Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to the doctor Sid shall go

The Sidney Crosby watch is back on hold again, this after news that the Penguins captain is set to return for a visit with his chiropractor Ted Carrick.

Crosby was treated by the doctor back in August, a session which was credited with providing for a quicker return from his concussion of last January, however there have been s one set backs along the way, the most recent being Crosby suffering a return of concussion symptoms after his December 5th appearance in a Penguins uniform.

He hasn't been back in the lineup since and Penguins GM Ray Shero says he won't return until he is concussion free. A timeline for that return still is unknown, Crosby reportedly still suffering from balance and spatial awareness.

The Globe and Mail provided a Canadian Press review of some of Crosby's health issues and the work of Dr. Carrick in the field of concussion therapy.

Since his concussion of January 6th 2011, Crosby has seen limited action, appearing in only eight games since last year.

The ongoing nature of his recovery and the continued effect of  his concussion has given more than a few to offer up concern over his future in hockey, making the NHL star exhibit A in the need to increase player safety on the ice and examine the nature of play in today's NHL.

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