Monday, May 24, 2004

Stanley Cup Pressroom: May 25 edition

Game one of the Stanley Cup final is a few short hours away and the writers and observers are putting the finishing touches on their opening night correspondences.

Eric Duhatschek of the Globe looks back at the last time that a Flames team challenged for the Stanley Cup and how the pressure on that team, was completely different than that which faces the current line up.

We also learn how Martin St. Louis looks at returning to the team that cast him aside four years ago. Given his break by the Flames, St. Louis has gone on to stardom with the Bolts and finds fond remembrances of his time in Cowtown.

Alan Maki takes us into the mind and heart of the Gelinator, one of the key team leaders on the Flames Martin Gelinas has been the steadying influence in this remarkable run. He’s also been the guy that has put this team into the position of being near to a Stanley Cup victory, something that his team mates have marveled about through this playoff season.

Gelinas finds himself in high demand as Todd Saelhof of the Calgary Sun declares him to be a Canadian hero. Saelhof traces Gelinas' remarkable path through hockey and to the stage he's set for himself this year.

Eric Francis looks at superstition and how the Flames are doing their best to avoid touching, seeing or hearing of the fabled trophy until the time comes to claim it.

The Tampa Tribune explores the transformation of Dave Andreychuk as the 22 year veteran prepares for his first Stanley Cup final. A chance to savor the feeling of accomplishment that just has one more step to go.

The St. Pete Times has a number of items to ponder as game one gets close, how will the team's Canadian players feel about playing in the homeland again and where the hell and what is so special about Calgary anyways?

Al Strachan will find friends in Calgary on Tuesday, he says that the Cup deserves to be in Canada, and there is no better place for it to rest than in Hockey country. His final line in the column will sum it all up for all Canadians.

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