Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Headlines of September 2009

Tracking the daily headlines for the month of September.

September 30-- Bankruptcy judge rejects both bids for Coyotes
September 29-- Canucks will have to be road warriors
September 28-- Team Canada: Some answers, many questions
September 27-- Shirokov earned his spot on Canucks
September 26-- Crosby struggling with groin injury
September 25-- Fleury given his release
September 24-- Gretzky steps down as Coyotes head coach
September 23-- O’Donnell suspended five games
September 22-- Where's Wayne
September 21-- Judge orders hearing on Coyotes
September 20-- QMJHL: Wildcats win 11-round shootout
September 19-- Crosby wants answers about Kelly
September 18-- Leafs trade adds firepower
September 17-- Top agents concerned over Kelly’s firing
September 16-- Canucks search for winning combo
September 15-- Markov not interested in Habs captaincy
September 14-- 'I didn't leave the game the right way': Fleury
September 13-- Terrace, B.C. revels being Hockeyville
September 12-- Heatley knows the way to San Jose
September 11-- Gretzky's status, not auction, the buzz in Phoenix
September 10-- Coyotes might not be sold in court
September 9-- Coyotes legal battle to continue after auction
September 8-- Ice Edge withdraws from Coyotes auction
September 7-- Balsillie ups bid for Coyotes
September 6-- NHL eyes $195M relocation fee for Coyotes: report
September 5-- Trading Heatley is Sens’ best option: Alfredsson
September 4-- Airline dispute affects NHL
September 3-- Healy, Kelly come out swinging
September 2-- Roberto Luongo signs 12-year contract extension with Vancouver Canucks
September 1-- Roberto Luongo's Canuck teammates delighted by contract extension reports

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