Thursday, May 06, 2010

Once again Winnipeg rumours float from Arizona

Now that the feel good run of the playoffs is over it's apparently time to return to situation normal in the Phoenix Coyotes camp, a situation which in one word is once again nothing but chaotic.

It seems that the much anticipated celebrations over the arrival of Jerry Reinsdorf into the happy family of NHL owners may not take place after all.

Numerous media outlets are now reporting that the Reinsdorf deal to buy the Coyotes is falling apart, so much so that the NHL now faces the prospect of the previously spurned Ice Age folks stepping back into the picture.

With Glendale and Reinsdorf apparently not seeing eye to eye on much of their talking points, Glendale has apparently called Ice Age back into the discussions, a move which may or may not meet with the approval of the NHL owners, who are rather anxious to remove the burden of ownership of the Coyotes  hopefully turning them over to a group or individual that is a little bit more flush in cash.

Reinsdorf’s bid calls for massive subsidies for the club from officials in Arizona, something that apparently isn't going to happen in the current financial environment and is in fact frowned upon by Arizona law.

The clock is moving forward towards June 30th when the NHL can sell the team and move it if indeed it proves unfeasible to continue the Arizona expeirment. And many observers suggest that it's just as likely that the NHL will move the team as turn it over to Ice Age to continue on in Arizona.

With the sudden change of direction once again, the ususal rumours that the Coyotes will return from whence they came have begun to gather steam again. With Canadian billionaire David Thomson one of the leading candidates to get the team through his affiliation with True North in Winnipeg.

Safe to say that the NHL most likely finds much more comfort in the number of zeroes that Thomson could add to a list of numbers as opposed to the Ice Age group. Still, for Winnipegers this is becoming rather tedious we imagine, every time some NHL franchise gets tied to a railroad track it's Winnipeg that is supposed to swoop in and pull the franchise off the tracks before the train hits.

No doubt before they start ordering the season's tickets or plan the welcoming social they'll be waiting to see if there is any substance to the latest tumble weed to blow in from the southwest.

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