Monday, April 25, 2005

Bertuzzi reinstatement hearing scheduled for Tuesday

After nearly fourteen months there may finally be some closure coming to the Todd Bertuzzi/Scott Moore file. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will take a day off from working on a collective agreement to administer some unfinished justice from last year. Fortunately we may see a quicker resolution to the Bertuzzi issue than we've seen for the collective agreement.

The entire process is being kept under wraps by the league office, which is trying to have all the principles in place at its New York offices Tuesday. One of the key factors of the hearing will be the physical status of Moore and his career prospects.

According to the Globe and Mail, both are poor. Moore is apparently not in very good health following the attack of last year, has problems exercising for any great period of time and has begun proceedings in civil court with the expectation that his career is over.

It's anticipated that Moore will be giving a statement to the commissioner a victims impact statement if you will, it's unknown at this time if he will face Bertuzzi in the hearing room though many say that is doubtful.

Bettman had previously suspended Bertuzzi indefinitely, effectively precluding him from playing for Team Canada in last fall's World Cup of Hockey and in this Springs World Championship. His suspended status also means he has not been able to join the rest of the NHLPA pilgrimage to Europe to earn a paycheck during the NHL lockout.

While Bettman will take the briefings in on Tuesday it's not expected that his final judgment will be announced the same day. Many expect him to deliberate over the issue for a couple of more days before announcing his decision. All that's left to be learned is whether Bertuzzi has been punished enough or if there is a bit more time to be served for his vicious attack on Moore.

In all reality Moore will not play in the NHL again, by Friday we should know when Bertuzzi will return.

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