Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cardiac Unit on standby...

For Vancouver Canuck's GM Dave Nonis keeping away from the newspapers and the Internet might be the best thing he could do for his health.

A Canadian Press item on the Canoe website carried the ominous headline of: Luongo threatens to quit.

Now before they drag out the paddles and assemble Vancouver's best heart surgeons for an emergency resuscitation, it should be pointed out that the Neil Stevens article was doing a little forward thinking, looking ahead to a day when perhaps the NHL will make the nets larger.

A day, which if it comes during his time in the NHL, will according to Luongo be his final one with the league.

Luongo took part in a conference call on Tuesday afternoon providing answers to wide array of questions about the Canucks and their possibilities heading into a brand new season. But it was his reaction to the question about tinkering with the nets in the future, a frequently appearing trial balloon of late, that probably caused Nonis to gobble up Tums at a rapid pace.

Luongo said he'd have no desire to play if nets were larger than the current size of six feet by four feet. During a conference call Tuesday, he was asked how he'd react if bigger nets were mandated.

"If that day comes, I don't think you'd see me in the NHL," he replied.

He'd rather retire, he added.

Suffice to say that any vote to change the dimensions of the NHL nets will receive a nay from the Canucks.

In fact any mention of tinkering, may send Nonis up to VGH or St. Paul's for a little tinkering of his own!

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