Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The Peg back in the NHL?

Interesting conversation heard today on the Fan 590, as Bob McCown and his guests discussed the increasing rumours of Winnipeg returning to the NHL. When last heard, the Penguins were being courted to come take up residence in the soon to be completed MTS Centre, an invitation that was rebuffed by Pens management within a couple of days. But, apparently that invitation intrigued at least one other franchise, which as the story was told contacted folks in Winnipeg to gauge the sincerity of it all.

Now which franchise might be looking for a new home? Carolina, maybe Nashville, Atlanta, Anaheim or Miami, all are having troubles keeping their buildings even resembling half full, Atlanta and Anaheim are up for sale that much is known. But how many of the other owners are willing to take year after year of losses before they throw up their hands and admit that some places just don't like hockey. Better to move to a market that at least will support the game.

The rumours are starting to build up a buzz in Winnipeg, with folks there thinking that maybe just maybe they'll be invited back to the big dance. Petitions are being formed and websites developed as the folks at Portage and Main start to dream a bit. And who can blame them, it's January, it's 40 below and there's snow. If you can't afford that Hawaiian vacation to get away, may as well make the best of it all, at least sitting in the rink for three hours watching some hockey is a close second.

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