garden daze for Cory Schneider
Boston Herald-- Jeweler: Stolen leprechaun put 'hex' on Canucks
Boston Herald-- Bar backs down on fan ban
Boston Herald-- GMs support broader penalties for head hits
Globe and Mail-- Bruins flatten Canucks to tie series
Globe and Mail-- Gnawing uncertainty returns for Canucks
Globe and Mail-- Canucks have become NHL's most hated team
National Post-- Averting disaster is Canucks' specialty
Toronto Star-- Bruins have all the answers in Game 4
Toronto Star-- Your advice for the reeling Canucks
Toronto Star-- Bruins rout Canucks to pull even in Stanley Cup final
Toronto Star-- Canucks lose their swagger as tension rises in Cup final

Pre game information

Vancouver Province-- Canucks D-man Keith Ballard finally ready for his Stanley Cup close-up
Vancouver Province-- Horton's absence forces the Bruins to juggle their lines
Vancouver Province-- Wading into murky waters of NHL suspensions
Vancouver Province-- Former Canucks owner Griffiths understands the grind for the Cup
Vancouver Province-- Will Ballard fit the Bruins bill?
Vancouver Province-- Canucks can't get embroiled in street brawls
Vancouver Province-- Rome's hit on Horton is catalyst for Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Murphy's law and the end of the hit
Vancouver Province--  Luongo no Thomas, and that's good
Vancouver Province-- KB's Keys to Game 4
Vancouver Province-- Welcome to Boston, Canucks Fans
Vancouver Province-- Will Game 4 see an end to the Garbage?
Vancouver Province-- NHL makes an Example of Rome
Vancouver Province-- Chicago Area Columnist Still Hates the Canucks
Vancouver Province-- Canucks again complain to the league about Tim Thomas
Vancouver Province-- Bruins look to put Peverly in Horton's place on top line for Game 4 ...
Vancouver Province-- Once again, Ballard a lineup option but Canucks have bigger concerns
Vancouver Province-- Vigneault at a loss to explain rationale on Rome's suspension
Vancouver Sun-- Hey Canucks, Bruins - Can we just play hockey please?
Vancouver Sun-- Add punch to power play, better discipline key for Canucks in Game 4
Vancouver Sun-- Harper going to Stanley Cup final's Game 4 in Boston to cheer on Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' defeat is good for community, says psychologist
Vancouver Sun-- Georgia Street to be shut down again for Canucks viewing area
Vancouver Sun-- Loss of Nathan Horton leaves hole in Bruins' offence
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins' Nathan Horton out for playoffs with concussion
Vancouver Sun-- Coach Alain Vigneault says Canucks have talked to NHL about Bruins goalie..
Vancouver Sun-- Horton hit was a 'hockey play that went bad' says NHL disciplinarian ...
Vancouver Sun-- Sign of the times: Kamloops hero Mark Recchi 'carries' Canucks colours
Boston Globe-- Hockey's black eye
Boston Globe-- Double Whammy
Boston Globe--Teammates defend Rome
Boston Globe-- The Hit on Nathan Horton
Boston Globe-- Hits still issue they can't lick
Boston Globe-- Horton on Bruins' minds
Boston Globe-- Another heads-up for the league
Boston Globe-- Bruins must keep Canucks looking over their shoulders
Boston Globe-- Rivalry, rancour grow in Stanley Cup Final
Boston Globe-- Is Tim Thomas more vital to Bruins than Tom Brady is to Patriots?
Boston Globe-- Jumping on the Zamboni
Boston Globe-- Vigneault reiterates Tim Thomas straying from net
Boston Globe-- Tyler Seguin back in tonight
Boston Herald-- Canucks crazies invade Canal St., but some taverns just say no
Boston Herald-- Bruins must get mind on repeating effort
Boston Herald-- Nathan Horton's Cup dream takes a hit
Boston Herald-- Juggling act facing Claude Julien
Boston Herald-- Bruins must keep playing with fire
Boston Herald-- Cheap shots need to go
Boston Herald-- Jacket hangs as Nathan Horton honor
Boston Herald-- Bruins must get mind on repeating effort
Boston Herald-- Canucks rally 'round Aaron Rome
Boston Herald-- Impact line bursts fourth for Bruins
Boston Herald-- Roberto Luongo's proven to be strong on rebounds
Boston Herald-- NHL slams into concussion problem
Boston Herald-- Canucks don't consider themselves Stanley Cup villains
Boston Herald-- Throwing their weight around
Globe and Mail-- Consulting Burke shows woes of NHL
Globe and Mail-- Seguin replaces Horton for Game 4
Globe and Mail-- Canada slowly warming to Canucks
Globe and Mail-- Bruins, Canucks need to focus on Cup not controversy
Globe and Mail-- Apples and oranges?
Globe and Mail-- Canucks should have known better
Toronto Star-- Not Perfect. But Better.
Toronto Star-- Seguin set to replace injured Horton in Bruins lineup for Game 4
Toronto Star-- The hate is on for both Canucks and Bruins
Toronto Star-- Garden ice turns to slush in Boston heat
Toronto Star-- Canucks vs. Bruins
Toronto Star-- Harper to attend Game 4 of Stanley Cup Final
Toronto Star-- Drubbing brought Canucks fans closer, but the real healing begins tonight
Toronto Star-- 5 questions ahead of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final
Toronto Sun-- TD Garden draws Prime interest
Toronto Sun-- PM's playoff junket draws fire
Toronto Sun-- Canucks see red over Burke
Toronto Sun-- Thomas adds to stats with hit on Sedin
Toronto Sun-- Canucks don't agree with bad-boy image
Toronto Sun-- Rome suspension strong statement by NHL
Toronto Sun-- Murphy vows to clean up Cup 'crap'
Toronto Sun-- Cup fans show lack of class
USA Today-- NHL suspension, warning a bid to clean up shenanigans
USA Today-- Stanley Cup final shows NHL still struggling with violence
USA Today-- Stanley Cup Final Preview: Vancouver at Boston in Game 4

