Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Sidney Solution

With the NHL canceling the public draft spectacle for Ottawa this year, many are wondering just what plans the league has to run an amateur draft this season. While the league has said in the past they would not conduct a draft until they had a deal with the players some kind of allocation of talent will have to be decided upon.

Of course the main attraction for this years draft and the potential key to a struggling franchise is Sidney Crosby, not having a draft could leave the league running the risk of having him able to sign to with the highest bidder, a situation that would most likely cause revolt among many of the other less flush squads.

Eric Duhatschek has done some studying on the issue and offers up a Sidney solution for the league to ponder. He brings up a number of valid points and solid analysis of what may come. Using the Duhatschek system Columbus will most likely have the best opportunity to sign Sidney, setting up Ohio as the centre of the Hockey Universe for a number of years. Grab those Blue Jacket sweaters early, they could be the next collectible hot item.

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