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2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs Day by Day Register

Our archive of each day of playoff action in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Stanley Cup Final

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Round Three (Conference Finals)

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April 30

Stanley Cup Playoffs April 30 2013

Opening night of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, games for Tuesday, April 30 2013

Minnesota  at Chicago

Chicago 2 - Minnesota 1 (21,428)
Chicago leads series 1 game to 0
8 PM ET/7 CT/5 PT

Los Angeles Kings at St. Louis Blues

St. Louis 2 - Los Angeles 1 (17,612)
St. Louis leads series 1 game to 0
8PM ET/7 CT/5 PT

Detroit Red Wings at Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim 3 - Detroit 1 (17,200)
Anaheim leads series 1 game to 0
7:30 PT/9:30 CT/10:30 ET

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One: San Jose and Vancouver

Two teams that truly confound not only their fans, but hockey observers in general will square off in the West this week.

Both the San Jose Sharks and the Vancouver Canucks have been under performers over the last few years. The Canucks who not too long ago challenged for the Stanley Cup have never quite managed to recapture that magic that led them to the Bruins a few years back.

The Sharks year after year leave their fans wondering just when the breakthrough will come, early exits have been the nature of San Jose for a while now, a promise never quite fulfilled, despite at times a line up that by all accounts had all the answers.

It hasn't been so for San Jose this season, nor has Vancouver particularly impressed with their play, so this series will provide for a positive result for one of the two, what they do with that bump is truly anyone's guess.

San Jose Wins the Series 4 games to 0

Wednesday, May 1-- San Jose 3 at Vancouver 1  (18,910)
Friday May 3-- San Jose 3 at Vancouver 2 (OT) (18,910)
Sunday, May 5-- Vancouver 2 at San Jose 5 (17,562)
Tuesday, May 7-- Vancouver 3 at San Jose 4 (OT(17,562)

All Games on TSN,  and CNBC/NBCSN

Media sources for the series
(some may feature a pay wall)

San Jose Mercury News
San Francisco Chronicle
Globe and Mail
National Post
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Province

TSN Series Preview
HNIC Preview
ESPN Preview

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One: Toronto and Boston

It's probably not the Original Six first round match up that the CBC might have been wishing upon a star for, but the Boston Bruin / Toronto Maple Leaf series won't lack for drama.

First off there is the rare appearance of the Maple Leafs in post season play, for most Leaf fans April usually meant it was time to check in on the Blue Jays, dust off the BBQ and hope like hell that the Canadiens didn't have much success.

This year however, for at least the first two weeks of May, Leafs fans have a rooting interest in what's on TV.

The Bruins have not reassured their own fan base that this will be a year to reclaim the Stanley Cup, but
there surely must be some hope that the B's can dispatch Toronto in short fashion.

Still, for a team that hasn't been to the dance for a while, one imagines that the Leafs will want to try and stay out as late as possible.

Boston WINS the series 4 games to 3

Wednesday, May 1-- Toronto 1 at Boston 4 (17,565
Saturday, May 4-- Toronto 4 at Boston 2  (17,565)
Monday, May 6-- Boston 5 at Toronto 2 (19,746 )
Wednesday, May 8-- Boston 4 at Toronto 3 (OT) (19,708
Friday, May 10-- Toronto 2 at Boston 1  (17,566)
Sunday, May 12-- Boston 1 at Toronto 2  (19,591 
Monday, May 13-- Toronto 4 at Boston 5 (OT)  (17,565

All Games on CBCRDS and CNBC/NHLUS

Media sources for the series
(some may feature a pay wall)

Toronto Star
Toronto Sun
Globe and Mail
National Post
Boston Globe
Boston Herald

TSN Series Preview
HNIC Preview
ESPN Preview

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One: Ottawa and Montreal

For hockey fans on either side of the Ottawa River, round one offers up a dandy little rivalry, not quite as anticipated by the CBC as that ever elusive Montreal/Toronto match up, but a nice consolation prize for the public broadcaster, as the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens face off to begin the quest for Stanley.

The Senators who hung on through a bit of a tail spin in April are starting to get a second wind, spurred on by the return of some key components to their line up in the last few weeks.

