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The Lock Out: Thirty Shades of Fall Out

As the NHL, the NHLPA and those forgotten folks, the fans settle in for the first phase of the fourth NHL labour disruption in hockey history, we check in around the league's member cities, to see how the whole situation is playing out where the team's are based.

There is of course, no shortage of opinion around the league as to what led to this latest disruption and what if anything can be done to make it short, bringing hockey back to to town as soon as possible.

We'll begin our tour above the 49th parallel, seeking out the commentary of the league's seven Canadian members, before heading south for the view from the 23 American locations where the NHL calls home.



Americans and Bettman have stolen Canada's game
NHL Lockout: What happens now?
"It sucks for business" near Montreal's Bell Centre


Senators let NHL do the talking on lockout's first day
Another lockout could bit Bettman on the behind
Lockout hits home for new Senators defenceman Marc Methot
Sens' staffers hit hardest by NHL lockout
Ottawa area prospects head to AHL as NHL lockout looms


The most unnecessary lockout of them all
Players launch public relations offensive
NHL gets lockout message across to fans
Bars and stores lose in NHL lockout
Maple Leafs assign 22 players to Marlies, won't lay off staff
Day 1 begins with no end in sight
No hockey a windfall for networks


Don't shed tears for locked out Jets
Don't worry, Jets fans: True North paying back ticket holders for lockout
True North presents options to Jets season-ticket holders
And so it begins, hockey fans
Jets ship 13 men to AHL IceCaps
Jets will fly together


Calgary Flames faithful gird for season without hockey after NHL lockout
Lockout could influence Iginla's future with Flames
Last lockout took big toll on Flames
Eerie silence surrounds Dome as lockout takes effect
Lessons of the past ignored as players lament work stoppage
As lockout looms, Flames' Edwards a key figure for the NHL


NHL lockout 'hard to swallow': Dubnyk
Oilers RNH looking forward to OKC
Oilers assign 26 to OKC
NHL, players union begin PR battle as several Oilers move down to AHL
NHL, NHLPA send messages to fans
NHL players need to quit the guerrilla warfare...


Time to turn off the hype and  hypocrisy
Bettman's mess smells like the last one
No hockey: NHL officially locks out its players as CBA expires
NHL, NHLPA reach out to fans, but not each other on first day of lockout
Hockey Night not in Canada


New York

Backward-thinking NHL shoots itself in skate
Owners' avarice steers league to lockout
No progress as first day of NHL lockout comes, goes
NY Rangers may have to make power play to prevent another lost NHL season
NHLPA message: 'This is an NHL Owners Lockout'
NHL message: New CBA is attainable through focused negotiation - not through rhetoric'
As N.H.L. Lockout Begins, So Does a Likely Exodus of Players to Europe
No Deal in N.H.L. Dispute as Lockout Deadline Passes

Long Island

Officials: NHL Lockout could cost LI economy $60 million in revenue
NHL locks out players at 12:01: a. m. Sunday
Isles assign players to Bridgeport, junior teams

New Jersey

NHL locks out its players as labor pact expires
Answers to the burning questions surround NHL's dispute with its players
Devils assign Adam Henrique, Adam Larsson, 22 others to Albany (AHL)


As lockout starts, it's no business as usual
And so it begins - lockout puts NHL season on ice
Sabres loan Foligno, 19 others to Rochester
Money issues, again, threaten NHL season


Fans now in wait mode
No progress as Day 1 of NHL lockout comes, goes
Shutdown defense stops NHL's momentum
NHL Players signing to play in Europe following start of lockout


Penguins' Morrow rips Bettman
Pens' employees safe from layoffs... for now
Without labor peace, some Penguins look for work
Pens' Crosby all in line with NHLPA
Penguins have no layoff plans despite lockout
Recent lockouts in pro leagues offer a window into the business of sports
NHL Lockout won't curtail workouts for Penguins


NHL stalemate is an insult to the fans
Locked-out NHL players eye Europe
In NHL's cold war, Russia gets MVP
NHL officially locks out its players
Most fans blame NHL owners
Timonen: "Afraid it might take a while"
Fedotenko signs in KHL


