Sunday, October 28, 2007

In Toronto it takes patience to make it to the top of the Waiting list

Patience is a virtue, but foolishness is an addiction...

The Toronto Star’s Garth Woolsey has highlighted just what a pile of gold the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise is. One so secure in its financial base, that they can afford to almost taunt close to 6,000 followers desperate for information and hope.

Woolsey recounts a recent Toronto Maple Leaf update for those on the team’s season ticket waiting list, a collection of delusional types who now number nearly 6,000 and seemingly growing by the year.

The apparently very patient ones were advised that last year, four seats came available through the teams subscriber list, a prospect that would seem to put want to be ticket holders of the Leaf Nation on a long term ride to potential reward.

Anyone of those 6,000 might wish to consider a few other options in their quest for an NHL season ticket package, scour the obits for recently deceased Leaf fans who may have an estate sale, marry into a family with season tickets, purchase tickets and airfare for southern US cities that seem to have plenty of good seats available or hey, here’s an idea lobby Gary Bettman and this collection of financial wizards in New York as to the need for a second team in Southern Ontario.

With 6,000 waiting just for the chance to qualify for a Leafs season ticket, surely any second team would have no problem filling its rink. And even if they were truly dyed in Blue Leaf Nation fans, they at least could count on a few games when their elusive heroes came to town.

As for that gallant band of 6,000, judging by the math involved, there’s every chance that they will have gone on to their great reward beyond, before they can ever claim (and pay handsomely for) their reward from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

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