Montreal on the other hand has raised a few eyes with some scattered play of their own down the stretch, though they couldn't point towards patched together line up for their play as the Sens could have, but didn't.

The Sens despite the lower seed may have the better weapons to put into play in this opening round, providing for perhaps an unwelcome result for fans of the rouge, blanc et bleu.

Ottawa Wins the series 4 games to 1

Thursday May 2-- Ottawa 4 at Montreal 2  (21,273)
Friday, May 3-- Ottawa 1 at Montreal 3  (21,273)
Sunday, May 5-- Montreal 1 at Ottawa 6 (20, 249)
Tuesday, May 7-- Montreal 2  at Ottawa 3 (OT) (20,500
Thursday, May 9-- Ottawa 6 at Montreal 1  ( 21,273)  

All Games on CBC, RDS and NBCSN/CNBC

Media sources for the series
(some may feature a pay wall)

Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa Sun
Montreal Gazette
Le Journal de MontrealLa PresseTSN Series Preview
HNIC Preview
ESPN Preview

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One: Washington and New York Rangers

It may be the most entertaining of all the series options and most of it from what may happen off the ice as opposed to on it.

Any time that the NHL can provide for a John Tortorella press conference at playoff time is surely to be a quote worthy event (if quotes can come from short, snarky commentary) add into the mix the ever mysterious Alex Ovechkin and the league's biggest stage of Madison Square Garden and well, good times are sure to follow.

Beyond that, there's the hockey, which should of high energy and great entertainment.

Of the eight first round options, this one may be the most competitive and one steeped with any number of side stories to follow along with.

New York WINS the series 4 games to 3

Thursday May 2-- New York Rangers 1 at Washington 3 (18,506
Saturday, May 4-- New York Rangers 0 at Washington 1 (OT (18,506)
Monday, May 6-- Washington 3 at New York Rangers 4 (17,200)
Wednesday, May 8-- Washington 3 at New York Rangers 4 (17,200)  
Friday, May 10-- New York Rangers  1 at Washington 2 (OT)  (18,506)
Sunday, May 12-- Washington 0 at New York Rangers 1  (17,200
Monday, May 13-- New York Rangers 5 at Washington  0 (18,506  )

** If required

All Games on TSN and NBCSN

Media sources for the series
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Washington Post
Washington Times
New York Post
New York Daily News
New York Times

TSN Series Preview
HNIC Preview
ESPN Preview

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013

Our host page for round by round coverage of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Click on the links below to follow the road to Stanley

The Stanley Cup Final

Round Three (Conference Finals)
Round Two
Round One

Stanley Cup Register (Day by Day results from the Stanley Cup Playoffs for 2013

Links below take you to some of the main hockey coverage of these playoffs for 2013

NBC Sportsnet
The Hockey News
National Post
Globe and Mail
USA Today

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One: New York Islanders and Pittsburgh

The Islanders have been away from the post season dances for a few years now, so when they decide to make their return, they show up at the same soiree as the top team in the East.

The Islanders who had one of the lowest of home attendances this year will hope that Nassau county residents are a sentimental lot and will head on down to the rink to see if their plucky, if soon to be departing for Brooklyn Islanders can knock off the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Tall order that no doubt.

And to perhaps make the job just a little bit harder, there are rumblings that Sidney Crosby may return to play, though medical clearance is still an issue after that horrendous puck to the face injury of just a few weeks ago.

The Pens may wish to keep Crosby on the shelf for a few games, let the rest of the line up carry them through the first round, but the competitive Crosby seems anxious to get back on the ice, so we'll see if the Captain is back on the ice when they drop that first puck.

