Friday, October 11, 2013

Available for a limited time only... Don Cherry, not included...

The gift for everyone with an inner sportscaster in them is now available at River City Sports.

The Winnipeg based sporting goods retailer debuted some of the possibilities for Christmas 2013 and for those that like to interject their opinions around the neighbourhood bar, the family room, or even if you opine to yourself, we have just the present for you.

River City has offered up, for the bargain basement price of $149.00 US, a chance to lay claim to your very own, venerable Blue Blazer of Hockey Night in Canada fame.

An addition to their product line that is serving as a way to Commemorate the 60th anniversary of the iconic Canadian hockey broadcast from the CBC.

The replica jacket as worn by the network's personalities from the 70's through to the 90's makes it's debut, featuring a blend of polyester and Viscose material, with extra fabric at the bottom and back for easy alterations (for those of a different stature than the TV personalities).

The River City description offers up a few key points for any would be Ron MacLean's, or, for those who may remember an earlier original Blue Blazer guy, Dave Hodge... (pens suitable for flipping available on the River City website!)


The jackets are available for order now, though it's not expected that they will be made available for shipment until mid October.

And while we imagine this will be a hot seller heading into the Christmas season, one can only wonder the sales that could be generated if the Don Cherry collection ever makes its debut on the racks of Canada's sports retailers or ...  thrift shops!

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