Sunday, March 27, 2005

Juniors help ease the Hockey withdrawal

Finally some hockey that means something, across Canada this week Junior Hockey began it's second season a mad dash for the final four spots In London come the month of May. Playoff hockey with something on the line will be filling the rinks from Cape Breton to the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver and places in between.

The CHL playoffs add an extra bit of drama each year as many of the players competing are making their final appearances for the pro scouts. Some are making their last statements in organized hockey before they move on to other stages of their lives. Each game a step closer to moving towards the Memorial Cup or just plain moving on.

Much like the NCAA March Madness tournament, the intensity of each game seems to jump off the ice to the fans in the stands. And while unlike the March Madness festival the juniors get at least three more chances to salvage their years it does seem like every game is a must game.

Damien Cox has captured the intensity of the games and the reaction of the fans nicely with this piece from the Toronto Star. If you've been missing your Hockey fix these last six months or just want to recapture the aura of Hockey that matters, check out a Junior game somewhere close to you. It will help you remember the game when its played at its best, with something on the line!

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