Sunday, October 16, 2011

Backlash from some of the Band of Brothers

Don Cherry's aural Jeremiad on the fate of hockey of early October hasn't registered as gospel with some of his once devout congregation.

When Cherry called out Chris Nilan, Stu Grimson and Jim Thomson, over their thoughts on fighting and physical play in hockey he perhaps made a tactical error, at least that's how things appear to have turned out, as taking on the three, all one time enforcers of the NHL seems to have put Cherry punching out of his weight class.

That much became clear pretty quickly as the three decided to push back, coming over the boards to address their issues with Cherry,  through the resources of stationary from a Nashville law firm where it seems Mr. Grimson works as a barrister and/or solicitor.

With a statement demanding an apology from Hockey Night in Canada's high priest of pugilism gaining attention prior to Cherry's traditional Saturday night audience, Cherry did what few have ever seen him do, deliver an apology, live on air, stating that he was 100 percent wrong.

No doubt good enough for the legal folks to put down their legal pads and cel phones for  a while, and maybe enough humble pie to perhaps reign in Cherry for the foreseeable future.

For good measure, Ron McLean, who apparently didn't want to be left out of the mea culpas this week, apologized to Cherry for not interjecting himself into the debate last week "falling" him as McLean put it. A part of the apparent job description at Hockey Night in Canada that Mr. MacLean neglected to fulfill to the standard expected.

It was one of those rare Coach's Corner moments, where the usually combative Cherry seemed a tad unsure of his place in the nation's television sets, an interesting study into how best to get yourself out of a mess of your own creation.

Though we wonder how Mr. Cherry feels about some of those charter members of his enforcer's club. Apology notwithstanding, in the past he has offered many thoughts on the less physical players (past precedence usually includes European style players for example) that could have gotten him in trouble,  possibly legal or corporate at the CBC.

Yet in the end, it was his comments about those "tough guys" that seems to have put him on the defensive and at perhaps the most peril career wise, in years.

Even more discombobulating for Mr. Cherry one suspects, is the idea that those "tough" guys, went the route of words and legal possibilities as their preferred method of redress.

As Mr. Cherry might say "a lesson for all you kids at home" perhaps, sometimes you don't have to settle your problems with a good old fashioned NHL throw down, a simple note from a lawyer's office is apparently just as good.

It's telling to note, that with fourteen games played on Saturday evening, the talking points for Sunday morning almost exclusively surround the Cherry apology and what impact it may portend for future Cherry audio/visual encyclicals to come.

Towards that we see that the CBC has sought to seek out which way the wind is blowing, post apology. Offering up this item on their website complete with poll as to whether viewers are satisfied with the progress of events thus far.

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