Monday, July 30, 2007

The hockey camp where two a days might be asking a little much!

Summer time for many kids means hockey camp, a couple of weeks of intensive skating, passing, shooting, checking and goal tending. A rite of passage for many Canadian kids who hope that the one, two or more weeks of on ice activity in a sweltering summer may turn them into the next Sidney Crosby.

The CBC website has an interesting tale of a hockey camp that is becoming rather controversial for the lessons that they are providing for their young charges.

Power punching is taking the place of power skating at the Derek and Aaron Boogaard Fighting Camp in Regina.

For a registration fee of $40, players between the ages of 12 and 18 get the one two of instruction in the art of on-ice scrapping, provided by two of the tougher customers in pro hockey.

Derek and Aaron suggest that they aren't teaching kids so much how to fight as to be safe should things deteriorate on the ice to that stage. But considering minor hockey is supposed to be trying to eliminate fighting completely, it's a course outline that isn't gaining much traction with the critics.

The Boogaard’s camp of course isn’t sitting well with some of the purists of the game and those who are wondering why we need to teach kids barely or not even in their teens how to make their knuckles do their talking. Some have called it a “goon camp,” while others are worried that those kids taking the camp will now think they have a green light to get into on ice scraps.

For some it's an idea that is deserving of not only a five minute major but a suspension as well.

The Fight Club for Puckheads has become a bit of hot story with a number of mentions in the media:

Boogaard's summer fight camp
Last thing hockey needs is a fighting camp for kids
Boogaard's summer fight camp
Boogaard brothers offer fighting tips to young hockey players
He's giving young hockey players a fighting chance

And needless to say the camp has managed to solicit more than a few comments on the CBC Your View page.

(Picture above from AP through the CBC Website)

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