Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Battle for Don Cherry begins

The Battle for Don Cherry begins. With the colourful suits put away for the summer and the bombastic volume muted for now, its time to ponder life without Cherry.

The CBC just finished a mighty successful run of televised hockey as the Calgary Flames captured the imagination of the nation and boosted the Hockey Night in Canada numbers to their highest point in many years.

Yet unresolved is the status of Donald S. Cherry, throughout the playoffs CBC officials stated that they would address the issue at the end of the playoff run. The Cups been handed out, the NHL awards show has faded to black and yet we still aren't clear on whether Cherry will be back. Then again we're not really clear if there will be anything for him to come back to in September! But that's a worry for another day.

His side kick Ron MacLean has weighed in to soothe the anxious fan, predicting that when all is said and done, Donald S will be back at the desk making fun of MacLean and entertaining from the bridge of the HMCS Cherry!

Cherry is finding friends in many places these days, a letter to the Globe and Mail begs for him to be kept on.

And there's even an internet website where you can you register your vote to Save Don Cherry!

For now the print media has taken up the Cherry torch, with the Sun papers top ten reasons why Cherry should be back. Ten points guaranteed to give the suits at the CBC a bit of indigestion as the ponder they fate of their enfant terrible!

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