Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sensational Sens

9 to 1, nine goals to one, now this is the offense Sens Fans have been waiting for. Finally the Sens have broken out of their rut, indeed they've been on a run for the last 12 games. While trouncing the Rangers probably is nothing to be excited about (who couldn't whack that team these days), it sure was nice to see them fill the net.

Gone are the worry warts who were whispering about the team's performance, saying that Martin had to go. Hell it's time to re-sign him now, get his contract out of the way and show the players it's time to win it all.

It's amazing what a little winning streak can do to a teams personality. Everyone is contributing, Spezza seems to be showing what was expected of him when he was drafted, he's involved in the play, is picking his moments and starting to score on a regular basis.

The Defense is starting to punish teams that dare to cross the blue line (just try to get around Chara), Lalime seems to dare the opposition to score. Alfredsson, Hossa, Bonk, Smolinski, Redden, Spezza they just keep flying down the ice and putting the puck in the net. As a team they are playing as a full unit, each player contributing to the good of the whole, something that the Rangers and others could do to study.

Only one point back from Toronto now, and it shouldn't be long before the Unvierse returns to it's proper orbit, with the Sens on the top of the Conference. They're playing with a lot of confidence now, which should carry them through the rest of the season into the playoffs.

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