Sunday, September 02, 2007

Headlines of September

September 30- Sens wrap up pre season as unbeaten
September 29- A Season debut fit for a King
September 28- Downie banished for 20 games
September 27- Incredible story of 1972 Summit Series grows
September 26- Skip the season, Sharks to top Pens for Cup
September 25- Bad Blood boils in Ottawa
September 24- Anxiety pains in the Igloo
September 23- Gary looks to Europe
September 22- Old NHL rearing its ugly head
September 21- Leafs' defence playing in a crowded pool
September 20- In the old days he'd just use his elbows
September 19- Sutter steps into the Devils den
September 18- Sabres fans left out in cold
September 17- Gretzky gets his groove back
September 16- Schneider the first casualty of camp
September 15- Redden's renewed commitment
September 14- Selanne still undecided
September 13- Promises, Promises
September 12- NHL's travelling salesmen hit the road
September 11- Niedermayer suspended
September 10- Bowman remains committed to Red Wings
September 9- Canadians finish off Super Series in style
September 8- Sutter king of Canada coaches
September 7- Canada finally fit to be tied
September 6- Sutter and son enjoy last time as coach and player
September 5- Pierre Turgeon calls it a career
September 4- JR knows the way to San Jose
September 3- Tavares seeks early entry
September 2- Canada holding all the cards
September 1-
Peter principle presents a unique proposition for JFJ

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