Saturday, October 18, 2014

Let's get this thing back on the ice, shall we?

Yes we know, a week and a bit late we are.

Just blame it on the Turkey we say!

We had hoped to launch our efforts for the 2014-15 season last weekend with the arrival of the first week of play on a brand new sheet of ice.

Alas, an out of town trip for the above the 49th edition of Thanksgiving did put us a tad behind on our preparations, and we've been playing from behind ever since.

However, we're settling into the brand new season, getting used to the new Hockey Night in Canada experience and the promise of what Rogers will bring to fans of the game across Canada.

We have started the lengthy prospect of rebuilding our regular features found on the right hand index, our Scoreboard feature, Pre Game Skate and Headlines to name a few.

Still in the renovation stage, our Attendance Watch, Bad Boys feature in the suspensions list and injury updates.  We hope for the sake of the current roster of NHL coaches and GM's that we have a few weeks to dust off the Owners Box and Hired to Be Fired pages before they are required...

Original posts on our observations of the action will soon follow, so check back off and on over the next few days as we start to roll out some new material.

For those that sent the inquiries asking about our return, we thank you for your interest and hope you will like what you see in the days, weeks and months to come.

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