Monday, January 23, 2012

Mr. Thomas doesn't go to Washington

The Boston Bruins visited the White House today, well make that most of the Boston Bruins visited the White House today, accepting the accolades of the Commander in Chief and perhaps wondering to themselves about why goaltenders always want to make things interesting.


Goaltender Tim Thomas, as has now been widely reported, chose not to attend apparently lodging his own personal protest at the current state of the American government and its policies. An opinion that is making for lively debate on the Twitter feeds today.

It's an Internet location where many famous and not so famous have weighed in with their thoughts on whether he is right or wrong for snubbing the President of the United States and/or not sharing in a team event with his fellow Bruins.

The Puck Daddy blog outlined some background on Thomas' political stance, which would seem to put him into the more Conservative stream of the American political river, though he seems to be an equal opportunity protest party all to himself, suggesting in a statement (manifesto?) on a Facebook page of all places, that both parties at the moment are to blame for what he perceives are America's troubles.

The replies and reactions alone make for interesting reading on the Thomas page, though we're partial to the one line zinger (at least we think it was a zinger?) that suggested he didn't need to "pump up Obama's tires" either.

Somewhere, Roberto Luongo smiled we think...

We're not sure what he did for the day without his team mates, while they were sharing podium space with POTUS, he perhaps was researching a new position paper on the decline of the American Empire, or maybe just have a cup of tea with some like minded friends.

Regardless,  try as he might we suspect that his words and deed of the day will make for much in the way of conversation,  we're not sure what it is, but it's always the goalies that seem to attract the most attention, whether it's the wonderment's of the universe for Bryzgalov or the travails of the political system for Thomas.

At any rate, when they get around to releasing that "team" photo of the Bruins and the President, it could make for one of those Where's Waldo moments for the Bruins, a trick question if you will, where search and search as you may, Waldo (in this case Tim) never will be found...

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