Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Running Back to Saskatoon! Memorial Cup 2013

Canada's premiere Junior Hockey Tournament is about to get underway in the hockey hotbed of Saskatoon, as the Champions of the Quebec League, Ontario League, Western League and hometown Blades take to the ice, each team with the goal of hoisting the Memorial Cup on Championship Sunday May26th.

Saskatoon has been resting for a while now, having been eliminated in the Western League's early rounds, the remainder of the participants have just completed the long trek through their individual leagues, claiming championships in some hard fought series, claiming victories that now take them to Saskatchewan.

First puck drop in the one week series is Friday night.

Memorial Cup Final

Sunday, May 26-- Portland Winterhawks 4 vs Halifax Mooseheads 6

Semi Final

Friday, May 24-- London 1 vs Portland 2 

Elimination Game

Thursday, May 23-- Saskatoon 1 and London 6

The Memorial Cup Opening Round Schedule is as follows

Friday, May 17-- London 3 - Saskatoon 2
Saturday, May 18-- Portland 4 and Halifax 7
Sunday, May 19-- Saskatoon 5 and Halifax 2 
Monday, May 20-- Portland 6 and London 3
Tuesday, May 21-- Halifax 9 and London 2
Wednesday, May 22-- Saskatoon 2 and Portland 4

All Games will be broadcast on Rogers Sportsnet, more on their coverage can be found here.

The Home page for the Memorial Cup can be found here

CHL home page

You can find more information about each participating team for our Memorial Cup Team pages below.

Halifax Mooseheads
Portland Winterhawks
London Knights
Saskatoon Blades

Items of interest through the Memorial Cup can be found on our Memorial Cup Newsline here.


Bufsabres said...

Pleas correct the score for the Halifax vs Saskatoon game. I believe it was 5-2 Saskatoon

. said...

Thanks for the heads up, not sure what happened there, indeed you are right and Saskatoon deserves their due for the win. Incorrect score has been corrected. Thanks again.