Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey Mr. Postman, is that a letter in your bag for me!

Through sleet and snow and especially on the ice, the Pittsburgh Penguins will deliver the mail. Nine Pens who did the sleet and snow thing earlier this year in Buffalo and who perform regularly on the ice can add mailmen to their resumes now.

The Penguins didn't need the US Mail to get some season tickets to randomly selected season ticket holders this week, rather they did it themselves.

In what has become a bit of a Penguin tradition, some of the High profile Pens took to the streets this week, to personally deliver the tickets to the homes of 35 faithful fans of the black and Yellow.

Sidney Crosby was the high profile mailman, assisted by eight other Pens including Marc-Andre Fleury, Brooks Orpik, Jordan Staal, Sergei Gonchar and head coach Michel Therrien to name a few.

Crosby's route wasn't particularly taxing, he had but three homes to drop over to and present the season tickets, homes which we're sure didn't have any dogs on the front porch to delay the mail...

Though we suspect that the Pens hands on approach probably wouldn't impress Cliff Clavin much (he was rather particular about who could handle the mail), though we suspect he's probably a Bruins fan anyways.

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