Friday, April 10, 2009

And it deflects off the Green Monster for the goal...

Boston is apparently the next stop on the NHL's Outdoor circuit, with a few reports outlining that the NHL is currently negotiating with Bruin and Boston officials, deciding that the friendly confines of FenwayPark will make a nice setting for what seems to have become their annual outdoor match.
The Boston Globe goes one further, reporting that the Bruins will host the Philadelphia Flyers or Washington Capitals on January 1st in the NHL's rather successful bid to steal away some of the attention from college football on the day.

The game comes on the heels of this year's classic of Wrigley Field in Chicago and last years snow framed festival of Buffalo. The decision to hold the game in Boston whenever it is officially announced, won't be universally hailed, perennial rival with Boston New York had been hoping for the nod to host the game, while some in Montreal felt that it would make for a nice way to celebrate that team's 100th centennial year. A move that would have been hailed across Canada had it happened.

Fans in Canada are getting a little worried that the NHL seems oblivious that the land that gave us all hockey has winter too... The last time the NHL held an outdoor game above the 48th was the original November classic of 2003 which saw the Montreal Canadiens challenge both the Oilers and the windchill at Commonwealth stadium.

With five other cities in winter settings (well Vancouver sometimes but not often) Canadian fans are holding out hope that the outdoor festival of shinny will come back to the ponds and rivers that brought forward the game in the early 1900's...

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