Friday, September 09, 2005

Sidney sightings, Sidney signing!

Unless there is a shortage of Pens in Penville Friday, Sidney Crosby will begin his journey to dominance in the NHL. The Penguins have a press conference planned for Friday to show Crosby's name on the dotted line as the Pens get ready to kick off their training camp on Tuesday.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers about to kick off the NFL season this weekend, the Pens are more than aware that their media window is small and ready to slam shut, hence the Friday presser with Crosby, his agent and a cast of fellow Pens all prepared to welcome the latest ONE!.

Crosby will sign on for the new NHL salary minimums, but shall still be pretty flush in cash, its expected that he'll make more in endorsement deals than in Penguin paycheques for the next couple of years. Crosby has already signed on to a number of endorsement projects that will keep him busy when he's not sharing the ice with Mario, Sergei and John this winter.

Friday he just picks up some traveling change and offers up to Penguin fans a reason to separate themselves from their change for the 2005-06 season.

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