Pittsburgh WINS the series 4 games to 2

Wednesday May 1-- New York Islanders 0 at Pittsburgh  5  (18,612)
Friday, May 3-- New York Islanders 4 at Pittsburgh 3   (18,624) 
Sunday, May 5-- Pittsburgh 5 at New York Islanders 4 (OT) (16,170  
Tuesday, May 7-- Pittsburgh 4 at New York Islanders 6 (16,170)  
Thursday May 9-- New York Islanders 0 at Pittsburgh 4 (18,636
Saturday, May 11-- Pittsburgh 4 at New York Islanders 3 (OT) (16,170

All Games on TSN and NBCSN

Media sources for the series
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Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
New York Post
New York Daily News
New York Times

TSN Series Preview
HNIC Preview
ESPN Preview

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One : St. Louis and Los Angeles

Last year they took an eighth place finish all the way to a Stanley Cup victory and for the Los Angeles Kings, the path to Stanley starts from the lower regions of the playoff starting line.

The Kings work towards a repeat will require a strong effort against a St. Louis Blues team that has been a pleasant surprise to the home fans this year, competitive for much of the season, the Blues are looking to provide the surprise of the Spring for the NHL with a run towards a Stanley Cup final berth.

Los Angeles WINS the Series 4 games to 2

Tuesday, April 30-- Los Angeles 1 at St. Louis 2 (OT) (17,612
Thursday, May 2-- Los Angeles 1 at St. Louis 2 (18,681  
Saturday, May 4-- St. Louis 0 at Los Angeles 1  (18,118)
Monday, May 6-- St. Louis 3 at Los Angeles 4  (18,334)
Wednesday, May 8-- Los Angeles 3 at St. Louis 2  (OT)  (18,269)
Friday, May 10-- St. Louis 1 at Los Angeles  2 (18,346) 

All games on CBC and CNBC/NBCSN

Media sources for the series
(some may feature a pay wall)

St. Louis Post Dispatch 
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Daily News

TSN Series Preview
HNIC Preview
ESPN Preview

Stanley Cup Round One: Detroit and Anaheim

At one time they were one of those teams that you just didn't want to
match up against, but in the last few years the fear of the Red Wings has ebbed a bit and this playoff year, the Winged Wheel is definitely the underdog as they prepare to take on the Anaheim Ducks.

Anaheim kept close to the Division Leading Hawks for most of the season, a return to form that has Southern California thinking of another Stanley Cup parade, this one perhaps wandering through the streets of Anaheim.

Below we have the schedule and as the games go on the results of this first round match up, as well links to both Chicago and Minnesota media sites to get the playoff story from both cities.

Detroit WINS the series 4 games to 3

Tuesday, April 30-- Detroit 1 at Anaheim 3  (17,200)
Thursday, May 2-- Detroit 5 at Anaheim 4 (OT) (17,182)
Saturday, May 4-- Anaheim 4 at Detroit 0 (20,066)
Monday, May 6-- Anaheim 2 at Detroit 3 (OT) (20,066
Wednesday, May 8-- Detroit 2 at Anaheim 3 (OT) (17,395
Friday, May 10-- Anaheim 3 at Detroit 4 (OT)  (20,066)
Sunday, May 12-- Detroit 3 At Anaheim 2 (17,412)

All Games on TSN or NBCSN/CNBC

Media sources for the series
(some may feature a pay wall)

Detroit News
Detroit Free Press
Windsor Star
Orange County Register
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Daily News

TSN Series Preview
HNIC Preview
ESPN Preview

Stanley Cup Round One: Minnesota and Chicago

The Minnesota Wild barely squeaked into the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and their reward for that is a match up with the Chicago Blackhawks, perhaps the most formidable of teams in this shortened NHL season.

Below we have the schedule and as the games go on the results of this first round match up, as well links to both Chicago and Minnesota media sites to get the playoff story from both cities.

Chicago Leads Series 3 games to 1

Tuesday, April 30-- Minnesota 1 at Chicago 2 (OT) (21,428
Friday, May 3-- Minnesota 2 at Chicago 5  (22,012) 
Sunday, May 5-- Chicago 2 at Minnesota 3 (OT (19,238)
Tuesday, May 7-- Chicago 3 at Minnesota 0  (19,378)
Thursday, May 9-- Minnesota 1 at Chicago 5 (21,597)

All Games on CBC or NBCSN

Media sources for the series
(some may feature a pay wall)

Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Daily Herald
Minneapolis Star Tribune
St. Paul Pioneer Press

TSN Series Preview
HNIC Preview
ESPN Preview

And now, the real season begins

For many (your genial host included) the January to April stretch of this shortened NHL season was rather hard to get into, we would peek at the standings from time to time, pick up on a story or two as things moved along, but for the most part the distraction of the NHL"s shut down of October to mid January left us feeling a little less involved in the whole thing.

