Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey Mr. Bettman, If it's good for daytime TV!! ABC cancels two soap operas..

If Gary Bettman is a daytime television viewer he may be interested to know, that ABC has come to the conclusion that when the time comes to bring a declining venture to an end, the time has come.

ABC Cancels ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’

And in other related developments, could it be that the longest running soap opera in the NHL may also be about ready to be brought to an end?

Hints continue to filter out that the NHL may finally be growing weary of the drawn out, financially draining exercise of keeping the Phoenix Coyotes in an Arizona dog house, the most recent developments having the yotes on the road to Winnipeg as soon as Detroit brings their season to a conclusion.

It's perhaps not the most advantageous time for Dave Tippet's team to hear more of the future, what with the Stanley Cup playoffs currently in progress and such, a situation that must be doing wonders for focus.

But with NHL owners growing lighter in the pocket by the day with the never ending suspense of who will step up today to take ownership of the wandering wards of the league, playoffs or not, it seems that the time may finally be nigh for a decision to be made.

With the NHL owners having footed the Coyote bill since the fall of 2009, it would seem that the cash machine may finally be tapped out, as the discussions to move the Coyotes back to their ancestral home apparently heat up!

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Full coverage from the Winnipeg Free Press

For Mr. Bettman the signals seem clear, take the hint from ABC,  All the Children of the Coyotes seemingly have had their One life to live in the desert, it's time to move on and with that in mind, one suspects that it's now time to move north!

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