Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do!

"Our jail had never been full before."

That's the quote of the day from Darcy Ziller of the Cook County Sheriff's office in nearby Grand Marais, Minnesota speaking about the arrival of the Staal brothers and their bachelor party posse.

Described as "Canadian boys going wild" and the "bachelor party that went awry." Jordan and Eric have become the poster boys for the unruly Canadians in northern Minnesota.

The boys and group of relatives and friends had descended upon Lutsen, Minnesota and a posh resort for a day of golfing and partying all in celebration of the pending nuptials of Eric, who is set to get married next Friday back in Thunder Bay.

As the group got more into the swing of the party, the managers of the resort asked them to calm it down. Apparently those requests went unheeded as after a few warnings the cavalry arrived.

Cook County Sheriff's deputies, a Minnesota State Patrol trooper, and even a United States Border Patrol agent arrived to take the party group off to jail and a date with the morning newspapers.

The Toronto Sun (picture featured above) had the cover page that will no doubt go down in Thunder Bay hockey history. Though you have to admit that those are pretty handsome looking booking photos, no bruises, no cuts!
The Staals attorney expects that the charges will be dismissed, perhaps with a promise to appear at a charity hockey game to benefit the youth of Lutsen.
Much of the trouble might not have happened if the Staal's had remained in Canada for the bachelor bash, the drinking age is lower here hence there would be no under age drinking charges and more importantly, the soft drink quality of American beer wouldn't have tempted the lads down the road to incarceration.
Perhaps the only person that might be glad for the over exposure of the hockey players this week might be The Count, Gary Bettman, who might have been feeling a little left out.
The NHL Commish has had to sit back and watch his contemporaries in the NBA and NFL deal with cheating refs and dog fighting superstars. Nothing like a little boozed up brawl to get hockey back on the front pages!!!

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