Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Mysterious Mr. Malkin

With Evgeni Malkin joining something like an NHL witness protection plan, we at HockeyNation felt it might be worthwhile to track all of the press the young Russian star has accumulated in the last four days.

While we wait for Malkin to surface, we offer up a plethora of publicity for the young Evgeni.

USA TODAY: Coach: Malkin getting out of Russian contract
GLOBE AND MAIL: No Malkin sightings yet as agents remain tight lipped.
OTTAWA CITIZEN: Cloak and Dagger hockey
SIBERIAN NEWS: NHL respects Russian hockey player’s act
PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW: Gonchar believes Malkin was pressured
THE HOCKEY NEWS: The Saga continues
THE OTTAWA SUN: Missing Malkin mystery deepens
SIBERIAN NEWS: Russian player escaped to NHL secretly
REGNUM: Russian hockey star fled from his team in Helsinki
MOSNEWS: Russians vow to sue Penguins over Malkin
FOXSPORTS: Malkins whereabouts unknown
VANCOUVER SUN: Malkin vanishes prompting lawsuit
SASKATOON STAR-PHOENIX: Malkin story sounds familiar
PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW: Agent: Malkin safe, won't reveal whereabouts
SPORTSNET.CA: King: Malkin joining Ovechkin

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