Monday, December 20, 2004

World Junior Championships 2005

Follow along as we track the developments of the World Junior Championship for 2005.

December 20 2004--Canada tunes up in exhibition against the Finns
December 20 2004--Canada/Finland exhibition summary
December 21, 2004--About those uniforms
December 21, 2004--Peggers love their Juniors
December 21, 2004--So far, so Good!
December 22, 2004--Canada glide by Swiss
December 22, 2004--Canada/Switzerland exhibition summary
December 25, 2004--Canada tops Slovakia
December 25, 2004--Canada/Slovakia summary
December 27, 2004--Canada rolls over Sweden
December 27, 2004--Canada/Sweden summary
December 28, 2004--Cruise control!
December 28. 2004--Canada/Germany summary
December 29, 2004--The view from Uwe
December 30, 2004--MacArthur makes an impact
December 30, 2004--Charting the future of Sidney
December 30, 2004--Sending the Finns for a Sauna
December 30, 2004--Canada/Finland summary
December 30, 2004--Off to the semis
December 31, 2004--Tourney is a winner for TSN!
December 31, 2004--A team of attrition
December 31, 2004--Perry breaks his drought
December 31, 2004--The easy part is over
December 21, 2004--Hat trick Carter
December 31, 2004--Such nice things that they say
January 1, 2005--No worries on the bench
January 1, 2005--Ringing that Belle
January 1, 2005--USA's Montoya to feel some heat
January 1, 2005--All for one and one for all
January 1, 2005--Czechs advance to face Canada
January 1, 2005--Canada prepares to face the Czechs in semi
January 1, 2005--Still some life in the USA
January 1, 2005--The name is Kessel
January 2, 2005--Canada dominates the Czech Republic, advances to Gold Medal game
January 2, 2005--Canada/Czech Republic summary
January 2, 2005--Third Period explosion propels Russians to Gold Medal game
January 3, 2005--Ovechkin talkin' tough!

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