Thursday, October 25, 2007

By the time they get back to the garage they’ll need more than a tune up

The struggles of the Vancouver Canucks continued on Wednesday night as a lethargic looking squad struggled to get shots on the net, let alone goals behind Red Wing goaltender Domenik Hasek.

The Game Summary for game number ten of this year’s campaign, doesn’t begin to show the troubles that the Canucks are facing at the moment. Out shot 39 to 15 by a much faster and more physical Red Wing team, Vancouver had troubles simply getting out of their end of the rink. Giveaways and sloppy play provided the Wings with far too many scoring opportunities, as the Canucks seemed willing to let Roberto Luongo shoulder more than his share of the load.

Passes went astray and the top four offensive threats of the Henrik and Daniel Sedin, Marcus Naslund and Brendan Morrison were nowhere to be seen for much of the game. The only thing that kept this game from becoming a laughable disaster was a top notch performance by Roberto Luongo, who despite surrendering three goals did all he could to keep his team in the game and hopeful of a comeback.

Most damning for the Canucks on this night was once again the porous display on the blue line, the Wings rolled into the Canuck end of the rink time after time, bowling over Luongo almost at will and mostly unchallenged. The Wings beat the Canucks to the puck in the corners and controlled the play early in the game.

The Canucks showed a bit of life getting close to the 2-1 lead in the second period before the Red Wings began to take the play away for good on the way to a 3-2 victory.

Even the simple things like a line change cause the Canucks troubles, for the second game in a row they suffered an un-necessary too many men on the ice call, a two minute penalty that highlights the mental errors that they are making these days.

Ten games into the season, they are two games below five hundred with but four wins and a host of questions about the make up of this team. They are in desperate need of some offense, which will make the Peter Forsberg rumours grow louder as November gets closer and the once reliable defence is suddenly anything but.

The Canucks move on to Washington for a Friday night match up with an improving Capitals squad then it’s back home and a Sunday night game that won’t provide them with a soft touch (if such a thing exists at the moment for Vancouver) for the home folks. The Red Wings begin their western swing at GM Place on Sunday, ready to pick up where they left off in Detroit on Wednesday.

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