Saturday, February 02, 2013

A new migration pattern for the Coyote?

I beg your pardon, 
but can I promise you a Rose Garden?
(Our apologies to Lynn Anderson)

Just two days after the Phoenix Coyotes saga recorded yet another setback (a missed deadline of course, though really need you ask?), the final chapter of the NHL's longest mystery novel may yet be in sight.

Those ever lovin' wards of the NHL may yet find some love, as reports out of Phoenix tonight have it that yet another suitor may be making tracks to the desert, ready to see what kind of deal can be had for the NHL's bargain basement dogs.

The word first spread thanks to @Spector'sHockey twitter feed which provided a quick burst of news for those that can't get enough of the never ending tales of the Desert Dogs.

With the tweet, came a link to this Fox Sports Arizona website report that outlines some of the particulars of the latest in would be owners of the Coyotes, as what is described as a deep-pocketed (that would be a handy thing in Phoenix we guess) investor out of Calgary is back in the NHL's picture.

Bill Gallacher as the Fox Sports report reminds us is a Calgary oil mogul, who owns the Portland Winterhawks of the WHL, described by many as perhaps the most professional like junior team in the entire CHL.

Gallacher is apparently a season ticket holder of both the Calgary Flames and the Calgary Hitmen and fills in whatever spare time he has between Calgary and Portland, with a side interest  in the Nanaimo Clippers of the BCHL.

Clearly the guy loves hockey, the question we guess is does he love losing money, as we have seen over the rather star crossed existence of the Coyotes, profit and loss is but a one way street, making a detour down the latter most times than not.

The thinking is that Gallacher won't touch the Coyotes unless he has some kind of move out of town card to play, with Portland clearly the most likely destination for him, what with the Rose Garden an NHL ready building and his marketing team already in place with the Winter Hawks.

Portland has frequently been mentioned as an NHL destination and now with talk of an eventual return of hockey  to Seattle  (nearly there in the 70's) (Stanley Cup champs in 1916-17) a three way rivalry between Seattle, Portland and Vancouver would certainly help the NHL brand in the Pacific Northwest.

For good measure, we're pretty sure the folks of Portland would love to have an NHL franchise before those Starbuck sipping northerners were to have theirs delivered, (even better if they could scoop up the team many think may be destined for the city) the NHL could be the focal point of a pretty intense rivalry of Pacific Northwest cities, one that harkens back to the days of the PCHA.

It all makes perfect sense, so no doubt, knowing how the NHL works, it won't happen, which is too bad, as it seems like a pretty logical solution to a long running problem.

And with a bit of research we find that even with a move to Portland, the team wouldn't have to change it's name, maybe a uni makeover to move away from the desert motif, but hey Coyotes apparently roam in Oregon.

If the numbers add up (and hell at this point maybe even if they don't), it's up to Gary Bettman and his most likley very weary of footing the bills Board of Governors, to open those Arizona gates and let the Coyotes begin their migration.

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