Friday, October 31, 2014

How about them Cowboys?

A fascinating bit of reading on the site last week as Dan Rosen outlined the relief that Jason Spezza feels these days as he settles into Big D.

Taking part in the feature Five Questions, Spezza reviewed some of the changes that the move to Dallas has brought, as he exchanged life in hockey obsessed Ottawa with the more casual acquaintance of the sport in Texas.

Among the apparent little things that can make the former Ottawa Senator love Texas, the ability to turn on his car radio again, where seldom is heard a discouraging word about the Stars or even the game....

Yes, as they say everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to the radio sports stations in Dallas, nothing, not by a long shot is bigger than talking about the Cowboys.

Something that Jason Spezza approves of, no doubt still trying to re-educate himself on the push button nature of car radios, after having spent man a cold night heading home from the rink in Ottawa  humming to himself, seemingly not inclined to hear how Bob in Barrhaven, or Gatean in Gatineau felt about the Sens efforts on the night.

So far things are going well on the ice for the former Senator, who joined the Stars on July 1st as part of a blockbuster trade. His stats package thus far in the regular season has the Dallas Center with 2 goals and 10 assists for a total of 12 points.

Beyond the illusion that getting lost in the big city shuffle just suits Spezza fine, the tale is one that should make the Canadian squads of Gary Bettman's collective just a little bit concerned.

Spezza is not alone when it comes to finding something to like about the lure of anonymity for the most part in many of the American outposts of the NHL. For the seven teams above the 49th, the ability to retain, let alone attract name players to the Canadian cities is growing harder by the year.

The pressure, media attention, constant scrutiny of the fans, all of it weighs heavily it seems when contracts come up.  At that point, if even the slightest gap in salary expectations should come into the discussion, suddenly it seems, players are hitting google to learn about the better dining establishments in the cities of the NHL's witness protection plan.

Not surprisingly the Ottawa newspapers were quick to deliver the former Senators post card back to the capital, with reviews of his new found freedom on the roads of Dallas.

Ottawa Sun-- Spezza happy to be out of spotlight in Dallas
Ottawa Citizen-- Jason Spezza learning to love Dallas

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