Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It was a great day for Hockey!

While the final score probably wasn't to the home side's liking, the celebration was on regardless, as the NHL returned to Winnipeg after a far too long absence.

With the storied Montreal Canadiens as the opposition on opening day, the NHL was welcomed back to Manitoba and Canadians joined in on the celebration commemorating the reversal of a dark day in NHL history and the addition of the nation's seventh franchise to the NHL.

The atmosphere in the rink appeared electric as the CBC showed snippets of the pre game skate where the crowd welcomed their newest residents to the ice with rousing, thunderous applause. A theme that would carry through the opening ceremonies and on into the game.

The only break in the cacophony of noise, was when the Jets acknowledged the passing of Rick Rypien, a one time very popular member of the Winnipeg Moose who was to join the Jets this season, an event that never came to pass with the death of the player over the off season.

The passing of Rypien was commemorated prior to the game, the Jets inviting his mother Shelley Crawford to conduct the ceremonial first face off of the Jets return, a gesture that brought home the reality of life in the midst of the excitement of hockey's return.

That moment offered up a mixture of emotions that hopefully reminds us all that there are still more important things in life than a hockey game, one where family, friends and the need to be aware of events beyond the rink are important.

The anthems were next, concluding with a fly past of Royal Canadian Air Force jets, clearly for the benefit of the thousands assembled at outside viewing areas beyond the arena. A quite successful effort on behalf of Winnipeg, which considering the mayhem of Vancouver after the Stanley Cup, shows that there may still be hope for Canadians to gather in large numbers outdoors to celebrate sport and not trash their city in the aftermath

As for the game itself, the Jets showed a few nerves early on but settled in by the middle of the first, however the Canadiens made the best of their opportunities and found the net frequently behind the Jets starting goaltender Ondrej Pavelec, who like many of his Jets teammates had a rather sloppy day of it.

The Jets had their chances in the Montreal end of the rink, however they tended to pass the puck one time too many on far too many occasions and that combined with some stellar goaltending from Carey Price provided the the story of the game for the Jets.

For the record the first Jet to score in the team's return to the NHL was Nic Antropov, who scored the historic marker early on in the third period, the only goal for the Jets on their return, and the answer to future trivia contests and trivial pursuit competitions.

Still, despite the 5-1 final the fans were on their feet for the final few minutes, saluting their team and celebrating the return of the game to a city where it belongs.  Over the course of the next few years we imagine that the fans will become more "fan" like should the Jets stumble on the ice, but for now it's a feeling of "they can do no wrong" and so it should, just having the game back in a market where hockey still has some currency (and we do mean currency) is a welcome thing.

Sunday was so much fun that we look forward when we get to do it all again, oh lets say in a year or so from now when we welcome team number eight back onto Canadian territory, Bonjour Quebec, a la prochaine.

NHL.com had a few items of note posted to their site to celebrate the return of hockey to Manitoba.

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Roy MacGregor of the Globe and Mail has been embedded with the squadron so to speak in Winnipeg for the last few weeks, providing fascinating glimpses of hockey's return to Winnipeg and the atmosphere it has brought to the Manitoba capital.

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As well, some of the remembrances of the historic day from the Winnipeg and national media can bet found below.

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