Game 3, June 6

Vancouver Province-- Bad blood brewing between Bruins and Canucks
Vancouver Province-- Canucks mauled by Bruins 8-1 in rout
Vancouver Province-- Kesler not the player he was
Vancouver Province-- Gallagher: Canucks had cleared the toughest hurdle
Vancouver Province-- Willes: Horton hit rallies Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Fans keep faith, despite Bruins mauling
Vancouver Province-- That did not go well
Vancouver Province-- Spirits can't be dampened in Surrey fan zone
Vancouver Province-- No crying Canucks fans. We're still 2-1.
Vancouver Province-- Are the Green Men Brave or Really, Really Dumb?
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks collapse started with the fall of Rome
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins bomb Canucks 8-1 to jump right back into Stanley Cup Final
Vancouver Sun-- This Canucks' no-show not new this spring
Vancouver Sun-- The 20 most lopsided losses in Stanley Cup Finals history (Game 3 included)
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins coach points finger at Canucks, then says he's sorry for Lucic antics
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins' Tim Thomas a real hit stopping pucks, too
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins rout Cancuks 8-1 in Game 3
Vancouver Sun-- Canuck fans watch Game 3 loss in the sunshine at new downtown site
Vancouver Sun-- A little bad luck snowballs into a disaster
Vancouver Sun-- Road show bombs in Beantown
Boston Globe-- This one was a long time coming
Boston Globe-- Horton to miss rest of Stanley Cup Final
Boston Globe-- Response team
Boston Globe-- Check sends Horton to hospital
Boston Globe-- Horton injured, moving all extremities
Boston Globe-- Analysis of Game 3
Boston Globe-- Final: Bruins 8, Canucks 1
Boston Globe-- Hits still an issue they can't lick
Boston Globe-- Bruins had Horton on their minds
Boston Globe-- NHL deserves assist on hit
Boston Globe-- Julien wants Bruins to stay classy
Boston Globe-- Back home, Bruins scorch the ice
Boston Globe-- Thornton creates a sudden impact
Boston Globe-- Burrows gets taste of fans' displeasure
Boston Globe-- Marchand not short on the right stuff
Boston Globe-- Job pumps him up
Boston Globe-- This one was a long time coming
Boston Globe-- Thomas' performance is a huge hit
Boston Globe-- Neely suiting up for different duty
Boston Globe-- Canucks shrug off lopsided loss
Boston Herald-- Tooth hurts: Blame NHL
Boston Herald-- Shawn Thornton's impact play
Boston Herald-- Funny business by Milan Lucic
Boston Herald-- Horton out for series; NHL hearing on hit this morning
Boston Herald-- Bruins alive and kicking
Boston Herald-- Bruins winger Nathan Horton has severe concussion
Boston Herald-- Reaction to the hit on Nathan Horton
Boston Herald-- Tim Thomas sticks to plan
Boston Herald-- Skating on a fine line
Boston Herald-- Vancouver goes on defines
Boston Herald-- Vancouver's Lapierre irritating to the Max
Boston Herald-- Bruins fans show off true colors
Boston Herald-- Hub stylists split hairs
Boston Herald-- Bruins rally after Nathan Horton's injury to beat Canucks
Globe and Mail-- Bruins Horton won't play again in Stanley Cup final
Globe and Mail-- Rome's vicious hit demands strong NHL response
Globe and Mail-- Horton taken off on stretcher early in Game 3
Globe and Mail-- Mark Recchi continues to defy his age
Globe and Mail-- Bruins' Marchand no fan of the Green Men
Toronto Star-- Bruins' Horton out of Stanley Cup final with sever concussion
Toronto Star--  5 answers the Bruins provided in Game 3
Toronto Star-- Bruins storm back, demolish Canucks 8-1 in Game 3
Toronto Star-- Luongo confident he can bury Game 3 snowman (8)
Toronto Star-- Aaron Rome's punishment should be...
Toronto Star-- Cox: Bruins deserve justice after dirty hit on Nathan Horton
Toronto Sun--  Horton out for rest of Stanley Cup
Toronto Sun--  Teams view Rome hit differently
Toronto Sun--  Thomas gets last laugh
Toronto Sun--  Babych enjoying Canucks' Cup run
Toronto Sun--  Big Blow to Bruins
Toronto Sun--  Bruins bowl over Canucks
Toronto Sun--  Lucic takes biting bait
USA Today-- Horton has severe concussion, Rome to meet with NHL
USA Today-- Bruins rout Canucks 8-1 to cut Stanley Cup Final lead to 2-1
USA Today-- Nathan Horton injury inspires Bruins to rise up
USA Today-- Canucks forced to adjust defines again after ejection

