Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Will it be Thursday that Joe Sakic breaks his silence on his future?

Joe Sakic, the long serving captain of the Colorado Avalanche has been spending his off season ruminating on his future.

Contemplating whether he will return to the Avs for his 20th season with that organization, perhaps making a declaration of his free agent status and a signing with a rival NHL squad or deciding to call an end to a career filled with much success, a couple of Stanley Cups and numerous all star nominations and awards.

Those issues may or may not be addressed on Thursday, when Sakic appears at his charity golf classic in Colorado.

There is no indication that he has reached a decision yet and though the Avs clearly would welcome another season of his leadership, they apparently have not put any pressure on him to make a final call just yet.

For some NHL fans in other cities (Hey there Vancouver!), hope springs eternal that he may play a few more years and take his free agency earned in the off season to a new location, however, many Avalanche observers suggest that the possibility of that happening is not a very real prospect.

And considering his long affiliation with the Avs from their days in Quebec City through to the two Stanley Cup victories in the Mile High City, the idea that he'll play in any other uniform than the Avs seems rather unlikely should he choose to play another year in the NHL.

The speculation was bouncing around the Internet on Monday and Tuesday as a number of press sources pondered Sakic's options for him.

Update: On Wednesday, Joe Sakic signed one year, six million dollar deal with the Avalanche.

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