Friday, November 08, 2013

Breezy's back!

Hockey reporters of the Western Division (and the whole NHL for that matter) rejoice, a remarkable number of fascinating quotes, reviews and anecdotes may soon be yours.

All of it a potential fountain of material, which with but one interview with the sometimes enigmatic, but always entertaining Ilya Bryzgalov, could propel a writer or broadcaster to the Media wing of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Breezy, is reportedly soon to join the Edmonton Oilers organization, at least that's according to the accounts making their way across Western Canada on Friday night.

Edmonton Sun-- Oilers agree to terms with Bryzgalov
Edmonton Journal-- Edmonton Oilers sign goalie Ilya Bryzgalov... 
CBC-- Oilers, Brygazlov agree to 1 year deal
CTV News-- Oilers agree to sign goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov to one year contract
ESPN-- Ilya Bryzgalov agrees with Oilers

The negotiations all but settled, the startling developments came after a day of conversation between Bryzgalov and the Oilers, which if you think about it, would be a fascinating thing in itself.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And while more than one GM perhaps might think it folly of the Oilers to make such a move, Edmonton which is quickly watching its season collapse around them, may be the one team with pretty well little too lose from a Bryzgalovian gamble.

Considering that the Oiler's biggest problem this year seems to be the ability to keep pucks out of the net and those Bud goal lights flashing across the land, Bryzgalov may be the bridge the Oilers need to get their season turned around.


Anyone remember Phoenix, or Philadelphia?

The two most recent outposts of one of the most talked about of goaltenders in recent NHL history, locales where his name is legend of sorts, though not for any Vezina speeches.

Of course, when it comes to public speaking, Bryzgalov is not shy, in fact he has had some thoughts on Edmonton in the past... let's go to the video shall we...

Hopefully the Oilers are putting some kids on the payroll to shovel out his driveway on the snow days...

Bryzgalov did not attract one nibble of interest when the Flyers relieved him of the burden of the Philly grind, (with a little spending money on his way out the door).

He most recently spent time in Las Vegas, a town we thought for sure he'd find himself at home in, kindred spirits having their ways of migrating together.

However, wise man that he may be, he never signed a deal with the Vegas outpost of the ECHL.

With the call of the NHL it seems still strong, the Oilers apparently are willing to take the chance on him, hoping that they get Good Ilya the Goaltender and not Bryzgalov the Unusual.

Reports out of Edmonton have it that Ilya's off to OKC for a bit of conditioning before he makes the trek to Northern Alberta.

Edmonton, your season may actually just be getting ready to roll...

Whether or not your team turns around their horrid season or not, things are going to be rather fascinating in the short term.  A little something to help take your mind off the wins and losses.

Whenever Breezy breezes into town, one thing is certain, it may be more entertaining post game, than anything the 60 minutes of play may provide for.

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