Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Show him some money!

Rob Ray is used to some bare knuckle fights, so it’s not surprising that he’s decided to take on his own union leadership over a held back payment from the strike fund. Ray made some headlines a few weeks ago when he suggested that he just might be willing to cross a picket line to go back to work should the current impasse lead to that situation.

Needless to say over at Players association central that was as brazen an act as dropping the gloves and wheeling away at another player. The Player’s association is not commenting on the situation, but for the moment Ray’s lawyer is doing enough talking for everyone.

Besides looking for a quick resolution (not to mention a quick deposit) to the financial troubles, David H. Elibol related a wish from Ray that the players themselves question the leadership of Bob Goodenow and the state of the labour impasse.

It will be interesting to see how this situation is resolved. While wanting to control its players, Goodenow and his partners may find that by playing hardball with the membership their overall position is weakened. No doubt Gary Bettman and the owners will be watching to see if this is a thin wedge in the membership. One which could turn into a huge crack should things carry on through the next year!

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