NHL lockout leaves fans in the cold
NHL owners trying to turn back the clock
Lockout starts, end is uncertain
A lockout could be avoided - if both sides are willing to get a deal done
NHL lockout 2012: Players contemplate their next move
Without new deal, NHL locks out players


In midst of lockout, NHL sends out contingency plans
For lockout veterans, not deja vu but disbelief
In midst of NHL lockout is eeire silence


NHL lockout might slow Florida Panthers' surge
NHL reaches out to fans
Locked Out: Florida Panthers, Champion Kings with Most to Lose?
Sunday No Funday: NHL Locks out Players for Third Time since 1994

Tampa Bay

NHL locks out its players
As sides dig in, hockey is about to freeze
Stamkos weighing his lockout options
Bolts' frustrations grow as NHL lockout looms
Tampa Bay Lightning players weigh options for lockout
Tampa Bay Lightning fans protest as NHL Lockout arrives
Labor histories of four major North American pro sports
NHL lockout Q & A

St. Louis

Bettman betraying loyal hockey fans
Bettman's lockout will give you the Deja Blues
Blues, NHL release statements regarding lockout
NHL contract expires, Lockout starts


NHL lockout shows no sign of quick fix
Lockout leaves Nashville Predators on ice
It's no surprise: Money at heart of NHL labor troubles
Predators show little need for NHL's latest lockout with last minute deals


NHL lockout: It's time to vent
With no talks set, lockout could last
NHL seeks to mitigate damage as lockout begins ...
NHL Players digging in, but owners have upper hand
Detroit bars, sports fans worry about impact of NHL lockout
Red Wings veterans know the lockout drill
Answering the NHL lockout's biggest questions
Red Wings' Henrik Zetterberg makes plans for lockout
Wings' Pavel Datsyuk will make decision soon on playing in Russia


NHL lockout: In hockey fight, players are right
Blackhawks hold informal practice
NHL lockout might send players overseas; fan fest postponed
NHL Lockout would cause future shock for Blackhawks youngsters
NHL players hold informal workout in Chicago
Blackhawks detail plans for season-ticket holders
Blackhawks postpone fan festival
NHL owners lock out players
NHL fans want hockey, not Bettman's promise
The No Hockey League - again


First day of lockout yields no progress
Blue Jackets must wait for redemption
Negotiations at a standstill as lockout begins
Agreement seems long way off
Bettman speaks from owners' hip pocket


Latest lockout testing the limits of common sense
No progress as Day 1 of lockout comes, goes
NHL Lockout looms, putting league on thin ice
Thoughts on the coming NHL lockout


The NHL goes dark once again
NHL CBA expires, lockout begins
It's official: NHL players are locked out
NHL and Wild issue message to their fans
How the lockout affects the Wild
Minnesota Twins' Justin Morneau likes NHL union chief Donald Fehr
Minnesota Wild 'support league's position' in locking out NHL players
Minnesota Wild to pay fans 10 percent interest on lost season tickets
Fans should walk when NHL comes back


NHL Lockout here, hopes fade
NHL lockout hurts fledgling NBC Sports Network

San Jose

San Jose Sharks' Logan Couture close to signing with Swiss team
All quiet on NHL lockout front
Issues and no answers
NHL locks out players
As NHL lockout looms, stakeholders brace for the worst
Douglas Murray on NHL lockout "I understand it's tough to understand as a fan"
Latest salvo in lockout PR battle


Cold War: Stars' season is on ice as NHL locks out its players
Stars owner Tom Gaglardi writes letter to Stars fans
So how much do legacies of Don Fehr and Gary Bettman figure into NHL negotiations?
Stars and Kari Lehtonen are a great match
What you need to know about the lockout
NHL locks out players as sides hold no talks

Los Angeles

Plenty of action on first day of NHL lockout but no labour negotiations
National Hockey League locks out players amid labor deal rift
Commissioner Gary Bettman says owners unanimous in support of lockout
NHL good at getting labor negotiations wrong
Stone Cold Lockout
NHL's lockout message to fans


NHL lockout leaves young players puzzled
Latest work stoppage begins in NHL
Ducks gather, but future looks dim
NHL lockout would affect more than players, owners

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