Pre game information

Vancouver Province-- Will home ice help struggling Bruins?
Vancouver Province-- Canucks fan zone moved from Granville to Georgia
Vancouver Province-- Luongo has 'good history' against Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Fun loving Burrows makes play for Conn Smythe
Vancouver Province-- Heavy hitter Alberts in top form
Vancouver Province-- Ed Wille's airport edition of the musings and ...
Vancouver Province-- Fourth line's minutes could increase with Malhotra as anchor
Vancouver Province-- Hagwilget Deserves an NHL Franchise
Vancouver Province-- Canuck Fans Dominate Fenway, Catch Homers
Vancouver Province-- Vancouver bike store all geared up for the Cup
Vancouver Province-- Fans flollow Canucks to the airport - and farther
Vancouver Province-- Where to watch: Official public Stanley Cup viewing locations
Vancouver Province-- Larscheid cheers on the Canucks from the sidelines
Vancouver Province-- Beantown braces for Burrows, but no room at the inn
Vancouver Province-- Game 3 opens with tale of two villains: Burrows and Lapierre
Vancouver Province-- As losses mount, Bruins are running out of cliches
Vancouver Province-- Luongo on a great run
Vancouver Province-- Big boost from Manny
Vancouver Province-- Alberts proves a smash hit
Vancouver Province-- Less Recchi and more Seguin would help Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Credit for Alexandre the great
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks "We haven't won anything yet'  
Vancouver Sun-- 'Flunking the speed test'
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks get rousing send off at YVR as they head to Boston
Vancouver Sun-- Something final about a 2-0 start
Vancouver Sun-- Thousands expected at Game 3 party in Vancouver
Vancouver Sun-- Gorilla marketing? Rescued monkey Canucks' smallest ...
Vancouver Sun-- Michael J. Fox talks fundraising and the Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- B. C. Premier to re-light Olympic cauldron for Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- Welcome to Hockey night ... in Cambodia
Vancouver Sun-- We are all Canucks: Canadian troops bring playoffs spirit to ...
Vancouver Sun-- More than 70,000 people crammed Vancouver's Granville Street ...
Vancouver Sun-- "It's like the Olympics, but even better'
Vancouver Sun-- Spitballin' on Malhotra's return, considerate mascots...
Boston Globe-- Frozen assets
Boston Globe-- Team finds itself in a perfectly awful mess
Boston Globe-- A little unsteady when even
Boston Globe-- Rough around the edges
Boston Globe-- Canucks coach defends Burrows
Boston Globe-- Planes, games, automobiles
Boston Globe-- Line up changes on the fly
Boston Globe-- Lucic sends call for help
Boston Globe-- Thomas: I think I know what I'm doing
Boston Globe-- It will be a heavy weight battle
Boston Globe-- Travel can be trouble
Boston Herald-- Bruins must stick to what got them here
Boston Herald-- Bobby Orr sees something special in this Bruins team
Boston Herald-- Hockey never stopped flowing through Hub's veins
Boston Herald-- Facing uphill climb, Bruins can't lose puck
Boston Herald-- Self-inflicted wounds
Boston Herald-- Time to show their best
Boston Herald-- Bruins right at home with backs  against wall
Boston Herald-- Don Awrey remembers how good it was
Boston Herald-- Silver chalice steeped in history
Boston Herald-- Bruins don't have to stay hungry
Boston Herald-- Canucks hit road running
Boston Herald-- Cherry on top of all things Bruins-related
Globe and Mail-- Laughter in Vancouver as bounces go all their way
Globe and Mail-- Bruins' coach Julien tries to accentuate the positives
Globe and Mail-- Thousands of jubilant Canuck fans take to Vancouver streets
Globe and Mail-- Vancouver fan zone could turn ugly if Canucks lose
Globe and Mail-- B. C. suburbs struggle to find a place to party during NHL playoffs
Globe and Mail-- Maritimers remain loyal to Bruins
Globe and Mail-- Canucks cling to Cup final momentum
Globe and Mail-- Parental advice comes in handy for Canucks' Burrows
Globe and Mail-- Some Canucks and Bruins lucky to be in final
Toronto Sun-- Good things come in 3s for Bruins
Toronto Sun-- Sun, sand and Stanley: Ex-pats aren't about to give up hockey
Toronto Sun-- Sleep docs have Canucks dreaming
USA Today-- Claude Julien steamed about Canucks' biting, taunting
USA Today-- Burrows' Game 1 bit gnaws at Bruins fans
USA Today-- Two one-goal losses make Bruins' 2-0 hole seem shallow

Game 2,  June 4

Vancouver Province-- Canucks bite Bruins 3-2 in OT, lead series 2-0
Vancouver Province-- Bruins won't shed tears over OT loss
Vancouver Province-- Malhotra a Canucks catalyst
Vancouver Province-- Crowds walk downtown Vancouver streets in delirium...
Vancouver Province-- Sizzling win spreads across Canucks Nation like wildfire
Vancouver Province-- Beantown braces for arrival of Vancouver's Green Men
Vancouver Province-- Penalties for Canucks revellers
Vancouver Province-- Canucks win creates craziness in downtown Vancouver
Vancouver Province-- Milan Lucic with cheese
Vancouver Province-- Bruins cannot control Canucks
Vancouver Province-- Julien crossing his lines
Vancouver Province-- Mike Milbury did not care to see Burrows play last night
Vancouver Province-- Canucks Flag Flies Over DC
Vancouver Province-- Gallagher and Botchford wrap up Game 2 of the Cup
Vancouver Province-- Bruins look to past for answers vs Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Alex Burrows overtime hero in 3-2 win over Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Father knows best, and Burrows buries Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks Cup karma: This is destiny's child
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins' power play wakes up, but it's not enough in loss...
Vancouver Sun-- Rogers rocks, city rolls with winning Canucks fans Saturday night
Vancouver Sun-- Lapierre gives Bergeron the finger
Vancouver Sun-- Manny's return a thing of perfection
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks Give Fans a reason to Jump up and down
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins in catch-up mode vs. Canucks but used to it
Boston Herald-- Bruins break down quickly in overtime
Boston Herald-- Savard on teams' mind
Boston Herald-- Bad Night for captain
Boston Herald-- The fault, dear faithful, is not Burrows, but B's themselves
Boston Herald-- Thomas stuck for answers
Boston Herald-- Burrows fits in with twins
Boston Herald-- Draft shapes up differently this year
Boston Herald-- Air miles adding up on Bruins
Boston Herald-- Bruins lose Game 2 in Vancouver 3-2 11 seconds into OT
Boston Globe-- Sudden death
Boston Globe-- Burrow's goal came in blink of an eye
Boston Globe-- Lucic's heroics not enough
Boston Globe-- Coaches see big improvement up front
Boston Globe-- OT heartbreaker for Bruins
Boston Globe-- Hanging low, but headed home
Boston Globe-- Ryan and Shaughnessy break down the Bruins OT loss in Game 2
Boston Globe-- Especially after bit, it's tough to swallow
Boston Globe-- Plenty of stops for this goalie
Boston Globe-- Rask not sitting around feeling bad
Boston Globe-- Result leaves Sedin twins satisfied
Boston Globe-- Garden fans on the money
Boston Globe-- Green Men to Boston:" It's going to be relentlesss
Boston Globe-- Maxim Lapierre taunts Patrice Bergeron about...
Globe and Mail-- Devastated Bruins left to pick up the pieces
Globe and Mail-- Canucks-Bruins Game 2
Globe and Mail-- Fastest overtime goals
Globe and Mail-- Manny Malhotra makes his return to the ice
Globe and Mail-- Canucks win Game 2 thriller in OT
National Post-- Burrows proves that Dad knows best
National Post-- Neely hopes Bruins can fill hole in resume
National Post-- Malhotra returns to Canucks lineup for Game 2
National Post-- Recchi scores, but Bruins fall
USA Today-- Canucks' quick OT goal puts Bruins in 2-0 series hole
USA Today-- Recchi sets age record as Bruins' slumping power play connects
USA Today-- Canucks Manny Malhotra returns to action in Game 2