While the regular season in a normal year has always seemed far too long, this truncated effort seemed way to short, somewhere we imagine is a happy median, but that's for the NHL Board of Governors to figure out.

Today however, the real hockey season starts, the mad dash for Lord Stanley's Cup. Where each and every game is of key importance, a loss putting a team perilously close to joining the likes of Florida, Colorado, Calgary and Phoenix though without the high end draft picks.

For those teams that just sneaked into the playoffs with a seventh or eight place spot, the first round offers instant reward for their efforts, a chance to play giant slayer and extend their season.

For the front runners, the first round is always steeped in possible disaster, a couple of bad games at the wrong time and the whole season could be lost, such is the drama of the NHL playoffs.

Double headers almost nightly for the first few rounds, overtime sessions, elimination games all of it part of the drama of the second season, the real season.

Time to drop the puck for some real hockey.

Below the eight opening round match ups for this years Stanley Cup chase. Click on each series to find out more about the teams looking to advance out of round one.

Minnesota and Chicago
Chicago WINS the series 4 games to 1

Los Angeles and St. Louis
Los Angeles WINS the series 4 games to 2

Detroit and Anaheim
Detroit WINS the series 4 games to 3

New York Islanders and Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh WINS the series 4 games to 2

Ottawa and Montreal
Ottawa WINS the Series 4 games to 1

New York Rangers and Washington
New York WINS the Series 4 games to 3

Toronto and Boston
Boston WINS the Series 4 games to 3

San Jose and Vancouver
San Jose WINS the series 4 games to 0

Friday, April 05, 2013

NHL Rookie of the Month -- March

The latest of the first year players to catch the attention of the NHL is Jake Muzzin of the Los Angeles Kings.

The Kings Defenceman a 24 year old from Woodstock, Ontario had an impressive March, his work in one game against the Blues on March 5 providing a significant bump to his opportunity to make the Rookie list. Muzzin had a career high of two goals and three points in the March 5th contest.

Making the best of his rise to the Kings lineup after a couple of years with the AHL Manchester Monarchs, will give other rookies in their "advanced" years hope for similar notice.

 You can review the month that was for Muzzin from the NHL.com archive.

 The full list of rookies of the Month for 2012 can be found here.

NHL's Stars of the Month for March

The third edition of the NHL's three stars selections for the 2013 season have been announced as Sidney Crosby, P. K. Subban and Segei Bobrovsky collect the accolades for March,  the second month of the regular season.

It marks Sidney Crosby's second appearance in the monthly honours for 2013.

Sidney Crosby -- Center-- Pittsburgh Penguins

P. K. Subban -- Defence -- Montreal Canadiens

Sergei Bobrovsky  -- Goaltender-- Columbus Blue Jackets

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Deadline Day success for some, for others deals not for the making

By the time the final trade had filtered into the NHL offices on Wednesday, there was a clear indication as to which teams navigated the day's dealings well and which ones are perhaps in more trouble today than yesterday.

While the standings and potential playoff positioning may yet prove them wrong, the Columbus Blue Jackets proved to be ambitious in the this years version of the Trading Day experience, a couple of trades that suggest that the Blue Jackets may yet give their fans some hope for a playoff experience in 2013.

The highlight of the day for the Blue Jackets, was the acquisition of Marion Gaborik from the Rangers, a move that should instantly give Columbus hopes for a run at playoff positioning. Two other more minor deals will help shore up the Blue Jackets line up, but it's the Gaborik move that made one of the biggest splashes on Deadline Day.

They moved Steve Mason on to Philadelphia, where he will quickly learn that goaltenders have seven circles of hell, all of them it seems circle the space between the bench and the crease, in  exchange for Mason the Blue Jackets pick up some insurance for the nets  with Michael Leighton

The Rangers may also have been one of the more successful of traders over the last few days, picking up Ryan Clowe yesterday added some more grit to the team and while not particularly household names, the players the Rangers picked up from the Blue Jackets on Wednesday seemed to fit in fine with the Ranger line up, making a fine impression in the Broadway Blue debut.

