Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Start the Playoffs without me!

We will have to play a little catchup on the blog when it comes to this years Stanley Cup Playoffs, as we will be away from our post for the next ten days.

Upon our return, we'll try and pick up the theme of the first round of the Stanley Cup, hopefully with all of the series still a going concern with many of the match ups going to their full seven games.

Enjoy the games, playoff hockey and the first round in particular always seem to offer up the most emotion and some of the best in excitement.

For those with a favourite team still playing hockey in April (for Canadians there's but Les Canadiens this year, making wide swaths of the land perhaps free agents this Spring) good luck, we hope that your squad goes the distance.

For those of us who said our farewells to the playoffs in late March or early April, the Stanley Cup ritual may be a little different this time around, who knows we may find a new default time by the time June rolls around.

We're taking a few shifts off... but we're not leaving the game.

Back to work on the 25th, maybe sooner if the traffic is clear.


Anonymous said...

where are you? hope all is well. looks like montreal will loose.

Anonymous said...

who do you favour for the cup?

tkd said...

where are you?

. said...

Got rather sidetracked after the break, rather than try to backtrack and play catch up decided to wait until the final round to return.

So there we are, poor excuse, but beats the dog ate my homework.

Hope to pick up the pace over the rest of the series and then set the scene for the Draft.

May try to rebuild some of the ongoing features as time allows, though that looks fairly daunting as well.

As for a pick, I thought that Chicago was going to make another Stanley Cup push, LA looks very tenacious, be interesting to see if the Rangers can put the last two games behind them.

KP-- HockeyNation

tkd said...

kp - glad you are bavk- looking forward to your thoughts!!