Monday, August 21, 2006

You can do it, we can help

They probably won’t be shopping at the Home Depot themselves, but the Calgary Flames are looking at a little renovation project at the Calgary Saddledome, and then again maybe they’ll just build new.

The endless question of any young family on its way up the success chain has hit the Stampede city, as the Flames try to figure out what is best for their franchise.

The cost of a new building is expected to be around 250 million dollars, so if the reno budget comes even close to that number then a new building is probably on the horizon for Calgary’s already overworked construction industry.

In an a new NHL era where the grand old barns have for the most part all been torn down and replaced, the shiny new structure always seems to win out over the quaint serviceable building of days gone by.

The Saddledome which has served the city of Calgary well for the last twenty-two years is starting to show its age a bit and is lacking in some of the amenities that the other newer rinks feature these days. The main missing ingredient seems to be those lucrative executive box suites, where the monied class can enjoy their matches without having to mix with the rough and tumble Flamehead.

That has more than few current Flames ticket holders worried that they’ll be punted to a far reach of the building when the renovations are complete. The last reno job in 95 sent a number of Flames fans in search of the nose bleed sections as club seats and suites were added at that time. Any further talk of expanding the fancy seats sends the regular fan in quest of the mountain climbing gear.

Though if they keep adding the executive seats and fancy suites the average fan won’t have to bother looking for that gear, instead they’ll be looking for the clicker to watch the games on television like the rest of the working stiffs.

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