Pre game information

(June 4 items)

Vancouver Province-- An Alberts start shouldn't surprise anyone
Vancouver Province-- Alberts gets 'shivers' at prospect of playing Game 2
Vancouver Province-- We're not hiding injuries, we're protecting players: Vigneault
Vancouver Sun-- Manny Malhotra miracle complete, back in Canucks lineup
Vancouver Sun-- Appreciating Burrows is an acquired taste
Vancouver Sun-- Miraculous Manny appears destined to play
Vancouver Sun-- Scallen brought NHL to Vancouver, then his world came crashing down
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver native Lucic's sorry but he's busy with Bruins
Boston Globe-- Power plays play well to the audience
Boston Globe-- Despite pedigree, Luongo still dogged by critics
Boston Globe-- Chase for the Cup June 4
Boston Herald-- Time for a little thump
Boston Herald-- Getting a special delivery
Boston Herald-- Up against it once again, Bruins must rally in Game 2
Boston Herald-- Alberts checks back in
Boston Herald-- Milan Lucic is local kid in way
Boston Herald-- Brad Marchand mixes it up
Boston Herald-- Schmautz shooting for a Bruins victory
Boston Herald-- Canucks' Manny Mahotra to be a game-time decision
Boston Herald-- Malhotra spotted on ice
Boston Herald-- Rating Boston's mighty mites: Brad Marchand, Dustin Pedroia...
Boston Herald-- B. C. suburbs struggle to find a place to party during NHL playoffs

(June 3rd items)

