Friday, March 18, 2011

Some folks are cut out for coaching, others perhaps should find other interests

Much attention has been provided to the happenings of the NHL these last few weeks, high profile incidents like the Chara/Pancioretty hit and the Bruins/Islanders Brawl for it all of a few weeks back, the lightning rods for some as to the nature of the game these days.

But far beyond the NHL and its million dollar paydays, attempted bond sales, franchise troubles and rather disjointed sense of justice the game continues on at the grass roots level, a place where one might think that the fun of a great sport can be played without intrusion of the code of vengeance.

In Nova Scotia however if you're a seven or eight year old kid, that seemingly isn't so.

The CBC first reported on the situation of a Minor Hockey coach at the Novice level (ages seven and eight), who apparently believes in the "code", having allegedly instructed  one of his players to "get an opponent" during a recent game.

The executive director of Hockey Nova Scotia needless to say is a little discouraged at the apparent lack of composure and or intelligence of one of his associations coaches, people that at one time were supposed to be leaders and role models.

“The fact a coach had to be removed from a game by an official, that’s enough at a novice level to have all the red flags up,” he told the CBC. “I’ve been involved in hockey for 40-plus years and I can say that I’ve never seen an incident where a coach at the novice level had to be removed like this.”

For the moment the coach has been given an indefinite suspension for his alleged actions, with the prospect of a lifetime coaching ban if that investigation determines that he did order the retaliation.

If the evidence points to the instruction to his player as true, a lifetime coaching ban would be on the lower end of the discipline ladder.

The idea that any adult would instruct any child (these were seven and eight year olds remember) under his charge to attack another child, leaves one to wonder if we can perhaps revoke his status as a responsible adult as well.

The Chronicle Herald-- TASA hockey coach suspended

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