Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Canucks hit the right note in Quinn Tribute

The passing of former player, coach, GM, President and Vancouver icon Pat Quinn was recognized by the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday evening, with the Canucks holding a moment of silence in honour of the man known as the Big Irishman.

And to reinforce that presence that Quinn carried with him from each and every stop on his NHL and International hockey travels, the Canucks called on Mark Donnelly to provide just the right commemoration of his passing.

A performance of Danny Boy that clearly had an impact on those in Rogers Arena and we imagine for a fair many miles far beyond those arena walls on Tuesday.

There were many tales told of the legend of Pat Quinn over the last forty eight hours, from Vancouver to Toronto, through Philly, LA and beyond, everyone had a story  or memory of one of Canada's most complete hockey men.

For Vancouver fans, perhaps his best moment and there were oh so many, came with his short, no nonsense takedown of a Don Cherry conspiracy theory of the Pavel Bure era, an epic Pat Quinn performance that highlighted flashes of not only his Irish temper but his ability to knock down some of the mightiest of hockey's personalities.

There are of course many, many more such moments, Stanley Cup runs, Olympic games, World Junior tournaments and a number of memories from his playing coaching and managing career.

Perhaps most famously remembered as the guy who nailed Bobby Orr, an incident that to this day can spur on a good discussion or speak a riot depending on where you are visiting at any given point in time.

Not an easy thing to do, and certainly not an easy thing to survive in the era of the Big Bad Bruins.

But, it remains as one of the most iconic of Quinn moments as there was through the ages.

His life beyond his playing days, moved him into the coaching and then the General Manager's office, his seminars both on ice and off, have carried many an NHL star and future executive through the years. 

Incredibly, Quinn had not yet been selected to the Hockey Hall of Fame, another glaring error from the selection committee of that place of honour and an oversight that should be remedied with the utmost of haste.

Many of those pupils had nothing but fond remembrances of their time with Pat Quinn, a man whole left an impression with anyone he would meet, whether in hockey or out.

A sample of some of the tributes of respect, admiration and affection for Quinn can be found below, though they truly just scratch the surface of the impact that Pat Quinn had not only on the Canucks but on hockey as well. Canucks remember Quinn with video "Danny Boy"
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