Sunday, April 10, 2005

Gretzky to take his show to Broadway?

Now here's a rumor to get everyone excited without any actual hockey to watch! Out of the Sun newspaper chain, comes word that the Great One will take his leave of the desert soon and relocate to that city that never sleeps.

It seems the Wayne Gretzky is to become the head ringmaster at that wonderful circus known as the New York Rangers. Apparently Glen Sather is planning to retire from the game and Wayne is the heir apparent, or so this report from Steve Simmons states.

All sorts of thoughts run through ones mind with this possibility, Wayne with an unlimited cheque book unleashed on a free agent market from the Gods. Whatever happens with the currently stalled collective agreement talks, once it's all finished up there will be player movement not seen in our times. One wonders how seriously the Rangers will want to put in place a salary cap let alone follow one with Wayne looking to increase the Rangers profile.

Then one wonders what will happen to the Coyotes, a troubled franchise from the days they abandoned Winnipeg this may be the final blow to a franchise that has yet to claim it's stake in the desert.

For the folks in Winnipeg with a fancy new rink and a loyal hockey mad fanbase the Dogs that fled for the desert may soon return home. The possibility of Gretzky ending his association with a team that just isn't catching on must catch the eye of Manitoba's hockey fanatics.

It will be interesting to see if Mr. Simmons rumors turn out to be fact, Gretzky to the Great White Way now there's a show that will get some play in the New York media, that you can count on!

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