Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Hockey Night in Hong Kong and beyond

"A dynamic sport with relatively simple rules."--Thomas Kressner, chief executive officer of Hong Kong based Yes TV, explains his networks latest programming acquisition...

The NHL's global footprint is about to get an Asian influence, as the NHL signs a distribution agreement with the Hong Kong based YES TV organization.

YES TV plans on carrying at least 130 regular season games, playoff matches, Stanley Cup finals and the All Star game. Providing Asian nations with a fairly reliable diet of the game that has started to find some success in northern Chinese cities.

While some areas of Asia may find the sport a tad baffling in the early going its hoped that NHL hockey will make for a nice diversion for Asian Television viewers.

The Globe and Mail had some details on the plans and how the league hopes it expands the potential for international attention for the North American version of the game.

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