Monday, January 25, 2010

I'd like a seat in the Eucker section please

Once upon a time perhaps, this might have been the only seat you could find for a Red Wings game, but as attendance figures have shown over the last few years, the economic troubles of Detroit have left more than a few good seats unfilled at the Joe.

However, on Sunday, those rink side ducats or a spot in a luxury sky box wasn't good enough for one particular Red Wing fan. As one over enthusiastic fan climbed out above the action for an overall view of the action.


No word on whether he will be spending the rest of the season in care of Michigan corrections, but if his purpose was to act as an eye in the sky for the Wings coaching staff he failed miserably.

The Kings beat the Wings by a score of 3-2, a trend that if it continues, will mean that the catwalk watcher won't have much to watch at playoff time.

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