Monday, August 15, 2011

Post concussed Sidney Crosby, may not be ready for training camp

While he's been busy in the off season stocking shelves at the television version of Sportchek (a telegenic presence on your screen regularly this summer it seems), when it comes to heading off to the Penguins training camp next month, it may be that Sidney isn't quite ready for prime time just yet.

A report in the National Post today, suggests that the indications are that the Penguins star and the NHL's main marquee attraction may not be ready for the rigours of a September training camp,  words that should put Gary Bettman on notice that perhaps it's time to take the issue of concussion much, much more seriously.

Crosby last played a game in the NHL on January 5, the victim of two consecutive hits to the head, one of which was in the New Years Day showcase event on North American television.

Since the diagnosis of his concussed status, Crosby effectively shut down his season and now, seven months later, he seems no closer to returning to the ice than he did the day his injury was disclosed.

For a league which needs star power, having the league's centre piece on the shelf isn't going to help to grow the game, the lengthy absence of Crosby from the NHL scene, should serve as a warning to all the league's GM's of the need to protect the most important aspect of their operations, that being the players who play the game.

Hockey fans, while no doubt thrilled to see Mr. Crosby's acting and marketing skills on display on their television sets during the football season, must be wondering if they'll have a chance to see his hockey skills on their sets when the season starts in October.

If the news leaking out today is any indication, disappointment may be ours when he puck drops for real in the fall.

Update:  Stop the presses as they used to say, seems that the Penguins (perhaps a little concerned about the optics of their star player not having a timetable for return and all that) have rebutted the initial reports of the day,  and suggest that Crosby is moving forward in his training, apparently currently taking place in Halifax.

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