Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Rested and ready to go!

Back from our little sojourn to the land of cheaper gas and past Stanley Cup champions we find ourselves ready to get back on the ice, go into the corners and stand them up on the Blue line. Thankfully not too much transpired in our absence, the NHL and the NHLPA met, broke bread and continued on their path to break our hearts. A few players changed uni’s most notably the Golden Brett, who if Bob and Gary can strike a deal will bark on behalf of the Desert Dogs this fall, re-activating his father’s number nine as his own, should he get to step onto the ice any time soon.

Eddie Belfour’s back is once again acting up and so the Eagle won’t be sitting on the bench when Canada faces the world in a few short weeks. Of course Canada’s loss is Toronto’s tragedy already leaf fans are wringing their hands about Belfour’s health.

The Maple Leafs have dashed the hopes of many a Newfoundlander, as they announced that the Baby Buds will play in Toronna come next year. This gives the dedicated hockey fans of St. John’s, the opportunity to learn how Expo fans have felt for going on five years. The only difference is that the Baby Buds really are going to leave; you’re just never sure with the Spos.

And then there is the WHA, still proclaiming for one and all to hear that they’ll take to the ice come October. In fact they have even added Vancouver to their stable of franchises, though like most other WHA teams they have no rink, they have no coach, they only have names on a sheet of paper. In Alberta and Texas this is called all hat; no cattle!

Those are just a few of the stories that popped up while on the road, now firmly re-attached to the HockeyNation computer we scour the world for items to entertain, inform and make you shake your head in wonder or glee. We stand on Guard oh HockeyNation; we stand on guard for thee!

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