Minnesota gained some more experience on deadline day, picking up Jason Pominville from the Sabres in a late deadline day transaction. They also added to their goaltending roster with Jeff Deslauriers obtained from the Ducks.

The Senators proved to be pretty smooth operators, parlaying the success of Ben Bishop this year into a solid acquisition in Cory Conacher, Bishop may soon get that starting role he seems destined for with Tampa Bay, while Conacher upon arrival in Ottawa will jump to the top of the team scoring list. A welcome bit of offence for the Sens while they await for all their injured players to begin to return.

While not particularly active on Deadline Day, the Pittsburgh Penguins overall have made the boldest moves of the run up to  Deadline day, their transactions of the last week had vaulted them into the status of Stanley Cup favourite, up until Saturday and Sidney Crosby's injury.  The moves may yet tide them over til his return, but the juggernaut that they had assembled lost a bit of its power over the weekend.

On the other side of the Deadline Day ledger, it was not a great day to be a Coyote fan, Phoenix was moving players to and fro accumulating for the most part draft picks and such, the usual path of a financially troubled team and one that more than likely is destined for a move by the end of the year.

The Jets proved to be a puzzling group, while Washington and to a fashion Carolina were looking for ways to improve, Winnipeg stayed more or less content with their current lineup, not adding a missing piece or shoring up a worrisome deficiency. A strategy which in the case of a very tight division and conference race, may provide for disappointment when the playoff rounds are set.

Likewise Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto for the most were quiet before and on the trading day.

Clearly Vancouver had a bad day, while picking up Derek Roy yesterday was a good story, the inability to strike a deal for Roberto Luongo once again brings the focus of the Canuck inconsistencies of late back into the spotlight. While Luongo has been pretty classy about the whole mess, the never ending focus of the story surely is taking its toll on the team, Mike Gillis has had more than enough time to sort out the burden of Luongo's contract with the need to move his team forward.  He did neither by the trade deadline.

And then there's Calgary and GM Jay Feaster, the consensus over the state of the Flames is that Calgary waited far too long to make the necessary changes to an aging line up. The returns from this years trading period were not particularly as strong as they could have been even a few years back. Mikka Kiprusoff for the most part will finish off the year and seemingly retire from the NHL, there's not much Feaster could do about that and Kiprusoff has earned the right to exit whatever way he wishes.

However, if as Feaster says that the mission statement from the upper offices is to win next year, one gets the feeling he may as well start packing up the brown boxes, as the Flames look further away from success today than they have in the last five years or so.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Luongo's Limbo

The Trade Deadline came and went and when all the trade calls had been verified by the NHL's Central Command, one Roberto Luongo was not packing up and shipping out from the West Coast.

The long running soap opera of Vancouver's own making, will now take an extended run into the spring, the length of which will be dependent on how long Vancouver can make a run in the Stanley Cup playoffs, providing they make it there.

That however is a story for another day, today, it's all about Roberto Luongo, hostage to a contract that pays him quite handsomely, but one which seemingly will have him stuck in his own personal Groundhog Day.

While goaltenders went to and fro, a Mason here, a Bishop there, a Kirpusoff, oh wait, never mind...

Roberto, the star of TSN sketch comedy (a pretty good routine by the way), twitter aficionado and pretty good goaltender to boot, remains with the Blue and Green, set to split the duties through the final month of the regular season and into the playoffs (wishful Canuck fans hope) with his sidekick in improv Corey Schneider.

It's not a horrid fate, the workload will be lighter than a starter might like, yet each win he may secure will be vital and if you're going to put in some time, working towards a Stanley Cup isn't a bad way to do it. Though, the Canucks did themselves no particular favour on that pursuit today.

The testimony to the nature of Luongo though came through pretty clear in his post trade deadline press conference, a most amazing event. A range of emotions from the goaltender, a glimpse into the humour we've come to discover through his twitter feed and the focus of pride that a player needs to have to succeed in the NHL.