Vancouver Province-- Deja vu: Malhotra skates with team, could play Game 2
Vancouver Province-- Game clock is ticking for a Malhtora Cup appearance
Vancouver Province-- Lou Answers critics in the right way
Vancouver Province-- Heroic Kelowna Canucks Fan Stands UP to City Hall
Vancouver Province-- All Stanley Cup Final, All The Time
Vancouver Province-- Mavs' Nowitzki backs Canucks for Cup
Vancouver Province-- Bruins go back to drawing board
Vancouver Province-- Let's up the ante on Stanley Cup Wagers Between...
Vancouver Province-- Canucks ready for whatever happens
Vancouver Province-- Boston columnist's take on Burrows-Bergeron ...
Vancouver Province-- Kuzma and Gallagher talk Hamhuuis injury and Burrows bite
Vancouver Province-- Ballard next in line to replace Hamhuis
Vancouver Province-- Bruins keeper Thomas causes confusion with contact
Vancouver Province-- Canucks defence corps built on depth
Vancouver Province-- Time running out on Malhotra comeback
Vancouver Province-- Luongo a master at peak of craft
Vancouver Province-- Bolduc hits jackpots with centre spot in Game 1
Vancouver Province-- Patience will be a virtue in this series
Vancouver Province-- Netminder Thmas as advertised
Vancouver Province-- Luongo survives goalie duel
Vancouver Province-- Unlikeliest of heroes, biggest of stages
Vancouver Province-- Composure key for hungry Burrows
Vancouver Province-- Burrows escapes suspension after bite
Vancouver Province--  Bruins Recchi looking to be difference-maker
Vancouver Province-- Bruins' Chara big presence in front of Canucks net
Vancouver Province-- Stanley Cup Final Off-Day at UBC
Vancouver Province-- Funky Canucks Fan wants Funky Cup
Vancouver Province-- KB Continues Stellar Coverage of Cup Final
Vancouver Province-- You Make the Call: Entertained or Not? ...
Vancouver Province-- Married to the Canucks yesterday, dumping them today ...
Vancouver Province-- Gallagher and Botchford hash out Canucks Game 1 win
Vancouver Province-- Bruins' Paille: Stick with the defensive game, all will be fine
Vancouver Sun-- Alex Burrows Canucks' fearless foil to Sedins, for opponents
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver Police, Fire preparing for huge crowds for Saturday's ...
Vancouver Sun-- Manny Mahlotra should be back with Canucks in Game 2
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' farm 'found' in Florida
Vancouver Sun-- Reality bites as Canucks' Burrows cleared, Bruins must grin and bear it
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Ketih Ballard waits in wings for chance to play in Cup final
Vancouver Sun-- Alberts in on Canucks' blue line for Hamhius? It's a good bet, says Ehrhoff
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Victor Oreskovich is once again enjoying hockey
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver native Lucic's sorry, but he's busy with Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Manny whammy: Malholtra back practising with Canucks today
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins rookie Tyler Seguin's real welcome to the NHL a welcomed playoff moment
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks aim to beat Bruins at their own five-on-five game
Vancouver Sun-- Ex-Canucks bench boss Marc Crawford can't conceal allegiance...
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins' Seidenberg not slighted that Canucks getting all the Nowitzki love
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins in catch up mode vs. Canucks, but used to it
Vancouver Sun-- Ryan Kesler is totally into you, Canada
Vancouver Sun-- No suspension for Canuck Alex Burrows for alleged biting incident
Vancouver Sun-- Coach Julien says Bruins won't dwell on Burrows controversy
Vancouver Sun-- Coach Vee faces the Stanley Cup press Horde
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks win with guys who haven't
Vancouver Sun-- The tooth shall set you free
Vancouver Sun-- Blog Wars
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Malhotra still 'day to day.' as team debunks near surgery...
Vancouver Sun-- No suspension for Canucks Burrows for biting incident
Vancouver Sun-- More than 40,000 Canuck fans pack Granville Street, police estimate
Vancouver Sun-- Female Canuck fans face stereotypes, even in the blogosphere
Vancouver Sun-- Is Vancouver ripe for another Stanley Cup riot?
Vancouver Sun-- Loyal Canucks fans show support on Vancouver streets
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver firm creates a glass Stanley Cup for NHL's New York ...
Vancouver Sun-- Bettman knows hockey's heart is in Canada
Boston Globe-- Hansen concentrates on little things
Boston Globe-- Chase for the Cup Today (June 3)
Boston Globe-- Sinden likes what he sees
Boston Globe-- Special attention being paid to power play
Boston Globe-- Channel 5 is out of touch
Boston Globe-- Problem out of the blue
Boston Globe-- He concentrates on little things
Boston Globe-- Did Tim Thomas deserve better?
Boston Globe-- Which Bruins team is your all time favourite?
Boston Globe-- Penalty killing unite able to stop at nothing
Boston Globe-- A new sheriff coming to town
Boston Globe-- No suspension for Burrows
Boston Herald-- Johnny Boychuk's play under microscope
Boston Herald-- NHL eschews penalty
Boston Herald-- No luck putting Tim Thomas on spot
Boston Herald-- Bruins need to improve
Boston Herald-- Tomas Kaberle sees improvement
Boston Herald-- Bruins must crack Canucks defines, or else
Boston Herald-- Defenseman Keith Ballard filling in fine for banged-up Canucks
Boston Herald-- Replacements available for Dan Hamhuis
Boston Herald-- Alex Burrows won't taste suspension for biting
Boston Herald-- Stanley Cup coaches know all about bad behaviour
Globe and Mail-- Cup Goaltending duel is one for the ages
Globe and Mail-- Burrows knows he has to be smarter
Globe and Mail-- Canucks' Malhotra returns to practice
Globe and Mail-- Really sneaky' Krejci drives Bruins' offence
Globe and Mail-- Andrew Alberts goes from goat to gamebreaker
Globe and Mail-- The Two sides of Alex Burrows
Globe and Mail-- Boston's powerless power play
Glove and Mail-- Jannik Hansen putting Danish
Globe and Mail-- Manny Malhotra, Dan Hamhuis on the bubble
Globe and Mail-- Game 1 draws big TV ratings on both sides of border
Globe and Mail-- Where to eat like a Canuck
Globe and Mail-- Small-town Smithers cheers on Canucks and its NHL-star son
Globe and Mail-- Fans stiffed by fake Cup tickets
Globe and Mail-- TransLink ups its game for playoffs
Globe and Mail-- Vancouver police prepared for Stanley Cup revelry
Globe and Mail-- Canucks enthusiasm explodes online
Globe and Mail-- Stanley Cup launching tourism season in Vancouver
Globe and Mail-- No wedding party, but they have 18,000 witnesses
Globe and Mail-- Care to make it interesting? Then how about making it interesting
National Post-- Canucks' role players get used to winning
National Post-- No suspension for Burrows after biting incident
Toronto Star-- Chopping down Chara a must for Canucks
Toronto Star-- Harry Sinden: The Bruins wise old man still has plenty of opinions
Toronto Star-- Why ESPN won't pay attention to hockey
Toronto Star-- With tempers rising, Bruins fans escape Canuck country
Toronto Star-- Game 1 of Stanley Cup final most-watched for NBC since '99
Toronto Sun-- Defence helps make Luongo's job easier
Toronto Sun-- Stanley Cup trumps Olympic gold, say players
Toronto Sun-- Same old for bounce-back Bruins
Toronto Sun-- Numbers don't add up for Bruins
Toronto Sun-- Canucks not happy with Thomas's wandering ways
Toronto Sun-- Ballard could get nod if Hamhuis can't go
Toronto Sun-- Defence helps make Luongo's job easier
Toronto Sun-- NHL has history of nasty nibblers
Toronto Sun-- Canucks' third line makes impact
Toronto Sun-- Canucks prove to be frontrunners
Toronto Sun-- As usual, Kesler finds a way to win
Toronto Sun-- No penalty for Burrows after Bite-Gate
Toronto Sun-- Burrows shows Bergeron he's got bite
Toronto Sun-- Bruins still a bust on power play
Toronto Sun-- Cup goalies put on a show
Toronto Sun-- Torres goes from unwanted to Game 1 hero
Toronto Sun-- Whoa! Canucks' Kesler lovin Canada?

