Thursday, October 10, 2013

H-E-R-T-L, Best learn to spell it, pronounce it, we're going to hear it...

The debut season for the San Jose Sharks Tomas Hertl, is shaping up to be quite the debutante ball, as the speedy winger from the Czech Republic has clearly caught some attention in the young days of this (and his) NHL season.

Tuesday night he was a key ingredient in the Sharks 9-2 shellacking of the New York Rangers.

Good for a four point night, four goal night actually, including a colourful effort that seems to have divided the hockey world into camps of declarations of "the kid is something" to "what a showboat"...

With seemingly more than few forgetting that we're dealing with a 19 year old youngster, embarking on what looks like it will be a fascinating professional career.

All of his previous markers seem now forgotten, as it was the sixth one that set the twitter world on fire and has sparked more than few columns of digital pixels and old fashioned ink in its review.

For those that somehow may have missed all the excitement, number six on the year can be seen below.



So far, in just a bit over one week of play we have young Mr. Hertl on a bit of a torrid pace, with six goals and one assist to show for his debut in Teal and  that in a season that is but three games old.

The Vancouver Canucks get their close up view of the Hertl show tonight, as the Sharks arrive to try and pick up where they left off on their season opening night, when they dispatched the Canucks rather handily.

One person who is putting all of the Hertlmainia into perspective is Canucks Goaltender Roberto Luongo, who through his twitter handle of @strombone1 outlined some of his thoughts on the upcoming showdown.

Week number two of an eighty two game season seems a little early for an anticipated match up, but here we are.

The Sharks are always a tough competitor for the Canucks, the rivalry from past playoff match ups carries them through the regular season, add in the prospect of a potential young phenom arriving in town and everyone, including ticket scalpers are probably digging deep into Hertl 101.

To catch up on all the press clippings of the young Czech, you can review the Hertl files below:

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