He touched on many themes of the day and the lead up to the trade deadline, disappointment at the status quo, the reality of the fiscal anchor that his contract perhaps provides and a suggestion that he clearly wants to play and take on a leadership role, one that once was his in Vancouver but has ebbed over the years.

In what had been for the most part a rather tedious deadline day up until the frenzy of activity in the final hour, the Luongo bookend to the deadline day made for some fine theatre...

. .

Upon its completion, the reviews were quick to the twitter world, the universal theme being that Luongo was a pretty classy guy, one who perhaps deserves a better hockey fate than what he's been dealt.

Then again, as more than one observer has noted in the last few days, pay day is clearly a pretty rewarding experience.

Still, hockey players want to play, Luongo has been successful in Vancouver in the past, clearly believes he can still be a starter and would like that chance. His team to a degree has created the mess that the Canucks find themselves in today, they'll have the summer to sort it out.

One hopes they find a path to avoiding the sense of fiasco that has been this most messed up season.

Some of the recaps of Luongo's day on the deadline watch can be found below.

Vancouver Sun-- Luongo, Canucks mired in lose-lose situation
Vancouver Sun-- 'My contract sucks', says Roberto Luongo after remaining a Canuck at the deadline
Vancouver Province-- Gillis' price too high; will the Canucks end up paying for it?
Vancouver Province-- Money can't buy Luongo's happiness
Vancouver Province-- Scrap that sucky contract? No likely for Luongo
Vancouver Province-- Roberto Luongo remains a Vancouver Canuck at trade deadline
CBC British Columbia-- Canucks' Roberto Luongo not traded, says his contract 'sucks'
CBC British Columbia-- Luongo's appeal may bounce back with no-trade news
24 Hours Vancouver-- Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo: 'My contract sucks'
National Post-- Roberto Luongo's contract hurts both him and Canucks
National Post-- Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo blames contract for slow trade talks
Globe and Mail-- Candid Luongo says he's still a Canuck because contract 'sucks'
Globe and Mail-- Luongo's reaction to staying put highlights slow deadline day
Toronto Star-- Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo admits huge contract prevented him being traded
Toronto Star-- NHL Trade Deadline leaves Minnesota Wild stronger, Robert Luongo stranded
Toronto Sun-- Canucks  goalie Roberto Luongo deserved better than this

The final ticks of a slow moving clock. The Final hour to deadline (2 to 3 PM ET, 11 to Noon PT)

Sixty minutes to salvage the show.

Can we get a blockbuster, a multi player deal how about an announcement that Phoenix is moving to Quebec City, really we're looking for something for the final hour.

As we count down the final 60 minutes of deadline day, the results are easy to tabulate.

Four trades on the day, two Dads at the hospital waiting for a special delivery in the maternity ward and so far at least, no laryngitis, despite the non stop talk.

In short, the Trade Deadline show is morphing into a Seinfeld episode, a whole show about nothing...

Bob McKenzie breaks news of a trade between Ottawa and Tampa Bay, which will see Ben Bishop heading to the west coast of Florida Cory Conacher and a 4th round pick are bound for Ottawa...

Clearly the Tampa Bay option for Mike Gillis is no longer something up for consideration, no Florida beach time for strombone for the short term.

TSN scores the coup gaining a conversation with Bishop but three minutes after Bryan Murray tells him he's been traded.

Consensus is that the trade is a good thing for Bishop, allowing him the chance to gain number one status in Tampa as opposed to the depth chart position he played in Ottawa.

Meanwhile in the world of future considerations, a stork watch retraction,  there is some thought that Jussi Jokinen's wife is not at the moment giving birth...

Sportsnet grabs Cory Conacher to gain his take on the move to the Sens. He appears optimistic about the move to the Senators and actually becomes the leading scorer on the team without even putting on his skates, clearly time for a contract re-negotiation.

Another goaltender is on the move, with Steve Mason leaving Columbus, now destined for that goaltenders' graveyard of Philadelphia.

Sportsnet gets the phone call in first with Mason, who tells the panel he hopes to find the way to fit in wherever the Flyers want to place him,

The move however, is apparently not to universal acclaim...