Game 1,  June 1

Vancouver Province-- Sore throats, euphoria common symptoms for Canucks ...
Vancouver Province-- Bruins fans gather quietly on the outskirts of Vancouver
Vancouver Province-- Canucks muzzle Bruins 1-0 to take Game 1
Vancouver Province-- Luongo shutout shows no margin for error
Vancouver Province-- Doubting Thomas he is not
Vancouver Province-- Burrows Bruins overbite "classless"
Vancouver Province-- Canucks beat Bruins, Three Wins from Cup
Vancouver Province-- Canucks stay with it against Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Bruins throttle back Sedin twins
Vancouver Province-- Torres is late-game hero as Canucks top Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Hot market for "brokered" Stanley Cup tickets
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks propelled to Game 1 win by late Torres goal, Luongo shutout
Vancouver Sun-- Burrows 'bite' on Bergeron a suspendable offence? Oh, please!
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Jannik Hansen a Dane aflame
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Hamhuis hurts 'middle-body', but coach Vigneault claims...
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Sedins like their scoring chances against towering Chara
Vancouver Sun--  Bruins 'neck and neck' with Canucks, then a mistake costs them Game 1
Vancouver Sun-- Bruins fans get an earful as puck drops in Vancouver
Boston Globe-- Unbearable
Boston Globe-- Torres goal is good fortune
Boston Globe-- For Thomas, last shot was indescribably painful
Boston Globe-- Burrows could be facing suspension
Boston Globe-- Dupont breaks down Bruins Game 1 loss
Boston Globe-- NBC thinks the Lightning are in the finals
Boston Globe-- A rough start for Bruins
Boston Globe-- Penalty killing unit able to stop at nothing
Boston Globe-- Claude Julien on Burrows bite: 'It's a classless move'
Boston Globe-- EX-BU professor has them psyched up
Boston Globe-- Opponents were quite happy with this ending
Boston Globe-- The Green Men and ... Ben Affleck
Boston Globe-- Higgins found himself
Boston Globe-- The pieces are in place here
Boston Globe-- Chippiness no surprise
Boston Globe-- Roberto Luongo one-ups Tim Thomas
Boston Globe-- An entertaining tooth-and-nail battle
Boston Herald-- Canucks better than Bruins in 3rd period
Boston Herald-- Bruins not beaten by this loss
Boston Herald-- Roberto Luongo upstages Tim Thomas in 1st act of goaltenders' duel
Boston Herald-- Zdeno Chara can't stop Canucks' winner
Boston Herald-- Bruins can't score up win
Boston Herald-- Power play fires all blanks again with 0-for-performance
Boston Herald-- Patrice Bergeron sinks teeth into bit by  Burrows
National Post-- Canucks-Bruins final gets off to nasty start
National Post-- Canucks win in wild finish
Globe and Mail-- One shot separates Luongo, Thomas
Globe and Mail-- Canucks win Gane 1
Globe and Mail-- Burrows facing possible suspension for biting
Globe and Mail-- Random thoughts on the Bruins
Toronto Star-- No suspension for Canucks' Burrows after alleged bite
Toronto Star-- "Bruins are in trouble" players say on Twitter
Toronto Star-- Torres a Canuck hero after scoring Canucks' 1-0 Game 1 victory
Toronto Star-- TV ratings best in the U. S. since 1999
Toronto Sun-- Canucks take game 1
Toronto Sun-- Boston, Vancouver politicians make friendly bet
Toronto Sun-- Stanley Cup coaches are friends and rivals

Pre game information

Vancouver Province-- Bruins goalie Thomas sheds butterfly for unorthodox...
Vancouver Province-- Campbell Family Optics Aren't Good, But...
Vancouver Province-- Canucks media day quotes
Vancouver Province-- KB Does Media Day at Stanley Cup Final
Vancouver Province-- Let's Learn More About the Boston Bruins
Vancouver Province-- And Now, Let's Learn More About the City of Boston
Vancouver Province-- Bittersweet cereal box memory for Canucks fanatic
Vancouver Province-- No finer teaching tool than Canucks this Stanley Cup season
Vancouver Province-- Thief targets McLean jersey in Nanaimo smash and grab
Vancouver Province-- Bending a knee in Lord Stanley's church: hockey as Canada's...
Vancouver Province-- Visiting fans get an earful as puck drops in Vancouver
Vancouver Province-- 2011 Stanley Cup Finals KB Prediction
Vancouver Province-- Place your bets: Canucks and Bruins fans put it all on the line
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks a Manny down after Malhotra 'setback'
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks-Bruins net play: Luongo vs. Thomas, or Butterfly vs. Battlefly
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks recall their favourite Stanley Cup moments
Vancouver Sun-- Everyone wants a piece of the Stanley Cup action
Vancouver Sun-- Stanley Cup predictions: Vancouver Sun staffers lean towards Vancouver ...
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver backup goaltender Cory Schneider says Bruins' fans lack...
Vancouver Sun-- Stanley Cup Final stage "biggest game you can play" ...
Vancouver Sun-- Boston's Mayor balks at Spandex bet on Stanley Cup final
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver sun columnist explains hockey to "American rubes"
Vancouver Sun-- SFU drops gloves with university in Boston over Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- Sales of big-screen TVs soar with Canucks' playoff run
Vancouver Sun-- Place your bets: Nanaimo bars vs. clam chowder
Boston Globe-- Since the Bruins last won the Stanley Cup
Boston Globe-- Ready for their shot
Boston Globe-- Deep roots have kept us rooting
Boston Globe-- A haunting reminder
Boston Globe-- Peverly fitted for bigger role
Boston Globe-- Old reliable
Boston Globe-- Uncommon sense
Boston Globe-- Players discuss Cup matchups
Boston Globe-- Sedin twins' path to Stanley Cup blocked by Bruins
Boston Globe-- Raising the Cup
Boston Herald-- Stop doubting Tim Thomas
Boston Herald-- Can the B's capture the Cup?
Boston Herald-- Bruins take best shot
Boston Herald-- Nathan Horton's heroics catch ex-teammates' eyes
Boston Herald-- Old-timer gets breather
Boston Herald-- Zdeno Chara has an answer
Boston Herald-- 5 keys to the Cup finals
Boston Herald-- Cam would be OK with 'next best thing'
Boston Herald-- Can-do Canuck
Boston Herald-- Bruins-Canucks Stanley Cup Matchups
Boston Herald-- Patience urged with Manny Malhotra
Boston Herald-- Despite Stanley Cup drought, Canada isn't fully embracing the Canucks
Boston Herald-- Long time waiting, Bruins chase the Cup
Boston Herald-- Buzz Bruin over Stanley Cup run
Boston Herald-- Bruins fans should 'B' prepared
Boston Herald-- Businesses look to net 'pot of gold'
Globe and Mail-- Tom Scallen: The American who delivered the Canucks to Canadians
Globe and Mail-- 'The biggest game you can play'
Globe and Mail-- Official Canucks banner turns up for sale in park
National Post-- The battles to be won in Canucks-Bruins
National Post-- A tale of two (very different) goaltenders
National Post-- Bruins' Recchi, Lucic shared B. C. bond
Toronto Sun-- Canucks eager to play Game 1

