Monday, October 22, 2012

Notes from the Exiles

As the NHL's labour impasse continues on, North America's hockey loving public are being treated to some wonderfully snarky comments from some of those exiled to the European continent.

Mainly it seems from the Russian delegations, where seemingly the talking points get more and more outspoken as the labour travails move forward.

Never shy to Opine, the soundbites and quotes are flowing as fast at the Volga on a warm spring day, from Ovie, to Breezy with Sergie in tow, Gary Bettman's reading list will feature some heavy usage of Babel Fish to fully get the view from Moscow.

As a public service and in the cause of good theatre, we'll provide some of the more interesting and potentially controversial ones as things move on.

October 22-- Predators' Sergei Kostitsyn hopes lockout wipes out NHL season

Sergei, unplugged from Moscow, as the Nashville Predator exile offers up some thoughts on the NHL dispute and his personal travel guide to the less desired NHL destinations. (Close your eyes Columbus!)

October 21-- Ovechkin Blasts NHL, Threatens to Stay in KHL

Ovie, Ovie, Ovie the heartburn in Gary Bettman's breakfast, offering up his legal interpretation of the status of the NHL players and their options.

October 18-- Will Markov Return to the Habs?

Andrei Markov took a quick barnstorming tour of Quebec and then headed off to Russia to play some shinny. Considering he's only played twenty games with Montreal in the past two seasons, would the Habs even notice if he's not on the bench?

October 9-- Even in a lockout, Brygalov delivers sound bites

As we learend from the HBO 24/7 series, Ilya Bryzgalov makes good television and he's pretty good for print reporters too. As the  lockout began Breezy suggested that he may not return to Philadelphia if wage rollbacks come into play, Ed Snider no doubt could only wish it were so.

At any rate, there's our starting grid, updates as they become available, and yes, we imagine they will become available...

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