And another team falls off the Mike Gillis contact list...

Meanwhile, we imagine the Philadelphia media will be offering up some fascinating Bryzgalov quotes in the hours to come.

TSN floats the rumour of Gaborik to Columbus, about as off Broadway as one could possibly get...

Gaborik to Columbus gets confirmed with Derick Brossard, John Moore and Derek Dorsett bound for New York.

The Wild and the Sabres make a deal with Jason Pominville off to Minnesota, awaiting word of who is Buffalo bound.

With a flurry of action heading into the final 15 minutes, some significant changes to some of the still in contention teams, Columbus it seems is going with the lets make the playoffs now planning.

Are the Canucks messing with the journalistic pack???

Somehow I picture Luongo, under the stands chuckling to himself, twitter stand by....

Back on the trading floor it seems that Calgary has traded Blake Comeau to Columbus, suddenly the Blue Jackets turn into the trading machine of 2013..

The Bells are ringing, the horns are blaring, the deadline has arrived, all that's left is to push the still in progress offerings through the pipeline to the finish line.

The Raffi Watch is over, Torres goes to San Jose, in exchange for a 2013 3rd round pick.

And as the brush fire of the final half hour of deals clears, it would seem that Roberto Luongo ain't going anywhere, at least until the summer... never to early to spur on the speculation...

As for other teams that made no deals on deadline day,among those who remained rather quiet today,  Montreal, Winnipeg, Detroit, Toronto, Anaheim...

Toronto actually made a deal,  Ryan O'Byrne to the Leafs for a 4th rounder.

Anaheim and Phoenix swing a deal, Matthew Lomardi to the land of the duck, Brandon McMillan to join the wandering den of Coyotes.

New Jersey grabs Steve Sullivan from Phoenix for a seventh round pick.

The cantankerous Bob McCown takes back the set for a bit, (a segment brought to us by Jurassic Park 3), a discussion with Mike Keenan on how to better improve the Deadline process, with the prospect of a trading window to take away from the Deadline process.

In the midst of all the post deadline coverage, a trip to Vancouver for a most fascinating press conference, where Roberto Luongo addressed the voracious Vancouver media, outlining how he handled the drama of the day and where we all go from here.

And it's off to Calgary, where Jay Feaster outlines why Mikka Kiprusoff remains a Flame and other sundry items about the Southern Alberta collective.

Vancouver is next on the post deadline GM's parade.

So, we've had two GM's discussing why their goaltenders did not move. One who didn't want to leave and almost did, the other one who has expressed a wish for some kind of resolution and found none.

The late to the party Washington Capitals apparently on the cusp of announcing their deal with Martin Erat of the Predators apparently Ovietown bound.

Minnesota and Anaheim get the last word, as the Wild added goaltending depth picking up Jeff Deslauriers from Anaheim in exchange for future considerations from the Ducks.

Tick, Tock, Tick Tock, were running out of clock... (1 - 2 PM ET, 10 -11 AM PT)

And as we head into the final two hours of Deadline Day 2013, a special treat for viewers of both TSN and Sportsnet, as the combined hosts, insiders and experts take to the Ed Mirvish Theatre stage for a remarkable remake of Les Miserables...


 And well, Jean, back to the trade desk you go...

TSN opens up the hour with their Reporters panel, over on Sportsnet it's Bob McCown who predicts the end of this Deadline Day madness, with most GM's perhaps making their huge trades prior to the deadline day, making these marathon sessions the thing of a slumber party.

We shift from Bob McCown to the Sportsnet Strategy room, where we retrace the trades of yore, the fact we're talking about the New York Islanders and Kate Smith singing tells you how far back into the history books we've gone..

Don Cherry's ears just perked up, they're talking fighting in the Strategy room... Rock Em, Sock Em, Trade Em...

on Twitter, Raffi Torres to Vancouver is actually a working topic, wonders never cease...

David Shoalts must like the idea of water boarding as well...

Ah from Sportsnet, the much anticipated Puck Daddy Mike Milbury rankings

Hannan trade Two Milbury's

And a new trade arrives for consideration, Carolina moves Jussi Jokinnen to Pittsburgh for a conditional draft pick.

