Monday, October 23, 2006

Head to Head against the Cowboys in Big D?

We’re not sure what the NHL schedule makers were thinking when they put together the match ups for game number five, of week number four. But surely it shouldn’t have taken too much thought to examine the possibility of competition in each market, on any given night. Especially a Monday Night in Dallas!

They sent the Vancouver Canucks on a road trip, playing their third game of a five game trip to go up against the Dallas Stars. An interesting match up as far as hockey would go, but in the end it was not the most dramatic of the night.

Instead, the real battle of the night was the Stars against the Cowboys, and by all appearances it was the Cowboys in a landslide.

Monday night the Cowboys were home to take on their arch rivals the New York Giants, in a state where football is religion, hockey became a very apparent afterthought. With both games starting at 7:30 local time, the panning of the television cameras told the story of the night.

The Cowboys took to the field to the roar of a gigantic stadium crowd, celebrating their teams appearance on the nationwide broadcast of Monday Night Football. TSN had the game with all its NFL trappings on their channel.

Over at Sportsnet Pacific the Stars skated on the ice to the concept of family and friends’ night, with over half of the announced crowd of 16,639 disguised as empty seats.

For those Stars fans that spent the night fixated on their Boys, the Stars pulled out a close match up with the Canucks, winning their eighth game in nine starts by a score of 2-1.

The Cowboys, well they had their troubles with the Giants , dropping an error ridden game 36-22.

The Stars have made a few converts during their time in Big D, but make no mistake about it, Dallas, IS Cowboy country.

If the NHL is truly interested in battling for a share of the media spotlight in Dallas, they might want to give their hockey team an even break and not send them up against the colossus in Cowboy Silver and Blue!

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