Lead up to the series

May 31

Vancouver Province-- Neely defined Bruins on and off the ice
Vancouver Province-- Babych recalls shutting up the Ranger crowd in '94
Vancouver Province-- Aw-shucks Sedins had one another through it all
Vancouver Province-- Significance of 'Do it For Luc' sign not lost in Canucks quest
Vancouver Province-- Cheeky Bruins fans liken Sedin twins to garden gnomes
Vancouver Province-- Bruins Lucic up for Neely comparisons
Vancouver Province-- Salo salutes his fallen father for perseverance to earn shot at Cup
Vancouver Province-- Jumping the gun on Malhotra
Vancouver Province-- Vancouver man launches challenge for NHL champs to drink...
Vancouver Province-- Four Canucks final tickets a wish come true for leukaemia patient
Vancouver Province-- Retired Canuck Ronning turns to grass roots hockey with ...
Vancouver Province-- Canucks fans empty-handed as Stanley Cup tickets sell out in minutes
Vancouver Province-- Ehrhoff and Rome look good to go in Game 1
Vancouver Province-- Canucks hope Olympic omen will strike again
Vancouver Province-- Ten things to know about the Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Guess what? We want the Cup even more than those 2010 Games
Vancouver Province-- Pride of East Van in black, gold
Vancouver Province-- Burrows believes ball hockey background may help solve Thomas
Vancouver Province-- Truck-mounted TV screens to show Cup games downtown
Vancouver Province-- This is a Cool Canucks Lawn
Vancouver Province-- Legendary ticket broker makes his biggest Canucks score ever!
Vancouver Province-- Malhotra not at final pre-Cup skate
Vancouver Province-- Canucks have options for AHL affiliate with Moose on move
Vancouver Sun-- A made-in-B. C. Stanley Cup - minus Canucks - could be in ...
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks' Oreskovich not flush when it comes to playoff tickets
Vancouver Sun-- 2011 Canucks vs. 1994 Canucks: How they stack up
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks call: Hughson pays tribute to broadcast icon Robson; Shorthouse ...
Vancouver Sun-- Canuck road games show at Rogers Arena to cost $10 a ticket, with revenue...
Vancouver Sun-- Long-distance loyalty for Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- UBC engineering grad spreads Canucks fever to Nigerian orphanage
Vancouver Sun-- Richard Loney savours thought of singing during Canucks Cup final
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks GM Mike Gillis confident he'll find new home for team's farmhands...
Vancouver Sun-- British Columbians more excited about Vancouver Canucks than Olympics
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks-Bruins matchup too rare to call
Vancouver Sun-- Canuck fans get second outdoor viewing area in Vancouver
Vancouver Sun-- Manny Malhotra missing at Canucks practice
Boston Globe-- Bruins have Boston buzzing
Boston Globe-- Brilliance in Game 7 bodes well for Bruins
Boston Globe-- Bruins' Lucic set to face Canucks for Stanley Cup
Boston Globe-- No Malhotra, Canucks look to youth on 4th line
Boston Globe-- Boston's Milan Lucic comes home to Vancouver 
Boston Globe-- Bruins facing balanced skaters
Boston Globe-- Kesler's been putting a hurting on his foes
Boston Globe-- Giving numbers once-over
Boston Globe-- Glad Seidenberg is on their side
Boston Herald-- Bruins find a legend growing
Boston Herald-- Mark Recchi's great escape
Boston Herald-- Bruins find a legend growing
Boston Herald-- Vets share Cup of tea
Boston Herald-- Claude Julien's way puts hit on critics
Boston Herald-- Won and done is veteran's exit plan
Boston Herald-- Johnny Boychuk: Transition game key
Boston Herald-- The last time they met
Boston Herald-- Winning by a whisker
Boston Herald-- Department of defines
Globe and Mail-- A Canucks sixth sense?
Globe and Mail-- Chara looms large for Vancouver
Globe and Mail-- Bruins' Tomas Kaberle follows in brother's footsteps
Globe and Mail-- Stanley Cup variables titled in Cancuks' favour
Globe and Mail-- Police warn of Stanley Cup ticket fraud
Globe and Mail-- Hockey mad city to become a ghost city
Globe and Mail-- Special teams could decide Stanley Cup champion
Globe and Mail-- The art of playing against the Cup
Globe and Mail-- Sweden's hockey hotbed
Globe and Mail-- Bruins adapt accordingly
National Post-- Down Goes Brown's Cup final breakdown
National Post-- Malhotra's return far from certain for final
National Post-- Bruins' Lucic set to face Canucks for Stanley Cup
National Post-- Sedin twins' path to Stanley Cup blocked by Bruins
National Post-- No Malhotra, Canucks look to youth on 4th line
USA Today-- Potent Canucks should lift Stanley Cup