So with Jokinnen at the hospital awaiting the birth of his child, upcoming child care requirements change the nature of the trade to Pittsburgh? Diapers don't come cheap Mario, diapers don't come cheap...

Ah the answer to the question above

Sportsnet takes a break from the non stop trading carnage to bring in Hazel May, who reviews last night's Blue Jays loss. 

And after that brief interlude, we return to the key issue of the day, watching how many NHLers seem to be timing the birth of their children for the trade deadline...  Talk about your labour troubles...

James Duthie takes TSN to commercial with the hope that the final hour will bring momentum, offering up the thought of the day that it's been "an extremely slow trade deadline so far".  As the kids might say.  Word...

Sportsnet dials up the Pacific desk, wondering if Mike Gillis is feeling any pressure, hearing the criticisms. Suggesting he must be anxious to make a trade.  They wish...

Next up they bring in Wayne Gretzky to offer up some review of the atmosphere around deadline day.

TSN brings in Mike Milbury, who offers up the Zinger of the day, 

James Duthie: "Is your phone ringing Mike?"  
Mike Milbury: "It's as dead as your show is today"

Thank you, thank you, they're here all day.

Tick Tock, we're on the sloooooow moving clock. (Noon to 1 PM ET, 9 -10 AM PT)

And for those that slept in, congratulations, a wise decision, you haven't missed much.

To recap, Mikka Kiprusoff won't be leaving Calgary, rumours as to his potential retirement marked the last hour.

And that's about it...

Wait, late breaking news, Roberto Luongo has.... arrived at Rogers Arena.

The Trade Deadline watch is shifting, we're now anxiously awaiting the pick ups off the waiver wire, I sense a new feature for the sports options, Waiver madness...

I sense that the 30 league GM's joined together in secret conclave, this lack of trade action is just their little inside joke...

This just in from Montreal...

It's been a while since we took Grade 10 French, but we believe this means that Carey Price is not on the trading block today... Just a guess..

How is Ryan Miller not listed as trade bait, Buffalo who seem to be waving the white flag these days could gain some great pick ups for him and Miller could use a change of scenery as well...

For those wondering how the morning went, Bruce Arthur has the recap...

Big news out of Switzerland, a changing of the guard... we imagine the Strategy room is working this story as we speak..

Ooooh a Trade

TSN outlines the details

A minor league deal is consummated between the Bruins and Black Hawks, Maxime Sauve is moving to Chitown for Rob Flick, the discussion is short on the merits of that blockbuster.

And Sportsnet goes back to the Strategy Room, where baseball players offer up praise for Iron Mike Keenan and throw a few questions to him...

Sportsnet's Bob McCown turns on his twitter feed

He will no doubt expand on this further when he joins the Sportsnet conclave shortly...

TSN in the meantime wraps up their interview with Ryan Clowe, now appearing on Broadway...

And finally a tangible trade report

Sportsnet offering up that Scott Hannan is off to San Jose, details apparently still to come..

For those following at home, that's Sportsnet 1, TSN 0 on name brand trading.. somehow they haven't confirmed the Hannan move to San Jose...

Though to be fair, Pierre LeBrun did  make mention of the possibilities earlier in the hour.

"Most of the action usually happens in the last couple of hours" James Duthie, explaining or wishing, you decide...

And for your viewing pleasure Mike Milbury is back on TSN, offering up his observations on the state of events in Calgary...

Meanwhile over on the internet, Nick Kypreos advises that we should be watching the Jersey shore very carefully in the next two hours...

Gord Miller interrupts things to advise that Florida has made a trade with the Oilers, with Jerred Smithson leaving the beaches of South Florida destined for Oil Country, Florida gaining a fourth round pick in exchange. 

Oh and by the way, Pierre LeBrun reminds his TSN team mates that the Hannan trade took place...

LOL, ah confusion reigns on Sportsnet as they find that live television and live radio sometimes don't quite work out in sync...

TSN meanwhile makes the year for Rob Flick, part of the minor league trade that registers as the first trade of the day, hopefully someone has made a copy for the Flick's to keep in the family archives.