May 30

Vancouver Province-- Bruins in Vancouver: Strange homecoming for three B. C. born ...
Vancouver Province-- Revving up some Cup nostalgia
Vancouver Province-- Kesler raring to go, despite groin issue
Vancouver Province-- Unotrhodox Thomas tough to topple in net
Vancouver Province-- No divided loyalties in Lucic family
Vancouver Province-- Germany has Stanley Cup visit all sewn up
Vancouver Province-- Five things the Vancouver Canucks can do to beat the Boston Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Vigneault, Julien are cut from the same cloth
Vancouver Province-- Canucks Cup run fans Flames memories
Vancouver Province-- Canuck Stanley Cup Final tickets on sale 10 a. m. Tuesday
Vancouver Province-- Canuck game times a traffic jam
Vancouver Province-- Here's the greatest Stanley Cup Ticket Pitch in Craigslist History
Vancouver Province-- Notable Vancouver-Boston predictions
Vancouver Province-- Know Your Enemy: The Boston Bruins
Vancouver Province-- Here come the Bruins: A Stanley Cup Final Preview
Vancouver Province-- Julien would rather see another pair than Green Men show up by sin bin...
Vancouver Province-- Canucks listed at 15:2 to sweep, Kesler favoured to win Conn Smythe...
Vancouver Province-- A round up of Bruins stories - how they see the Canuck series...
Vancouver Province-- Neely set to go right back to the beginning
Vancouver Province-- Prepare to shell out for tickets
Vancouver Province-- Recchi chases third Stanley Cup
Vancouver Province-- Don't you go messing with that cosmic hockey voodoo energy
Vancouver Province-- City getting caught up in Stanley Cup fever
Vancouver Province-- Family friendly playoff rally gets underway Saturday in Stanley Park...
Vancouver Sun-- Across Enemy Lines: Canucks versus Bruins
Vancouver Sun-- Rested and ready, Bruins leave Boston for Vancouver
Vancouver Sun-- Malhotra happy 'to be part of the buzz' again
Vancouver Sun-- Stanley Cup champ will have a German flavour
Vancouver Sun-- Hamhuis can't disguise the fun he's having
Vancouver Sun-- Lorne Henning, of course, likes the Canucks
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks-Bruins matchup too rare to call
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver Canuck fans get inked to prove their fans -- for life
Vancouver Sun-- Canuck jerseys, tickets tough to buy
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks believe in hard work, really good decisions - not luck
Boston Globe-- Express route
Boston Globe-- Boston fans send B's off
Boston Globe-- Canada pizza chain showing Boston no love
Boston Globe-- Bruins head for Vancouver 
Boston Globe-- Thornton practices with gold line 
Boston Globe-- Jacobs also enjoying ride
Boston Globe-- Burrows focused player
Boston Herald-- Shawn Thornton held up best trophy in major sports
Boston Herald-- Bruins' boss no longer undercover
Boston Herald-- Beating Canucks on draw not easy
Boston Herald-- Stanley Cup quest leads Milan Lucic back home
Boston Herald-- Rested and Ready, Bruins leave Boston
Boston Herald-- B's get ahead when even
Boston Herald-- Tyler Seguin's rookie plan realized
Boston Herald-- Canucks' Roberto Luongo, Bruins' Tim Thomas play pivotal roles
Boston Herald-- Eastern Conference finals Game 7 gets big audience
Globe and Mail-- Stanley Cup preview
Globe and Mail-- Bionic Sami Salo
Globe and Mail-- Bruins adapt accordingly
Globe and Mail--  Milan Lucic: hero and villain
Globe and Mail-- Manny Malhotra has his best day
Globe and Mail-- Will the real Roberto Luongo and Tim Thomas please stand up
Globe and Mail-- Canucks are already the champs - in marketing
ESPN-- Vancouver Canucks turn to scrimmages
USA Today-- Bruins' make up makes it hard for Canucks' coaches to plan
USA Today-- Rested and Ready, Bruins leave Boston for Game 1 in Vancouver
USA Today-- Canucks single out Chara, Thomas as Bruins to watch

May 29

Vancouver Province-- Conflict of interest too big to ignore

Vancouver Province-- Bruins have been the enemy all of Lapierre's life
Vancouver Province-- Canucks' former coach Crawford picks them to win Cup
Vancouver Province-- Recchi will go out on top if Bruins win Cup
Vancouver Sun-- Malhotra's potential return a wild card for Canucks in Stanley Cup poker game
Boston Globe-- Few meetings, but Canucks know what they're facing
Boston Globe-- For Chiarelli, a night of pride and joy
Boston Globe-- In '72, they lifted Cup and region
Boston Globe-- Black and Gold rush
Boston Herald-- Peter Chiarelli thrilled for shot at Stanley Cup
Boston Herald-- It's called blue-collar hockey for Hub fans
Boston Herald-- Zdeno Chara rests his case for defense
Boston Herald-- Bruins must stick to script
Boston Herald-- Milan Lucic going back to his roots
Boston Herald-- Andrew Ferrence, team execute formula to perfection
Boston Herald-- Ante upped on Bruins Stanley Cup tickets
Boston Herald-- Wicked matchups, eh?
USA Today-- Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs basks in glow of conference crown
USA Today-- Alex Burrows readies for Final with plenty on mind

May 28 

Vancouver Province-- Bruins' Chara tasked with stopping Sedins
Vancouver Province-- Malhotra a fast fit for Canucks squad
Vancouver Province-- Manny a medical miracle
Vancouver Province-- Sizing up the Bruins at a glance
Vancouver Sun-- Bring on the Bruins
24 Hours Vancouver-- Canucks doling out freebies
24 Hours Vancouver-- Cup coaches will make history
Boston Globe-- Finalized
Boston Globe-- Horton a hero again
Boston Globe-- Next up: The Cup
Boston Globe-- Roloson nearly perfect
Boston Herald-- Bruins go one and won
Boston Herald-- Neely tense as any fan
Boston Herald-- Embrace the moment
Globe and Mail-- Canucks clear Malhotra to play in Cup final

May 25-27

Waiting for the B squads ( while the Bruins and Bolts battled it out, the Canucks were patiently waiting on the west coast to see who their rivals for the Cup would be, some of the items of note during that wait can be found here.)